1. Spring Vodka Cocktails

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    Spring Vodka Cocktails

    The comedic master Robin Williams once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’”. And what does every party need? A great cocktail! And what better spirit to let the flavors of spring shine than clean, pure vodka?

    In a minute, we’ll jump into some vodka-based cocktails that welcome the blooms and bustle of spring. But first, let’s explore what makes vodka, well, vodka.

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  2. How Vodka is Made: Spoiler, Not from Potatoes

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    How Vodka is Made: Spoiler, Not from Potatoes

    We know, your first thought was “potatoes.” There is a pervasive myth that the primary ingredient in vodka is potatoes.

    Not to burst your proverbial bubble, but that’s not true.

    So how is vodka made?

    Read on and you will learn all the secrets to making vodka.


    What is vodka?

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  3. Prestige Teaches: A Vodka History Lesson

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    Prestige Teaches: A Vodka History Lesson

    A Vodka History Lesson

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  4. Easy Vodka Cocktails For National Vodka Day

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    Easy Vodka Cocktails for National Vodka Day

    Easy vodka cocktails, you say? Vodka is so versatile. Dress it up, down, this way and that. Sweet, heat, shaken or stirred. It’s perfect for an elegant affair or a laid-back Saturday afternoon in the hammock. It’s a classic, no doubt.

    celebrating National Vodka Day with these six inspiring classic cocktails. You

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