Golf Course, Sand Traps, and Golf Cart


The Masters is kicking off at Augusta National Golf Course and courses across the country are bursting into spring. We thought it would be a good time to compile a selection of gifts for the golfer in your life. We found unique ideas for your golfer both on and off the green.


For the Tech Obsessed

For the Golfer who loves their tech - give the gift of the perfect golf ball from OnCore Golf. Let them geek out on a ball that "increases the Moment of Inertia (MoI) and centrifugal forces" and provides "lower driver spin rates, tighter dispersion, extend aerodynamic lift" and has "enhanced stability to cut through windy conditions."

OnCore Golf even has a questionnaire to help make sure you pick the right ball for your game. Whether your obsessed golfer is new to the game or a Pro, their balls will elevate their game.


Memorialize the Day!

Celebrate those unforgettable moments with an engraved Golf Lovers Decanter Set. Personalize a decanter: maybe the day and place of a hole-in-one, or a personal best, or a day on a once-in-a-lifetime golf course. The ground glass stopper produces an airtight seal keeping your favorite spirit preserved between celebrations.


Disorganized Golfer?

If your golfer loses their glove, leaves their tees in the car cup holders, this may be the best gift you give yourself. The Athletico's Golf Trunk Organizer will keep their balls, tees, shoes, and more safely sequestered. A place for everything and everything in its place. The organizer's interior is customizable with adjustable dividers, and with extra net

 pockets on the outside, your golfer will have no excuse to clutter the car again.


Where's your Golfer's Fantasy Course?

Does your golfer dream of teeing up on the Moon? Do they imagine yelling Fore! and driving their ball into orbit? If so, Sunfish's hand-forged copper "Astronaut Golfer" ball marker would be just the gift. Each time they mark their ball, they will be reminded of Alan Shepard and the first golf round of golf on the moon.

Maybe your golfer is inspired by more terrestrial courses and would like to take a piece of the fairway or bunker with them for luck. Dune Jewelry's stainless steel and glass Golf Ball Markers are unique - each made from the sand or grass from a specific golf course. For extra personalization, you can have them engraved. A great way to remind your golfer of their favorite course


Tee up at the 19th Hole

Add a little whimsy to the celebrations at the 19th Hole with a Golf Ball Decanter Set - Made with lead-free hand-blown glass and comes with its own Green. Tee up your favorite whiskey on the acacia tray, which is triply green. The "Green" is made from sustainable hardwood, and Prestige Haus plants a tree for each decanter it sells.


Rained Out? No Problem!

Is your golfer is stuck at home? It may be time to ease their frustration. Get them Rain or Shine Golf's Perfect Practice Putting Green! Used by Pros like Jimmy Walker, Vijay Singh, and Lydia Ko. The Perfect Practice Putting Green allows your golfer to practice different length putts, work with both a regulation-sized hole and a smaller one for more of a challenge. Your golfer and their putting skills will thank you!


And Extras, because there is always more!

To round out the list, a few odds and ends to soup up the golf cart.

The SUPERX7 is a must-have for those who like music on the course. Upside Inc.'s portable Bluetooth speaker has a built-in NEOMAG magnet that makes mounting to your golf cart easy and incredibly secure. With 20 hours of battery life, it will keep the music playing from the first tee to the last putt.

For those cool dawn tee times, nothing is better than a heated seat cover you can take with you. Gerbing's Heated Golf Cart Seat Cover has a 7V battery and can be used on any bench-style golf cart. It can be quickly attached to the bench seat with three adjustable buckle straps. The battery slips into a pocket. Keep your golfer warm and cozy on the coldest days.


Time for the Party?

Glasses, Trays, and Coasters - Oh My!

Here is everything you need for a golfer's dream party. From golf ball glasses, 19th hole trays, and golf coasters to celebrate every Eagle, Birdie, Bogey, and Par! Celebrate a tournament win, or birthday, or gather friends for the ultimate golf-watching party.

Start with a set of four hand-blown Golf Ball Whiskey Glasses are enough to hold up to 10 oz of spirit or cocktail with ice. Made with borosilicate glass, these glasses are thicker and more resilient 

perfect for parties and sipping on the patio. Add in a Golf Ball Decanter to hold your golfer's favorite spirit.

Tee up your golf ball whiskey glasses on your 19th Hole Engraved Bar Tray sustainably sourced from Acacia wood. At 16" x 12" it is the perfect size for transporting your favorite foods and beverages out to the patio.

Round out the golf theme with a set of engraved coasters. "Eagle, Birdie, Bogey, and Par," They will protect your furniture keep watermarks down. Add the matching 19th Hole coasters if you need more.

Savor a favorite spirit in your Golf Ball glasses with ice that chills but won't overwhelm your spirit of choice. Tovolo's Golf Ball Ice Molds "deliver the art and science of slow-melting, perfectly formed ice."

Or your golfer is more wine than whiskey - these golf-themed wine charms will be a hit.

Finding the right gift for the golfer that has everything is never easy. Here's hoping one of the

 unusual golf-themed gifts will find its way into the hands of your favorite golfer.


Have an irresistible golf gift idea? Gave one of the ones listed above for a gift? Let us know in our comments!

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