Unique Wooden Gifts

There is nothing quite as classic as the look of a beautifully stained, masterfully crafted, wooden object. If you’re looking for a gift for your friend or family member who appreciates the finer things in life, while still staying traditional in style, our list of Unique Wooden Gift Ideas is the list for you!

1. Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger

Our number one pick on our list is truly a crowd-pleaser, especially amongst wine lovers. Our Barrel Stave Wine Glass hanger is the perfect gift for anyone who has minimal cabinet space or simply enjoys displaying their wine glasses. This gorgeous holder is made from reclaimed Barrel Staves used to age spirits and wines. Because these hangers are made from reclaimed wood, each one is completely unique. The hanger has space for four glasses and one bottle of their favorite vino.

Wooden Gift Ideas - Barrel Wine Glass Hanger

2. Dog Breed Personalized Wood Bar Tray

There is literally no way anyone can not love a gift featuring the likeness of their best friend, their loyal and loving dog. Our Dog Breed Personalized Wood Bar Tray is the perfect, unique gift for the dog owner in your life. Our acacia wood bar tray is the perfect accessory for an at-home bar to organize your loved ones' favorite liquor bottles and accessories. The middle of the tray features a hand-etched caricature of your loved one’s dog breed.

Wooden Gift Ideas - Dog Breed Bar Tray

3. Girls Night Coaster Set

Our number three pick on our list is the perfect gift for a bachelorette party, or just to commemorate a fabulous girls' night out! Our Girls Night Coaster Set is an adorable accessory for any party where all of your besties can get together and dish over a glass of wine. Each one of these coasters in the set of 4 is made from acacia wood, so it is durable and liquid-resistant; perfect to keep pesky rings off of the table.

Wooden Gift Ideas - Girls Night Coaster Set

4. Round Bar Cart

If you’re looking to spoil your loved one with a truly deluxe gift, our number 4 pick is for you. Our Round Bar Cart is proudly made in the USA and the craftsmanship is incomparable. This stylish bar cart is both compact and filled with storage space. The cart comes fully assembled, with all of the steel parts carefully welded together for security and sturdiness. The thick and durable acacia wood is stunningly beautiful and comes in a variety of shades and colors depending on the wood used to make that particular cart.

Wooden Gift Ideas - Round Bar Cart

5.  Acacia Wood Muddler

Summer is here, and that means the return of delicious cocktails with fresh ingredients. Our gorgeous Acacia Wood Muddler is the perfect accessory for summer cocktail making. Use this sturdy muddler to make drinks such as mojitos, margaritas, or any kind of beverage with fresh fruit or herbs. This is a wonderful gift for a friend or family member who is starting up their own at-home bar or bar cart.

Wooden Gift Ideas - Acacia Wood Muddler

6. Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

A wise (ish) man once said “A Cigar is just a cigar”, but with our number 6 pick, you’ll definitely see that a cigar ashtray is not always just a regular old cigar ashtray. Our Bubinga Cigar Ashtray is hand crafted using premium, exotic Bubinga wood. The center of the ashtray holds a cabochon stone, for a sleek and stylish accent. This ashtray has two grooves that perfectly cradle your premium cigar and your backup cigar.

Wooden Gift Ideas - Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

7. Glass Propagation Vase with a Frame Wooden Stand

Everyone has a friend or relative in their life who was seemingly born with a green thumb. Our number 7 gift is definitely for them. This gorgeous glass propagation vase station is the perfect size for propagating your favorite plant's roots or simply making an easy and chic floral arrangement in any room. The vases are made with great quality borosilicate glass that is both heat resistant and permeable, perfect for the flourishing roots. The base is made with stunning natural wood that comes in two different shades to best compliment the room it is in.

Wooden Gift Ideas - Glass Vase Terrarium Planter with Wood Stand

8. Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder

Our number 8 pick on the list is the perfect evening all in one small package. Our Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder bring together the worlds of Bourbon and cigars, a sensory experience that truly belongs together. This holder has room for both a classically designed Glencairn glass as well as a slot to hold your favorite cigar. The holder is made using the reclaimed wood of former Barrel Staves used to age whiskey and wine.

Wooden Gift Ideas - Barrel Cigar Holder

9. American Flag Wooden Flask

Display your patriotism while keeping your favorite beverage close at hand. Our American Flag Wooden Flask is highly portable and carries your beverage in a concealed manner that takes up very little space. The stainless steel flask is wrapped in genuine hardwood and lined with neoprene to ensure that your favorite liquor is kept cool and stylish. The flask is equipped with an always secure top to keep your liquor safe and sound and spillproof.

Wooden Gift Ideas - American Flag Flask

10. Art Mom Wooden Coaster Set

Do not let the name deceive you, this coaster set is not only for moms. Our number 10 pick on the list is the perfect gift for any experienced or budding artist in your life. These gorgeous wooden coasters are made from durable, liquid, and heat-resistant acacia wood. They are hand engraved with a gorgeous artist's palette and brushes for distinctive accessories to any home décor.

Wooden Gift Ideas - Art Mom Wooden Coaster Set

11. Octopus Bar Tray

Our number 11 gift on the list is a great pick for your friend or relative with a more eclectic personal décor style. Our Octopus Bar Tray is an adorable accent to any at-home bar or any room in the house. This classically designed acacia wood tray is perfectly engraved with a dramatically etched octopus on the corner of the tray itself. The wood used to make the tray is both liquid and scratch-resistant, so it will handle all kinds of spills.

Wooden Gift Ideas - Octopus Bar Tray

12. Bar Spoon Acacia Wood

Our number 12 pick will bring you back to the days of summers gone by, stirring up a carafe of freshly squeezed lemonade. Our Acacia Wood Bar Spoon is the perfect accessory for any at-home bar or kitchen set. This spoon has an extra-long handle, perfect for mixing tall drinks without making a mess. The spoon itself is handmade right here in the USA by Prestige Haus’ Master Craftsmen, so it’s a product you’ll feel proud to give as a gift!

Wooden Gift Ideas - Bar Spoon Acacia Wood

13. Tomoka Gold Decanter

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give to add a bit of luxury to your loved one’s daily life, our number 13 pick is the perfect gift for you. Our Tomoka Gold Decanter is made of hand-blown borosilicate glass and features a finely carved and detailed ship inside the decanter. The base of the decanter is made using your choice of natural, espresso, or prestige-style oak wood.

Wooden Gift Ideas - Tomoka Gold

14. Wooden Docking Station

This awesome Wooden Docking Station is perfect for a bedside table that is desperately in need of organization. It is designed to keep a smartphone or tablet, keys, watch, glasses, and a wallet all in one compact space. Each stand is made with a different piece of wood, so everyone is one of a kind. The base is compatible with most iPhones, Ipads, Nokia, and Android Phones.

Wooden Gift Ideas - Wooden Docking Station Perfect Christmas

15. Custom Design Wooden Mug

Eat, drink, and be merry; a sentiment that is a poignant reminder that having fun and enjoying time with friends has always been a beautiful and important part of life. Our Custom Design Wooden Mug is a rustic addition to any glassware collection. Its traditional style is perfect for holding your favorite beer or any beverage of your choice, or it can be used as a desk accessory to hold pens or other knick-knacks.

Wooden Gift Ideas - Custom Wooden Mug

16. USA Murphy Bar

Our number 16 pick on the list is the perfect solution for your loved one who would like to have their own at-home bar but simply does not have the space. Our USA Murphy Bar is the perfect combination of style and functionality. The murphy bar proudly displays the likeness of the American Flag. The inside of the murphy bar features several sized compartments that perfectly hold their favorite liquor bottles and accessories.

Wooden Gift Ideas - USA Murphy Bar

17.  Airplane Wine Glass and Bottle Holder

Our Wooden Airplane Wine Glass and Bottle Holder are truly one of the most unique gifts on our list. This handcrafted, vintage-inspired, wooden airplane, is perched eloquently over its earth-toned wooden base. The base of the holder holds two of your loved one’s favorite bottles of wine (because you can never pick just one!) and the wings of the airplane perfectly and carefully fit two of your preferred wine glasses.

Wooden Gift Ideas - Vino Hangar

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one for a birthday, Christmas, a wedding, or a “just because” celebration, wooden gifts are always high quality and always in style. Our list of Unique Wooden Gift Ideas features masterfully handcrafted pieces that are both useful and elegant at the same time. Which gift is your favorite?