18 Fantastic and Unique Gifts for a Golf Enthusiast

Looking for a great gift for the golf player in your life, but unsure where to start? You don’t have to spend hours every week on the golf course to find an awesome present for them – you only need to check out our recommendations here! You can rely on us here at PrestigeHaus to provide only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. We’ve curated a list of 18 fantastic and unique gifts for a golf enthusiast to help you in your search.

Keep reading for our bespoke recommendations. The golf lover in your life won’t be disappointed!

1. Golf Ball Decanter Bundle

Who couldn’t use a classy decanter set? And for the golf enthusiast, this beautiful lead-free hand-blown glass golf ball-shaped decanter with four matching glasses is absolutely perfect. These artisans thought of everything, including a dimpled design! Easily display your favorite spirit within the decanter and protect its purity with the included airtight stopper. The glass is durable in addition to being beautifully crafted. This is more than a simple gift: it’s a treasure that will be cherished forever.

 Golf Gift Ideas - Golf Ball Decanter Bundle

2. Golf Ball Decanter Set with Tray

While this set is similar to the previous decanter bundle, the included greenway tray and tee to hold the decanter are distinguished and fun touches! Made to the same high standards as our other decanters (hand-blown, lead-free borosilicate glass, intricate design), the golf-ball-shaped decanter and two matching glasses sit prettily upon the tray and carved tee. Add a stainless steel plaque to include a customizable message. You can also add on two or four more of the golf ball glasses if you so choose.

Golf Gift Ideas - Golf Ball Decanter Set

3. Golf Terms Square Decanter Set

What a fun decanter set! This classically-designed square decanter with two rocks glasses comes engraved with a variety of golf terms sure to put anyone that loves to swing a club into a good mood! The decanter can hold up to a full fifth of your chosen libation, kept free from debris and oxidation by our durable airtight stopper. It’s a one-of-a-kind, an elegant gift they’ll be proud to use.

Golf Gift Ideas - Golf Terms Square Decanter Set

4. Thermos with Cup

It can get hot out there on the greenway – make sure to stay hydrated! This reusable and sleek thermos comes with a barista-approved cup, simplifying your water game and eliminating wasteful single-use bottles. It can hold 12 ounces of liquid and keeps it cold for hours with its double-walled stainless steel insulation. The cup can even lock into a groove on top of the thermos, freeing up a hand to, say, drive the golf cart. Choose from forest green, natural white, charcoal, and blush.

Golf Gift Ideas - Bottle and Cup Forest Green

5. Golf-Themed Wine Charms

When you’re having a party, you want all of your guests to be able to tell their stemmed glassware apart. That’s where these wine charms come in! Made of natural and sustainable cork with eight different designs, they’re both adorable and useful! The simple hooks allow them to be easily attached to stemware and just as easily removable when the party is over. The cute and lightweight golf-themed charms are sure to strike up a conversation!

Golf Gift Ideas - Golf Wine Charms

6. Golf Club Coasters

We know the importance of protecting your furniture from unsightly water rings, and we also know you don’t want to settle for boring, everyday coasters. That’s why we tasked our master craftsmen with creating beautiful coasters like this set engraved with golf clubs. We know quality is of the utmost importance to our customers. Made of sustainable and gorgeous acacia wood, the coasters are cut, carved, engraved, and personalized in our home in Louisville, Kentucky, ensuring a lifetime of use.

 Golf Gift Ideas - Golf Clubs Father’s Day Coasters

7. Golf Ball Bar Sign

We all know they’d rather be on out on the green, but for when they’re enjoying a drink at home, consider this attractive golf-themed bar sign. It can hang anywhere: an office, a lounge, a man cave, or a home bar. Made in the United States of durable and distinctive acacia wood, this sign can be customized with your recipient’s name (up to 25 characters) for that personal touch.

Golf Gift Ideas - Golf Ball Bar Sign

8. Golf Club Beer Mug

For the golfer that loves a cold one after a day out on the course, gift them this set of two engraved beer mugs. Sturdy with exactly the right amount of heft, these mugs are handblown and etched by our master artisans. They’re perfect for any beer – pilsners, IPAs, porters, and more – to be enjoyed in style! It’s just the right size and can also be used to store pens on a desk or display a small bouquet of flowers.

Golf Gift Ideas - Golf Club Father’s Day Beer Mug

9. Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers (Set of 2)

Why settle for boring cubes or chips of ice when you can chill your drink with these golf ball chillers? Simply place it in the freezer for at least four hours before using and then chill your drink without watering it down! Perfect for any libation and any season, they’ll quickly chill your drink and keep each sip as potent as the last.

Golf Gift Ideas - Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers Set

10. Engraved Decanter Set

Similar to another golf-themed decanter set in our repertoire, this decanter set is a cheekier representation of the quality we ensure in everything we do. Complete with the dimpled golf ball decanter atop a carved tee, the glasses are engraved with various golfing terms. Like our wine charms, these four distinct glasses can be used to differentiate one drink from another at a party or get-together. Add a stainless steel plaque to the greenway tray to include a message of your choice for that personalized touch.

Golf Gift Ideas - Golf Ball Decanter Set

11. Pint Glass

If your recipient prefers drinking beer out of a pint glass to a mug, then we have you covered! This golf-themed pint glass is also perfect for any style of beer but in a sleeker, lighter-weight vessel. Made of durable and lead-free borosilicate glass, it’s meticulously etched with a unique design. These glasses come in a set of two so you never have to drink alone if you don’t want to.

Golf Gift Ideas - Father’s Day Golf Pint Glass

12. Golf-Themed Rocks Glass

There’s little more useful in a glassware collection than a set of rocks glasses. Our set of two comes etched with a delightful golf club design, perfect for the person who spends their days conquering the fairways. Capable of holding a generous 11 ounces, these glasses can hold plenty of your drink of choice in addition to ice or whiskey stones. Durably handcrafted, this one-of-a-kind gift is sure to impress.

Golf Gift Ideas - Golf Club Father’s Day Whiskey Glass

13. 19th Hole Coasters

Another great way to protect tabletops while showing off your interests, these 19th hole coasters are functional, attractive, and durable. Made of sustainable acacia wood and crafted from start to finish in the USA, this set of four coasters will come in handy every single day. Choose between a round or square design. These make for a great conversation piece in addition to preventing damage to your furniture.

Golf Gift Ideas - 19th Hole Golf Coasters

14. 19th Hole Bar Tray

For an impressive gift, pair this handcrafted bar tray with the above set of coasters! Our bar trays are made to last, with enough room to store bottles, decanters (we have plenty for you to choose from!), glassware, bar tools, and more. You could also display this tray on a coffee table or countertop, and use it to collect and organize small daily items like keys, pens, and mail.

Golf Gift Ideas - 19th Hole Golf Bar Tray

15. Golf Ball-Shaped Whiskey Glass (Set of 2)

Who can resist dimples? Golf ball dimples, that is! This set of two golf ball-shaped whiskey glasses can hold about 10 ounces of liquor and ice cubes or whiskey stones. Include these hand-blown glasses with a golf-themed decanter, tray, or another identical set of glasses – or simply gift this set of two! Your recipient will love their durability, practicality, and unique look.

Golf Gift Ideas - Golf Ball Shaped Whiskey Glasses

16. 19th Hole Decanter Set

We love giving our customers every opportunity possible to personalize their gifts. This square engraved golfers decanter set allows you to completely customize its appearance, with up to four lines of your text of choice. The classic shape, durable and brilliant glass, and airtight stopper sets this decanter apart from boring, second-rate decanters. Comes with two beautiful and also custom rocks glasses with an option to add on two or four more. You can even add an engraved display box to really put this gift over the top!

Golf Gift Ideas - Personalize Golfers 19th Hole Decanter Set

17. Heaven’s Door Trilogy

Co-created with Bob Dylan, the Heaven’s Door Trilogy features three award-winning expressions of bourbon that can’t be found in stores! Each 200 ml bottle showcases Dylan’s distinctive iron gate artwork—a striking blend of art and craft. Enjoy the Tennesee Straight Bourbon Whiskey, the Double-Barrel Whiskey, and Straight Rye Whiskey alongside an interactive mentoring session exploring these expressions and more. An incredible gift with a question and answer session, perfect for the bourbon enthusiast taking a break from the fairway.

Golf Gift Ideas - Heavens Door Trilogy Collection

18. Handcrafted Flask

Sometimes you need something a little stronger than water as you’re hitting the green! This engraved wooden flask slips easily into a golf bag, keeping your libation safe within its stainless steel interior with a secure screw-on top. The rustic genuine wood wrap is engraved with an intricate American flag, allowing you to display your patriotism in style. Proudly made in the USA, we know you’ll be able to use this flask for a lifetime.

Golf Gift Ideas - American Flag Flask

Even if you don’t know much about golf, we hope that our comprehensive list of great gifts for the golfer in your life has helped you in your search! Which of these is your favorite?