Airplane Wine Glass and Bottle Holder

Airplane Wine Glass and Bottle Holder - Premium Vino Hangar
Airplane Wine Rack
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Wooden Airplane Wine Bottle and Glass Holder

This stunning wooden wine bottle and glass holder is a tribute to great airplanes of yesterday past.

Dazzle your guests with wine glasses and bottles ready at hand as conversation takes off for the airways. Perfect for those who, to quote Shakespeare, find "their souls in the sky" and enjoy a bottle or two of wine.

Aviation enthusiasts and collectors alike will savor the fine craftsmanship and practicality this piece offers. Wings from the handcrafted airplane function as wine racks. Each accommodates two wine glasses apiece, that is four in total.

The handcrafted airplane perches above the solid earth tone wood base below, happily accommodating two bottles of wine. Rest two 750ml bottles of your favorite wine on this sumptuous wood base created by our master craftsmen.

Our aviation inspired piece is handcrafted by master craftsmen, each piece testifies to a unique, and personable character of its own. That said, we never mechanically or mass-produce any of our gifts. Each bares testimony to the skill, passion and natural beauty that the wood affords us.

Note our smaller inventory reflects our commitment to artisanal excellence. Our gift givers understand our stock is limited to quantity, never to quality.

Each piece speaks its own, crafted to the tune of our passion and roaring airplane engines alike!

So raise a toast to good company and debonair tails of great airplanes from years past.

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