1. The Most Delicious, Top-Shelf Rum

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    The Most Delicious, Top-Shelf Rum

    Premium rum is delicious! If you’re lucky, you’ve been adventurous in a cocktail bar or have gone on a vacation to a tropical island. Otherwise, it’s possible that you’ve never really experienced top-shelf rum. When you’ve had “the good stuff,” you realize it doesn’t taste anything like the cheap rum commonly used for mixed drinks.

    Premium rum is identified by the quality of its ingredients

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  2. The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Whisky

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    The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Whisky

    Japanese whisky got a major push towards cultural recognition in the movie Lost in Translation. In the movie, Bob Harris (played by Bill Murray) travels to Tokyo to be the face of Suntory whisky—the fabled Hibiki 17 blended.

    Japanese whisky starts with something that is well-known. Then it is reshaped into something of cultural significance. Think of a Grand Seiko watch—a common timepiece bec

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  3. 12 Sweet, Fruity Alcoholic Cocktails

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    12 Sweet, Fruity Alcoholic Drinks

    So you love fruit, and you love booze. (We do, too!) Some of the most delicious, indulgent fruity drinks are classic cocktails. From classic strawberry daiquiris to appletinis, these are tried-and-true favorites. Many of these drinks are reminiscent of relaxing on a tropical beach. They are excellent choices for drinks at an afternoon picnic or garden party, or as dessert. We tried to pick drink recipes

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  4. Good, Inexpensive Whiskey

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    Good, Inexpensive Whiskey

    Love whiskey, but don’t want to blow a whole week’s paycheck on a bottle? Us either! You might love Scotch, Irish whiskey, Canadian whiskey, or bourbon. Whatever your favorite, we’ve got the best selections that absolutely won’t send you into bankruptcy.

    We scoured our local shelves and dug deep to find the best picks. Even better: we’re pretty sure you can easily find these on most liquor st

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  5. Redemption Bourbon Review

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    Redemption Bourbon Review

    Redemption Bourbon was launched in 2010, making it 12 years old this year. The brand was inspired by pre-Prohibition recipes that are designed to bring the rye notes in the bourbon forward. And this brand is all about rye. Redemption sources rye and rye-forward whiskeys.

    Redemption is made by Master Blender Dave Carpenter, a native Kentuckian who grew up surrounded by all things whiskey. He

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  6. Best Armagnacs to Try Today

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    Best Armagnacs to Try Today

    Armagnac is a grape-based brandy that’s made in France’s Gascony region. Armagnac is a robust brandy that makes a perfect dessert companion or a nightcap. It’s sometimes compared to bourbon since spices feature heavily in the flavor profile. Armagnac has strong roots in agricultural history. Historically, it was made by roving distillers who would travel to farms in remote areas. Their mobile equip

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  7. Best Vodka for Moscow Mule

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    Best Vodka for Moscow Mule

    A Moscow Mule is an alcoholic beverage made from vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. The delicious Moscow Mule is typically served in a copper or metal mug, which makes it extra frosty and refreshing.

    What vodka goes best in a Moscow Mule? We have our favorite picks outlined below. We’ve also shared some fun Moscow Mule variations, and how you can switch things up with this delicious drink!

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  8. Pendleton Whiskey Review

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    Pendleton Whiskey Review

    Pendleton Whisky is a Canadian-style whisky with firm roots in the USA. It’s bottled by Hood River Distillers in Oregon, and its water is sourced from Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon.

    Pendleton takes its name from a world-famous rodeo show that takes place in Oregon. (It’s still very much an event!) The rodeo first happened in 1910 and featured a strong Native American presence and traditions. Over 7,000 people showed up for the bull riding, races, and fairground games. Pendleton Whisky was created in 2003 to “celebrate the spirit of the American cowboy,” just as the famous Pendleton Round-up event does. Today, Pendleton is a major sponsor of the event and is the official spirit of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

    Rodeo Parade in Portland, Oregon

    This spirit is distilled and aged for 10 years in American Oak barrels (in Canada). It is then imported at full cask strength. It is bottled using glacier-fed spring water from Mt. Hood and then distributed by Hood River Distillers in Hood River, Oregon.

    The whisky is entirely made from rye, but strangely, the label can’t say that it’s rye. This conundrum has to do with the fact that in Canada, they sometimes synonymously call rye “cereal grains.” And this doesn’t meet American standards for calling something rye. Still, Pendleton is 100 percent rye whisky, regardless of whether it can be labeled as such or not. 

    Pendleton Whisky is marketed as a very smooth sipping whiskey. For some real whiskey lovers, it is arguably sometimes too smooth, with little to catch your attention. Adding ice can completely overwhelm the spirit.

    Pendleton Whisky Quick Facts

    • Ingredients: Rye
    • Classification: Canadian Whiskey
    • Proof: 80 (40 percent ABV)
    • Age 10
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  9. Ultimate Guide to Cognac

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    Ultimate Guide to Cognac

    Cognac is a brandy that is a favorite of kings and rappers alike. The alcoholic beverage was beloved by Napoleon, but thanks to the hip-hop scene, Cognac remains a trendy drink today. From Busta Rhymes in the early 2000s to Puff Daddy, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and Jay Z, Cognac has been a part of musical lyrics, stage acts, brand collaborations, videos, and much more. (Read more about

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  10. Our Ultimate Guide to Mezcal

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    Our Ultimate Guide to Mezcal

    Nicknamed tequila’s smoky cousin, mezcal is finally coming into its own. Sales in the U.S. jumped 24.8 percent in 2019!

    There are a lot of myths and misinformation surrounding Mezcal. No, it isn’t made from the same plant as mescaline and isn’t psychedelic. No, it doesn’t have to have a worm in the bottle. And yes, like its cousin, it is made from agave and often enjoyed with a slice of lime

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