17 Unique Military Gifts

1. Airforce American Flag Murphy Bar

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the Airforce member in your life who is obsessed with their home bar and home bar organization, then our first gift is the perfect gift for you. Our Airforce American Flag Murphy Bar is a fantastic way to stay organized and maximize space without losing out on storage. This beautiful murphy bar depicts the American flag on the front of it, with the Airforce Emblem. Inside the murphy, the bar features several different-sized compartments to keep your favorite bottles and accessories safe and sound. 

Unique Military Gifts - Air Force American Flag Murphy Bar

2. Coast Guard Veteran Tray

Our second gift on the list is perfect for the Coast Guard Veteran in your life who loves hosting parties or serving drinks to friends at their home. Our Coast Guard Veteran Tray is a stunning serving tray made from high-quality acacia wood that’s been sealed to withstand damage and be comfortable to touch. The center of the tray features the Coast Guard Emblem, masterfully carved by our in-house woodworkers.

Perfect Military Gifts - United States Coast Guard Bar Tray

3. Semper Fi Bar Sign

Does your favorite Marine Corps Member enjoy time spent in their man cave or her shed? Well, then they will definitely need our third pick on the list to adorn their entrance with. The Semper Fi Bar Sign is brilliantly designed and totally customizable. The sign is made with scratch and liquid-resistant acacia wood, and has a built-in keyhole so it is ready to hang!

 Unique Military Gifts - Semper Fi Bar Sign

4. Nautical Navy Decanter Set

Our Nautical Navy Decanter Set is more than a vessel for your loved one to hold their favorite spirit or wine. It is a treasure, a representation of the pride that he or she has in the branch of the military they serve, the Navy. This set comes with a square, borosilicate glass, decanter, that holds up to a full fifth of their favorite beverage. The set also includes two shot glasses. Both the decanter and shot glasses come etched with a brilliant Nautical Navy design, with 4 lines of custom text.

Personalized Military Gifts - Customized Navy Decanter Set

5. Air Force Bullet Bottle Opener

Is there nothing more the Air Force member in your life enjoys than an ice-cold bottle of beer at the end of a long day? Then our 5th pick on the list will make an awesome gift for them! Our Air Force Bullet Bottle Opener is a wonderful and memorable present for anyone who has served. The unique bullet bottle opener design is both sleek and sophisticated, without being bulky.

Best Military Gifts - US Air Force Bullet Bottle Opener

6. Army Cigar Ashtray

Is there anything more relaxing than puffing on a fresh cigar on a warm summer evening? Gift your favorite US Army service member the gift of relaxation and luxury with our Army Cigar Ashtray. This gorgeous ashtray is made with durable, genuine hardwood. The center of the tray features the United States Army Insignia. It has four slots to hold his or her cigar and share more with friends.

Wooden Military Gifts - Army Ashtray

7. Coast Guard Wooden Mug

If the Coast Guard member in your life has a penchant for more traditional style and décor, they will absolutely love our Coast Guard Wooden Mug. This wooden mug is made by our master craftsmen and features the United States Coast Guard Emblem on the bottom of the mug. The mug itself can be used for drinking beer, water, or other beverages, or it can be used to hold smaller items such as pens or other office supplies. 

Pefect Military Gifts - US Coast Guard Wooden Mug

8. Alex and Ani United States Army Charm Bangle

We couldn’t have a list of gifts for military members without featuring at least a few more delicate and feminine pieces. The Alex and Ani United States Army Charm Bangle is an adorable, subtle bracelet that showcases the army service member’s pride in their branch and their country. This expandable wire bangle features a circle charm with a green border that says "United States Army" surrounding its official seal.

Unique Military Gifts - US Army Charm Bangle

9. Marine Corps Engraved Exquisite Whiskey Glass Set

In our opinion, everyone needs at least one set of custom whiskey glasses. And our number 9 pick is the perfect set of glasses for the Marine Corps Service Member in your life. This set of two 10-ounce glasses is masterfully crafted using hand-blown glass by our master craftsmen. The Marine Corps Emblem is meticulously etched onto the face of the glass, so the Marine close to you can show off their Semper Fi Spirit with every sip.

Unique Military Gifts - USMC Exquisite Whiskey Glass

10. Navy Bottle Opener

Is your loved one forever forgetting where they put their bottle opener? Ensure that they never forget it again with our Navy Bottle Opener. This bottle opener is wall mounted. Hang it on any wall and it'll always be there to get the job done right. The Warm wood of the bottle opener features an engraved US Navy Insignia. The metal opener makes it easy and convenient to open your bottles at the drop of a dime!

Unique Military Gifts - Nautical Navy Bottle Opener

11. Air Force Decanter

Your loved one will never go back to regular, plain decanters again after receiving our 11th gift on our list. The Air Force Decanter is truly more than a vessel to hold their favorite beverage, it is a work of art that proudly displays a symbol of our country and our armed forces. This beautiful decanter is classically made using hand-blown glass. Inside of the decanter features a glass figurine of the Air Force Emblem. The decanter is held beautifully by a hardwood base, fitting with almost any home décor.

 Unique Military Gifts - Customized Air Force Decanter

12. JAG Engraved Glencairn Whiskey Glass

Judge advocates have commissioned officers in one of the U.S. Armed Forces that serve as legal advisors to the command in which they are assigned. They are often underrepresented when it comes to Military Branches, so we made sure to include a gift just for them. Our JAG Engraved Glencairn Glass is the ultimate way for a JAG member to fully imbibe a glass of their favorite whiskey. The thick glass is simultaneously delicate; its curvature is perfect for getting the optimum smell and sip of whiskey.

Unique Military Gifts - Jag High Glencairn Whiskey Glass

13. US Army Leather Can/Bottle Koozie

An Army Service Member is a busy, busy individual. The last thing on their mind is to bring a koozie with them to any event. Check off one thing on their long list with our US Army Leather Can/Bottle Koozie. This premium koozie is made using top grain, oil-tanned leather that is sourced right here in the United States. The koozie’s interior lining is made using neoprene, to keep the drink cold and their hands comfortable!

Unique Military Gifts - US Army Leather Bottle Koozie

14. USMC Emblem Round Bar Sign

In our opinion, you can never have too many bar signs, especially personalized ones. Our USMC Emblem Round Bar sign is no exception. Made specifically for US Marine Corps Service Men and Women, this beautiful sign displays both their pride in their branch of the military and their patriotism. Our bar signs are all made using acacia wood, which is a quick-growing tree, and by using it, Prestige Haus fully supports renewable forestry!

Unique Military Gifts - USMC Emblem Round Bar Sign

15. Seabees Pint Glass Set

Every Seabee enjoys a frosty, delicious pint of beer after a long day. What better way to enjoy a beer than with a personalized pint featuring the Seabees Emblem? Our Seabees Pint Glass Set Features two, borosilicate glass glasses. The glasses are thick and will keep the chill of the beer for as long as possible. The emblem is hand etched onto the fronts of the glasses, never painted, for quality that will last for years to come.

Unique Military Gifts - Seabees Pint Glass

16. Camo Pocket Hug

Our 16th gift on our list is a super sweet, small gift that will warm the heart of any service member who is going to be, is, or has been deployed. The Camo Pocket Hug is a handsewn heart with felt and a printed fabric center heart, with “HUG” hand stamped on canvas in the center. It is the perfect token of love for a soldier to bring with them on duty, to always feel the love and support from their family.

Best Military Gifts - Camo Pocket Hug

17. American Pride Coaster Set

Coasters are an often forgotten, underrated gift to give. The military service member will appreciate your thoughtful gift of our American Pride Coaster Set. Each set includes four 4x4 coasters made with acacia wood, which is perfect for coasters due to its liquid and fungus-resistant nature. The coasters are hand engraved with a truly breathtaking design, that will showcase your loved one's patriotism.


Our Military Service members are truly the backbone of our country. Although we can never express just how immensely grateful, we are to them, a token of our appreciation never hurts. We hope we’ve helped you find the perfect gift, no matter what branch of the military your loved one is in. Which Branch does your family member or friend belong to?