17 Unique Whiskey Gifts

Happy holidays! With all the hustle and bustle of the season, we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of gifts that will perfectly suit the whiskey lover in your life. Check out our list of 17 Unique Whiskey Gifts that even those with the most seasoned of palates will love.

1. Constellation1797 Decanter

If the whiskey lover on your shopping list is also a lover of all things classic when it comes to interior design, then they will love our first gift on the list. Our Constellation1797 Decanter is a stunning glass decanter featuring an intricate glass ship inspired by the USS Constellation that is meticulously handcrafted while the 1150ml decanter is built around it. The base of the decanter is a sight to be seen all on its own and comes in your choice of natural oak wood, espresso oak wood, or Prestige Oak Wood. 

 Unique Whiskey Gifts - Stunning Constellation 1979 Decanter

2. Monogram Initial Decanter Set

A personalized gift is one that will always be well received by anyone who appreciates quality made, meaningful gifts. Our Monogram Initial Decanter Set is made up of two of our best-selling items. The star of the set is our 900ml decanter, made from thick, durable, and almost unbreakable glass. The set also includes two of our 10-ounce whiskey glasses. Both the decanter and the glasses are monogrammed with your loved one's initials by our in-house master craftsmen.

Unique Whiskey Gifts - Personalized Decanter Set with Last Name Engraved

3. Diamond Glasses

Everyone can appreciate the complex beauty of a diamond. Give the gift of that beauty without the hefty price tag with our Diamond Glasses. This set of two whiskey glasses is made using hand-blown glass and molded into the shape of two perfectly cut diamonds. These glasses are extremely durable, which makes them perfect for everyday use or to use just for special occasions.

Unique Whiskey Gifts – Eye-Grabbing Diamond Whiskey Glasses

4. Animal Print Glasses Set

Our 4th gift is perfect for the loved ones on your list who love to let their hair down and get a bit wild! They can take a walk on the wild side every time they have a sip of their favorite whiskey with our Animal Print Glasses Set. This set of four whiskey glasses is made using hand-blown glass that is super durable and always lead-free. Each one of the glasses features a unique animal print design that has been masterfully etched onto the glass by our in-house craftsmen. 

Unique Whiskey Gifts - Cute Animal Print Glass Set


5. Whiskey/Wine Barrel Custom Coasters

A glass of whiskey is only as good as the coaster that you set it down on. While that may be a phrase that we just made up, we think it makes a lot of sense. Give the whiskey lover in your life the gift of a premium, custom coaster set to up their drinking game another notch. These gorgeous coasters are made using 100% acacia wood. Acacia wood is both naturally beautiful and naturally durable as it is resistant to both liquids and scratches. Add their name to the coaster for a personal touch every time they set their drink down!

Unique Whiskey Gifts - Custom Whiskey Barrel Coaster Set

6. Personalized Whiskey/Wine Barrel Bar Tray

Our 6th gift on our list is fabulous for your friend or family member who loves to entertain guests. Our Personalized Whiskey/Wine Barrel Bar Tray is an ideal tray for serving beverages or snacks to guests at their next get-together. This tray is made with acacia wood, and then smoothed and sealed for looks and longevity. The face of the tray features a whiskey barrel that bears the name of the owner of the tray, for a fun, personalized, touch to any at-home bar or lounge area. 

Unique Whiskey Gifts - Personalized Whiskey Barrel Bar Tray

7. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

If you're looking for a one-and-done gift set this holiday season, we highly recommend checking out our Whiskey Stones Gift Set. This fabulous set includes 6 of our dense, granite stones. The rounded stones are perfect for cooling down whiskey as they don't distort the flavor or taste of the whiskey like regular ice. The set also includes two of our exquisite whiskey glasses that can hold up to 10 ounces of your favorite whiskey as well as a wooden tray for the granite stones.

Unique Whiskey Gifts - Beautiful Whiskey Stones Gift Set

8. Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder

The 8th pick on our list is a two-in-one gift that is ideal for the whiskey and cigar lover on your list this holiday season. Our Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder is a compact holder that has space for a classic Glencairn glass and a notch for his or her favorite type of cigar. The holder is made from completely sustainable materials. The wood used to make the holder comes from wood that was once used to make barrel staves that aged whiskey and wine. Because they are recycled, each holder is 100% unique.

Unique Whiskey Gifts - Elegant Barrel Stave Glencairn Holder

9. Silver Colored Liquor Infuser

Give the gift of creative expression this holiday season with our Silver Colored Liquor Infuser. This liquor infuser takes any of your loved one's favorite whiskeys and adds their own personal touch to it. Inside the infuser is stainless steel, an ultra-thin filter that is perfect for incorporating fresh ingredients to alter or enhance the flavor of their favorite whiskey (and other liquors too). This sleek infuser comes with a manual that features several fun recipes to get them started!

Unique Whiskey Gifts - Stylish Copper Spirit Infuser

10. Signature Whiskey Glass Candle

If you're reading this article, it's a fair assumption to make that you're shopping for someone who is obsessed with whiskey. Incorporate whiskey into every aspect of their lives, even the smell of their home, with our 10th gift on our list. This awesome Signature Whiskey Glass Candle from Bespokepost comes in a distinct "Old Fashioned" scent that beckons to everyone's favorite whiskey cocktail. This candle is made with soy wax and comes in an 8-ounce glass jar. This hand-poured candle features a 30-hour burn time, to keep the whiskey vibe lasting for as long as possible.

Unique Whiskey Gifts - Beautiful Signature Whiskey Glass Candle

11. Pythagoras Globe Decanter

Give your loved one the feeling of the world at their fingertips with our 11th pick. Our best-selling Pythagoras Globe Decanter is one of our customer favorites. This gorgeous globe-shaped decanter is made with hand-blown glass and etched to resemble the earth. The decanter features a ground glass stopper that is both eye-catching and creates an airtight seal that ensures the whiskey inside is as fresh as possible at all times. The base of the decanter comes in your choice of acacia wood, oak wood, rustic metal, or our Atlas Base.

Unique Whiskey Gifts – Best-Selling Golf Ball Whiskey Glasses

12. Palm Tree Cocktail Glasses

You can feel it now; the sun on your face, the warm breeze through your hair, and the sound of the ocean waves beating softly in the background. Evoke these same feelings of luxurious relaxation with our Palm Tree Cocktail Glasses. These ten-ounce cocktail glasses are made with almost unbreakable glass that is always lead-free. The set comes with two glasses that have been etched with an adorable palm tree design that can transport you to the beach at any time.

Unique Whiskey Gifts - Exquisite Palm Tree Cocktail Glass

13. Barrel Stave Whiskey Glass Flight Holder

Bring the fun of whiskey taste testing home with our 13th pick on our list. The Barrel Stave Whiskey Glass Flight Holder is the perfect gift for anyone looking to save a bit of money in the new year and cut back on going out. This gorgeous holder has space for three Glencairn glasses that are optimal for testing. The arched holder is not only made to hold your favorite glasses, but it acts as a beautiful display piece or centerpiece as well!

Unique Whiskey Gifts - Beautiful Barrel Stave Glencairn Holder

14. Personalized Barrel Bar Tray

Sometimes shopping can be especially difficult when the person you're shopping for already has everything. Our 14th gift is the antidote to that issue. The Personalized Barrel Bar Tray is a gift that we are certain they don't already own (unless they shop on our website). It is hand-crafted with durable and sustainable acacia wood. The wood is very resistant to spills and scratches, so it will remain to look beautiful and brand new for years to come.

Unique Whiskey Gifts - Personalized Barrel Bar Tray with Engraved Name

15. Golf Glasses

Our 15th gift is the ultimate whiskey glasses for the golf fanatic in your life. Our Golf Glasses are a unique and super fun addition to any glassware collection. This set of two glasses is made from hand-blown glass that has been expertly carved and dimpled to resemble everyone's favorite ball. Not only are these glasses easy on the eyes, but they're easy in the hands of the clumsy. Our glasses are guaranteed to be long-lasting and very durable.

Unique Whiskey Gifts – Best-Selling Golf Ball Whiskey Glasses

16. Pocket Whiskey Water Dropper

Did you know that when water is added to whiskey, it produces a compound called guaiacol? This compound is partially responsible for the taste and smell of most scotches. If your loved one prefers to add a drop or two of water to their glass of whiskey, they'll love these Pocket Whiskey Water Droppers. Using this handcrafted, mouth-blown water dropper from Scottish father and daughter team Karen Somerville, Tom Young, & Team allows whisky pros and newcomers to easily dilute a preferred brand one drop of H2O at a time. They even come in their own adorable plaid case!

Unique Whiskey Gifts - Pocket Whisky Water Dropper

17. Custom Engraved Whiskey Glasses Set

Finally on our list is the creme de la creme when it comes to customized gifts. Our Custom Engraved Whiskey Glasses are one of our most versatile products. Add anything you'd like to the face of the glass for a custom feel; add text like their name, birth date, or a phrase they love, or simply a logo that means something to them. The etched design is beautifully displayed on two of our exquisite whiskey glasses. 

Unique Whiskey Gifts - Customized Whiskey Glasses

No matter what holiday you celebrate, there is no better way to enjoy time spent with loved ones than over a scrumptious glass of whiskey. Our list of gifts was compiled and designed to elevate that experience, to make memories even more delicious. Which gift will you be purchasing first?