What is a Brand Ambassador?

A Prestige Decanters Brand Ambassador is someone who is excited about our products and loves to show them off. We want to work with people who have a passion to share our brand with audiences far and wide. This is an exclusive membership program designed to help us connect with passionate members of our community with the goal to create a meaningful partnership for both parties.


What are the Requirements?

Brand Ambassadors share our brand/products in places such as social media (youtube, instagram, twitter, etc), blogs, forums, videos and in-person events (such as whiskey tastings). Content creation is key for Brand Ambassadors. A short list of things that have worked in the past include posting images and videos, writing articles and reviews, and hosting in-person events. We don’t have requirements on number of posts per month or anything like that. However, we do recommend multiple posts per month as this has been most effective in the past.

No matter what platform you use, if you are excited about our products and have an audience who likes unique bar products then I am sure we can create a rewarding partnership.


What Do YOU Get?

Every Brand Ambassador is different and what is interesting to you might not be interesting to the next person. For this reason, we work with each Ambassador to see what they would most like to get out of the partnership and use that information to create something that will benefit us both. One of the most important things for us to figure out is what your goals are, once we have that information we can create a partnership that is beneficial for us both.


Some Ways We Have Partnered in the Past:
  • Partner to host a whiskey tasting
  • Feature ambassadors in content we create (articles, videos, marketing materials)
  • Provide Ambassadors discounted product
  • Create a product giveaway contest for ambassadors audience
  • Run paid advertisements toward ambassadors content


Exclusive Channels Built/Being Built for Our Ambassadors:
  • Feature Brand Ambassadors on our website
  • Brand Ambassador Business Cards
  • Brand Ambassador portal
    • Communicate with other Ambassadors
    • Get news and provide feedback on new products
    • Exclusive Events/Meetups