Octopus Bar Tray

Octopus Bar Tray - The Choice For Nautical Barware
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Acacia Wood Bar Tray With Engraved Octopus
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  • Acacia WoodAcacia Wood
  • Engraved DesignEngraved Design

A Unique Gift For The Man Or Woman Who Has Everything

You know how difficult it is to come up with GREAT gift ideas for the Mom who is "hard to shop for."

Exceed their expectations by thinking about how to protect their tables, bar trays are more than gifts. They're treasures that will be appreciated for years and years to come.

If you're interested in more than just a gift...if it's style, inspired craftsmanship, and a genuinely collectible piece of art that happens to serve as a bar tray then this is the item for you.

Perfect Gift for that Special Someone

If you're in need of a great gift for that special someone then look no further. Don't give an uninspired gift, give a personalized gift that will leave them saying "this is the best gift ever".

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made in the USA

Made in the USA

This product is PROUDLY fully made in the USA. We believe in American Made quality, craftsmanship and longevity. We also believe in creating and providing as many American jobs as possible. That's why when possible we make our products and parts right here in America. If you believe in American quality and supporting American workers & jobs then grab this.

  • Made by master craftsmen in small batches to ensure attention to detail.
  • American made quality, craftsmanship and excellence.
  • Parts and materials fully sourced in the United States.

Made of Acacia Wood

This product is made of Acacia wood. Some of the qualities that make acacia wood excellent are its durability and water-resistance. This means it is perfect for products that are heavily used and sometimes in contact with liquid.

  • Acacia wood is a deep brown color with varied, stunning and distinctive natural grain markings.
  • Acacia is highly durable, has a naturally smooth finish and doesn’t scratch easily.
  • Acacia grows extremely fast, this makes it great for renewable forestry, to us this is one of its greatest advantages. Promoting woods which are great for renewable forestry is one of our core beliefs.

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Your Top 3 Questions, Answered

What Is This Bar Tray Made Of?
This bar tray is made of sustainably sourced acacia wood.
Is This Bar Tray Customizable?
Yes! Let us know what you would like under the customizable options.
Do You Do Custom Designs?
Yes, we can ship it to you, please email us so we can send you a quote for the shipping costs. Please see this page on cleaning your decanter Please go to the contact us page and tell us your shipping address and which product(s) you want and we will get a quote for you.

Octopus Bar Tray 

Prestige Haus, Octopus Bar Tray is engraved to your specification and comes as a single tray. 

Of Course, these beautiful sustainably sourced acacia wood bar trays are something to be shown off. But, they will also protect your furniture. 

Prestige bar trays make a great gift for your favorite fan of the high seas. Or, instead, grab one for yourself for a tabletop conversation starter!

Octopus Bar Tray Is Perfect For You

The sea is your home and your favorite place. You deserve something that is as nautically inclined as you are.

The prestige Octopus Bar Tray is THE item for you!

What Makes our Bar Trays worth the Purchase? 

We source all of the wood used in our products from right here in the USA. Moreover, The wood is cut, carved, engraved, and personalized in our home of Louisville, Kentucky. 

We make sure that you get what you order!

We are a small company. Meaning you will not get outsourced customer service. You will be in contact with someone right here in our office! 

Customer service was phenomenal

You'll be happy to know that we meticulously package each coaster set. So, when it arrives at your door it is in PRISTINE condition. If your order is less than perfect for any reason, please get in touch with us and we'll quickly resolve any issue.

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Small Inventory That Moves Fast

Since our bar trays are hand-made by master craftsmen we only have a limited amount available for purchase. So whatever you choose, decide quickly.

Click ADD TO CART now before we run out of these artisan acacia wood coasters.

Email us for custom designs! 






Octopus BarTray Features:

Tell Your Story -
Let these coasters help tell your story. Personalized coasters are a great home decor piece that can serve as a great conversation piece.

Solid Acacia Wood -
Acacia is highly durable, has a naturally smooth finish, and doesn’t scratch easily. The varied natural grain markings make a stunning display piece.

Engraved Design -
Personalized coasters add a great touch to your home and make a great gift/favor for an event.




Octopus Bar Tray Specifications:

Product: Bar Tray with Handles

Size: 16" x 12" Material:

Acacia Wood Design: Engraved


Octopus Bar Tray

Bar trays that protect your table and carry your drinks are a dime a dozen. If you simply need functionality there are other options out there.

However, if you need a beautiful home décor piece that will be a great addition to your house. Something that will be a conversation starter, draw attention, and tell a little bit of your story.

Our Octopus Bar Tray is for you. Grab a set for yourself or grab a set as a gift for a personal piece that will be shown off for years to come.


Shipping and Returns

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We are so confident in our products our guarantee is IRON-CLAD. If you are not fully satisfied for any reason, just return your decanter within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


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