17 Wooden Gifts for Men

There is nothing quite as traditional as a gift made of wood. Whether it is for your fifth anniversary or any other special occasion, there is a certain sense of history and quality in a gift that is hand-made using wood. We’ve compiled a list of our top 17 Wooden Gifts for Men, that he will use for years to come and cherish for a lifetime.

1. Round Bar Cart

Our first gift on the list is the perfect gift for the guy who is looking to maximize their storage, with little space to work with. The Round Bar Cart is a gorgeous piece of handmade furniture that is sturdy enough to hold numerous bottles of his favorite spirits or wines. This bar cart features two acacia wood shelves, and comes welded, assembled, and ready to use!

Wooden Gifts for Men - Industrial Rolling Round Bar Cart

2. Dog Breed Personalized Wood Bar Tray

You know the old saying, “dog is man’s best friend”. Well, celebrate man’s best friend with a gift that celebrates your loved one’s furry friend. Our Dog Breed Personalized Wood Bar Tray is made using acacia wood that is sanded and sealed for optimum comfort. The center of the tray features a carving of your dog breed of choice, especially hand carved in-house by our master craftsmen.

Wooden Gifts for Men - Personalized Dog Breed Wooden Bar Tray

3. American Flag Engraved Wooden Flask

Every man needs a flask to have at their side at all times. Make his flask something truly special and unique with our American Flag Engraved Wooden Flask. This flask is made with stainless steel and then wrapped in light-toned, genuine hardwood. The hardwood is designed in-house to resemble our American Flag. The flask itself comes all in one piece, with no pesky smaller pieces like lids that can get lost.

Wooden Gifts for Men - American Flag Wooden Flask

4. American Eagle Bar Sign

If the special guy in your life loves to spend time in his at-home bar or his mancave, then he will love our American Eagle Bar Sign. This sign is specifically made to christen the mancave with a personalized and unique design. The sign itself is made using acacia wood, which is scratch resistant by nature, so it will last for years and look as fresh and new as the day that he received it.

Wooden Gifts for Men - American Eagle Bar Sign

5. Nautical Octopus Coaster Set

Sometimes other people’s décor tastes are a bit out of the ordinary, and here at Prestige Haus, we celebrate it and embrace it with unique and fun designs. Our Nautical Octopus Coaster set is an awesome set of coasters made using acacia wood. The wood is carved by our master woodworkers into a one-of-a-kind octopus design. These coasters are definitely not for anyone who doesn’t want attention, as they will be a talking point at every party!

Wooden Gifts for Men - Nautical Octopus Coaster Set

6. Walnut Wireless Charger

Your loved one will never lose his charger again after receiving our 6th pick on the list. The Walnut Wireless Charger is a handmade, wooden dock, that puts his phone on a pedestal. It features a hidden Qi wireless charging device inside a geometric wooden stand, warmly finished with natural oils and waxes. The Qi wireless charging system is compatible with recent models of Apple, Samsung, and Google phones.

Wooden Gifts for Men - Walnut Wireless Charger

7. Acacia Wood Muddler

If you’re looking for an amazing gift that is on the more cost-effective end of things, our 7th pick is perfect for you. The Acacia Wood Muddler is a great gift for the guy in your life who takes great pride in their cocktail making, especially using fresh ingredients. This muddler is made using 100% Acacia wood that has been sanded and smoothed for ultimate comfort and efficacy.

Wooden Gifts for Men - Acacia Wood Muddler

8. Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger

Our Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger is an awesome gift for the man in your life who loves nothing more than his glass of wine. The hanger itself is made using recycled wood that was reclaimed from barrels that were once used to age whiskey and wine. The hanger has a space to hold his favorite bottle of wine, as well as 4 of his favorite wine glasses.

Wooden Gifts for Men - Barrel Wine Glass Hanger

9. Dog Paw Coaster Set

Everyone loves dog-themed things. If your loved one is obsessed with dogs as we are, then he will love “paw-sitively” love our Dog Paw Coaster Set. This adorable coaster set is great for dog parents and dog lovers alike. The four, 4x4 coasters are made with naturally beautiful, naturally liquid, and scratch-resistant acacia wood. The square-shaped coasters are etched with a super cute and fun paw print, to celebrate our furry friends.

Wooden Gifts for Men - Personalized Dog Paw Coaster Set

10. Custom 3D City Street Map

Does your loved one have an affinity for any certain cities, perhaps the one they grew up in or went to college in? Forever embody the spirit of their favorite city with our Custom 3D City Street Map. This 3d map is super detailed and a truly unique piece of art. The base layer has cutouts for major bodies of water and parks. The second layer has all of the minor streets accurately engraved into the wood. The final layer includes all of the major roads and highways.

Wooden Gifts for Men - Custom 3d City Street Map

11. Bubinga Cigar Astray

The man in your life will absolutely adore our 11th gift on the list. Our Bubinga Cigar Ashtray is more than just an ashtray, it is a piece of art. The ashtray Is made using premium, exotic Bubinga wood. The center of the tray features a cabochon stone, and the edges feature two slots; a slot for his cigar, and another space for one to share.

Wooden Gifts for Men - Handmade Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

12. Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder

A luxurious night all in one compact package? What can be better than that? Our Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar holder is the perfect gift for the man in your life who loves to indulge. The holder has a spot for a Glencairn glass as well as one cigar. The wood used to make the holder comes from recycled barrel staves that were once used to age whiskey and wine.

Wooden Gifts for Men - Barrel Stave Cigar Holder

13. Bar Spoon Acacia Wood

There is nothing that comes in handy at an at-home bar as much as the perfect spoon for mixing. Our Acacia Wood Bar Spoon is the perfect accessory for any cocktail-making kit. This long-necked spoon is made using solid acacia wood. Acacia wood is not only beautiful and durable, but its use alone supports renewable forestry. Acacia is a fast-growing wood, which means it is easy to harvest and easy to plant, keeping our country beautiful.

Wooden Gifts for Men - Bar Spoon Acacia Wood

14. Personalized Wood Bar Tray Design

A serving tray may not always seem like the most glamorous gift to give, but we know your loved ones will feel loved and appreciated when they open up our 14th gift on the list. Our Personalized Wood Bar Tray Design is a great gift for the guy who already has everything. This acacia wood serving tray is customized with his first name, last name, initial, and birthday, for a truly custom piece.

Wooden Gifts for Men - Personalized Monogram Wood Bar Tray

15. Cullinan M Diamond Decanter

Do you consider your loved one (whether it is your husband, dad, brother, or friend) a gem, a diamond in the rough? Then you almost have to get them out 15th gift. Our Cullinan M Diamond Decanter is a best-seller, and there is a reason why. This beautiful glass decanter is made with thick borosilicate glass and can hold a fifth of his favorite spirit or wine. The base of the decanter is a true showstopper. The genuine hardwood comes in a variety of styles and shades, for a custom look.

Wooden Gifts for Men - Cullinan Diamond Shape Decanter

16. Engraved Wooden Watch

Our phones can tell the time, but they aren’t quite as stylish as a classically made wristwatch. Give the special guy in your life only the best of the best with this awesome Engraved Wooden Watch. This analog watch is truly one of a kind. Made from recycled materials, the wooden gears and tiny details give it a unique, industrial vibe. Add your loved one’s name to be engraved on the watch for a personal touch.

Wooden Gifts for Men - Engraved Wooden Mechanical Watch

17. Pythagoras Globe Decanter

Give your loved one the world with our final pick on the list. Our Pythagoras Globe Decanter is a classically designed piece that will look good in any room in his home. The hand-blown, globe-shaped glass decanter holds up to 1000ml of his favorite spirit or wine and will keep it preserved and safe for as long as it takes to drink it. The wooden base of the decanter comes in your choice of acacia or oak wood, or one of our other, different material bases.

Wooden Gifts for Men - Customized Pythagoras Globe Decanter

We hope our list of 17 Wooden Gifts for Men has helped you in your search for the perfect gift for the special man in your life. Whether it is your husband, father, brother, friend, or anyone in between, there is something for everyone. Which gift is first on your list?