18 Best Wooden Gifts for Husband

Whether he’s a man who loves the rusticity of wood or simply knows great craftsmanship when he sees it, PrestigeHaus has all the best wooden gifts for husbands! We know it can be difficult to find the exact right present when celebrating him, so that’s why we’ve put together this list of 18 great wooden gifts. Wood is a sturdy, distinctive material meant to last – and that’s the kind of quality we like to present!

Keep reading for our suggestions of excellent wooden gifts for husbands. From trays to bar signs, we’ve thought of everything! This’ll be a celebration to remember.

1. Barrel Bar Tray

There’s nothing like a well-made wooden tray. They’re so useful for serving drinks, organizing everyday items, and storing bottles or decanters. The added benefit of our water-resistant and naturally smooth wooden trays are how beautiful they are! You can display this barrel-etched bar tray as a work of art if you’d like – the masterful personalized engraving is too lovely to hide! Let us know up to three lines of customizable text to include, and our in-house artisans will make sure your tray is exactly how you envision it.

Wooden Gifts for Husband - Barrel Bar Tray

2. Barrel Stave Flight Rack

If your husband enjoys whisky, scotch, or bourbon, then you won’t want to miss this decorative flight rack made from reclaimed barrel staves. Rescued from former bourbon or wine barrels, the rustic wood has been repurposed into a beautiful rack holding three Glencairn glasses for side by side tastings. No two racks are exactly the same. This is a one-of-a-kind gift that’ll inspire some jealousy in anyone who sees it!

Wooden Gifts for Husband - Barrel Flight Rack

3. Barrel Stave Cigar Holder

Another way we’re repurposing valuable ex bourbon and wine barrel staves: this barrel stave cigar holder! A timeless piece, the holder has a charged groove to fit a cigar and another carve-out that is appropriately sized for a Glencairn whiskey glass. For a decorative tough, the holder sports a steel accent made from galvanized barrel hoops. This feels like something from another time – a piece of old-world sophistication brought into the 21st century.

Wooden Gifts for Husband - Barrel Cigar Holder

4. American Flag Flask

For the man who has everything: this American flag flask! Perfect for taking a tipple on the go, this stainless steel flask has been wrapped with genuine wood etched with the American flag. He can display his patriotism while discreetly and easily carrying around his favorite beverage. The top of the flask has been designed to securly contain the drink within without worrying about spills. A convenient and stylish wooden gift for your husband.

Wooden Gifts for Husband - American Flag Flask

5. Golf Ball Bar Sign

Every bar needs a sign, and that sign may as well be masterfully made and customized! That’s where we come in. All of our acacia wood bar signs are made with you in mind, with room to add your own personalized text as well as designs to set your sign apart. In this case, the golf-loving husband would love to display this sign over his bar, in his office, or wherever else he pleases! The built-in keyhole makes hanging the sign a breeze.

Wooden Gifts for Husband - Golf Ball Bar Sign

6. Classic Wooden Pizza Paddle

Are you lucky enough to have a husband who considers himself a gormand? Then he needs this wooden bread and pizza paddle for his culinary creations! Crafted from blond alder wood, this pizza peel is large enough to hold a 14” pie and has smooth, beveled edges for easy pizza and bread retrieval. You can also use this paddle as an attractive serving board if you don’t have a pizza oven (yet!). Charcuterie, anyone?

Wooden Gifts for Husband - Williams Sonoma Wood Bread Pizza Peel

7. Maltese Cross Round Bar Sign

Firefighters are some of our most selfless, brave public servants and deserve recognition for their sacrifices and fearlessness. This Maltese Cross bar sign is perfect for the firefighter who likes to relax with a drink now and again. Made of 100% sturdy acacia wood by American artisans, customize the sign with up to two lines of personalized text. Hangs easily without faulty screw-on mechanisms, using a built-in keyhole instead.

Wooden Gifts for Husband - Firefighter Maltese Cross Round Bar Sign

8. Personalized Coaster Set

Why settle for boring coasters when protecting your furniture from unsightly water rings? Instead, get your husband a set of four custom coasters to display with pride. Perfect for any home decor vision! All of our coasters are cut, carved, engraved, and personalized in Kentucky, where we call home. Made of water resistant acacia wood, these coasters are both attractive and functional.

Wooden Gifts for Husband - Custom Shield Coaster Set

9. Handcarved Ashtray

A premium ashtray can elevate any space with its style. Our handmade bubinga ashtray is a gorgeous piece to display in addition to getting the job done! With a large bowl for plenty of ash and two grooves for cigars, the ashtray has been polished to a high sheen. Nestled in the exotic zebra wood, the eye-catching cabachon stone makes this a future heirloom, sure to be treasured for years to come.

Wooden Gifts for Husband - Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

10. Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger

Looking for a creative way to display wine glasses? This barrel stave wine glass hanger is an attention-getting gift! Made of a reclaimed barrel stave, each hanger is unique and rustic in its own way. Simply place the middle-most hole through the neck of a favorite bottle of wine and then balance stemmed glassware along the four grooves for an interesting, one-of-a-kind presentation! This is certainly more fun than pulling glasses from a cabinet on wine night!

Wooden Gifts for Husband - Barrel Wine Glass Hanger

11. Walnut Wood Insulated Tumbler

This triple-insulated walnut wood tumbler is perfect for the man on the go. Made of a stainless steel interior with your choice of coloration, choose between twelve, sixteen, or twenty-four once capacities. Its innovative design keeps drinks cold for nine hours or hot for three hours. Topped with a sliding, shatterproof crystal clear lid, it’s a the natural choice for transporting drinks.

Wooden Gifts for Husband - Walnut Wood Tumbler

12. Custom Wooden Mug (Set of Two)

These fun rustic beer mugs are reminiscent of medival times, drinking mead after a long day of hunting and pillaging! This set of two beer mugs adds rustic beauty to any room, whether you’re enjoying a cold beer or displaying them as home decor. They can also be used as desk organizers or small vases if you’d like! Customize the bottle of mugs with your choice of text for that personalized touch.

Wooden Gifts for Husband - Custom Wooden Mug

13. Acacia Wood Muddler

Every bartender, aspiring or professional, needs a muddler in their barware collection at some point. Mint juleps, rickeys, and smashes wouldn’t be the same without such an important tool! Our acacia wood muddler is water resistant and naturally smooth, perfect for muddling herbs, fruit, and citrus peels for fun and creative cocktails. Clean it easily and get back to slingin’ drinks with this attractive, distinctive muddler!

Wooden Gifts for Husband - Acacia Wood Muddler

14. Round Bar Cart

If your husband has been searching for a stylish way to display his liquor collection, we have the bar cart for you. This industrial rolling bar cart is perfect for small spaces or compact , transportable storage. With two shelves, you can store multiple bottles, decanters, and glasses on the stain-resistant acacia wood. Move the cart from room to room as occasion dictates, whether it’s an informal get together or a fancy soiree.

Wooden Gifts for Husband - Round Bar Cart

15. Vino ‘Hangar’

This whimsical way to display wine bottles and glasses will have everyone talking! Our airplane wine glass and bottle holder is perfect for aviation enthusiasts and collectors alike, made of naturally beautiful wood by our master craftsmen. Display two standard-sized bottles of wine in the base and balance four glasses (two on each side) on the aircraft’s wings. This stunning gift will bring joy to your husband for years.

Wooden Gifts for Husband - Vino Hangar

16. Wooden Murphy Bar

Sometimes you have to get creative with storing your barware, and there’s where Murphy bars excel! Rather than taking up valuable floor space, the Murphy bar hangs easily to the wall as a cabinet, outfitted with a variety of nooks and compartments for all your bottles, decanters, glasses, and equipment. Fold down the door to create a temporary bar top, and then shut it with ease once you’re finished. This particular American-made Murphy bar boasts the Washington DC flag. Check out our other bars and keep an eye out for new additions to our collection!

Wooden Gifts for Husband - Washington DC Murphy Bar

17. Welcome! Mail Station

Get organized with this beautiful mail station. It welcomes you in and gives you the perfect place to deposit mail, keys, and other small, everyday items for easy access. Never lose your keys again – they’ll be on the mail station! Made of sturdy wood, you know it’s built to last. Choose between a natural or walnut finish to fit your home decor. Hangs easily and brings a welcoming flair to your home. 

Wooden Gifts for Husband - Welcome Mail Station Threshold

18. Army Logo Valet Tray

A great wooden gift for the husband that served in Army, this valet tray is perfect for organizing everyday items like keys, sunglasses, pens, and more in an eye-catching way. Carved with immense attention to detail to the US Army insignia in the middle, this tray was made for Americans, by Americans. Display it with pride in an entryway, on the coffee table, in an office, or anywhere else you could use some organizational help.

Wooden Gifts for Husband - Army Logo Valet Tray

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