Gifts for Golf Lovers

Yes, we’re bringing you the top gifts for golf lovers right here, right now. But we’re also wishing you a very happy National Golf Day! It’s May. It’s gorgeous out. The green is calling your name. You hear it everywhere you turn. Or you know someone who’s hearing that call, loud and clear.

celebrating this fine sport with you today. What better way to commemorate the
special day than with a special and spectacular gift! If you know and love a
golfer, they’ll appreciate one (or all) of the gift options below. Beyond
National Golf Day, you can think about birthdays, anniversaries, retirements,
promotions, holidays, etc.

Whatever the occasion, we’ve got the perfect golf-themed gifts for your beloved golfer!

3 Standout Gifts for Golf Lovers

We’re certain that when your golf lover unwraps one (or more) of these, they will be utterly thrilled. These gifts show that you truly know them. You get their personality.  You understand that their love for the game and dedication to growth in the sport is a huge deal.

1) Golf Ball Decanter

Gifts for Golf Lovers - Prestige Golf Ball Shaped Decanter

What a beauty! How are you drinking without it?

It’s pure golf
magic, is what it is. Where 19th hole dreams come true. And it’s more than a
gift. It’s an expression of appreciation for the golfer in your life. This
isn’t a gift that will get shoved aside and never used. It will be cherished.
It will be remembered.

The Golf Ball Decanter looks great in home bars, office spaces, man
caves, she sheds, kitchens, and plenty of other sweet spots. You honestly can’t
go wrong with this if your golf lover also enjoys the occasional adult
beverage. And chances are, they certainly do.

Pro Tip:

Combine this classy decanter with the whiskey glasses below to make an awesome golf ball decanter set. When we think of gifts for golf lovers, we’re thinking this is over the top. A decanter and four whiskey glasses = a party!

2) Golf Ball Whiskey Glasses

A fantastic pair of premium golf ball whiskey glasses

A fantastic pair. They belong with you.

It’s okay. You
can tell us we were right. These Golf Ball Whiskey Glasses belong with that decanter. Yeah? Yes. But
they also make a great gift on their own. Maybe you’re just looking for a small
token of appreciation. These definitely check all the boxes. They’re memorable,
fun, durable, and celebratory of the golfer you know and respect.

All of this spectacular barware is perfect for a Father’s Day gift or Mother’s Day gift as well. If you’re tired of gifting your golf-loving parents with ties or flowers, do something different. We think these kinds of gifts qualify as “different” --in the best of ways.

3) Golf Getaway Weekend

Gifts for Golf Lovers on Golf Getaway Weekend

Nothing like a much-needed getaway with your clubs. Photo by Court Prather on Unsplash

Lastly, think about giving the gift of a golf getaway weekend. And speaking of golf getaways, check out our article 8 Perfect Golf Bars for You. This could help you with your search for the right spot. You can almost guarantee that top-notch courses come with some superb, next-level bar action.

National Golf Day Just Got Sweeter

What do you
think of our gifts for golf lovers? Share your thoughts with us in the comments
section below. We like hearing from our Prestige community.

We hope you’re
making time to head out for a round of golf today. A trip to the driving range
will suffice, too. It’s a beautiful, fulfilling, timeless game. We proudly
support and applaud all you golf addicts out there. We hope some of these gifts
make their way into your hands very soon.

And if no one
is cool enough to give you such fine gifts, we say, be cool enough to treat
yourself, folks.