Unique Gifts for Military Veterans

Military Veterans are a special population to shop for when it comes to birthday gifts, anniversary presents, or holiday gifts. For veterans, the time served in their branch of the military colors their entire subsequent life experience. Veterans remember their time served with feelings of pride for having served their country.

Choosing a gift for a military veteran can be an exercise in understanding your loved one's emotions. That's because their veteran status influences their identity so much. Also, each branch of the military differs greatly in terms of the identity and experience that it lends to its members. The gifts for veterans listed below are sure to bring joy to your loved one and warm his or her heart.

Marine Corps Gifts

Need a gift for a Marine? The PrestigeHaus collection has some great options for those who are in the market to buy a gift for the Marine Corps veteran in their life. One such beautiful gift is the Eagle Globe and Anchor Marine Corp whiskey decanter . This beautifully crafted glass decanter has a vintage feel.
The globe-shaped decanter rests on a wooden base, and it can hold an entire bottle of whiskey. The blown glass decanter has a blown glass figurine of Marine's eagle emblem inside.

The gift giver can choose from a wooden base made of Natural Oak, Espresso Oak, Prestige Oak, Modern Metal, Rustic Metal, or an Atlas Base. The glass can also be engraved. Want to gift a complete set? Check out the Eagle Globe and Anchor USMC Bar Tray and the Engraved USMC Eagle Globe and Anchor Coasters Set to match.

Air Force Gifts

PrestigeHaus has a collection of wonderful gifts for veteran pilots, such as the Helicopter Pilot decanter. The decanter stands on an oak base made in Kentucky and is made of hand-blown, lead-free glass. Coordinating gifts include the P-51 Mustang whiskey decanter and the Air Force Wooden Beer Mug.

Army Gifts

Another one of PrestigeHaus' gifts for military veterans is the Army Emblem Cigar Ashtray. Emblazoned with the famous United States Army emblem, this cigar ashtray is worthy of the finest of luxury cigars.  The square wooden tray has a cigar rest on each side. And decorating the center is a detailed carving of the U.S. Army’s eagle emblem. Gifts to complement this item are the Army Bullet Bottle Opener and the Valet Tray with the U.S. Army Emblem.

Navy Gifts

One of our favorite Prestige gifts for Navy Veterans is the U.S. Navy Leather Can/Bottle Koozie. This koozie will keep your drink cold and your hand comfortable.

This special selection among PrestigeHaus' gifts for veterans is made of one hundred percent real leather with decorative stitching and lined with insulating neoprene. The front displays a stamp of the U.S. Navy emblem of the American eagle perched atop a sideways nautical anchor, and there is an American flag on the back.

For the veteran who prefers sipping on spirits to enjoying a cold beer, consider the Los Angeles Class Submarine Decanter and the Constellation 1797 Whiskey Decanter with a glass ship Inside. These are two of the most incredible gift ideas for military veterans that PrestigeHaus has to offer. They are fine art in the form of hand-blown glass with an oak wood base. These decanters are sure to stand the test of time and remain as beautiful symbols of the veterans' honor in the home.