17 Creative Gifts for People Who Have Everything

It is so hard to shop for gifts for people who have everything. They go ahead and buy themselves whatever they want, leaving no room for you to surprise them! At PrestigeHaus, we’re committed to taking this burden off your shoulders. We’ve empowered our master artisans with high-quality materials to bring you memorable, one-of-a-kind gifts that are sure to amaze them! From exquisite glassware to unique bar trays, the talents and skills of our craftsmen are on full display. We’ve done the work for you and all that’s left to do is click “add to cart”.

Check out our curated list of seventeen creative gifts for people who have everything below!

1. Engraved Decanter Set

They might think they already have everything, but we’re pretty sure they don’t already have an engraved personalized decanter set…and certainly not one as expertly made as this! An incredible set featuring a 750ml decanter and two whiskey tumblers. Handcrafted with beautiful lead-free borosilicate glass, the decanter and matching glasses are engraved with their monogram. The cherry on top: the set comes in a wooden box that is also engraved with their monogram!

Perfect Gifts for People Who Have Everything - Beautiful Monogram Initial Decanter Set

2. Barrel Stave Flight Rack

The best gifts for people who have everything are ones that add a memory, an experience, or a sense of luxury. This barrel stave flight rack does all three of those things and more! Made of reclaimed barrel staves and hand-cut by our master craftsmen, this beautiful flight rack holds a trio of classic Glencairn glasses. Incredible for displaying and even better for trying multiple expressions of whiskey at once, it’s a gift they’ll love to show off! 

Unique Gifts for People Who Have Everything - Stylish Barrel Stave Glass Flight Holder

3. Tasseled Wine Charms

Cute AND useful! These colorful tasseled wine charms are just the thing to bust out for a party. With 8 distinct colors, each of your guests can choose the color they like best and simply attach it to their stemmed glass. No more swapping glassware! At the end of the night, these tassels come off as easily as they went on. Adorably thoughtful and a great way to get invited over for wine night!

Unique Gifts for People Who Have Everything - Cute Tassel Wine Charms

4. Homemade Limoncello Kit

We bet they’ve never thought of making their own limoncello at home! This homemade limoncello kit is just one of many fun and unique gifts for people who have everything. Easy to use and unexpected, the kit comes with everything they need to make delicious limoncello in the comfort of their own home. Who knows – maybe next Christmas, they’ll gift you some homemade limoncello! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Perfect Gifts for People Who Have Everything - Homemade Limoncello Kit

5. Prestige Wine Decanter

Looking for an elegant, timeless gift? Look no further than our Prestige wine decanter. Made of gorgeous and gleaming lead-free borosilicate glass, this perfectly-sized wine decanter is a piece of art. With an eye-catching design of gentle curves and swooping contours, this decanter brings style and grace to any dining room, lounge, or bar cart. The design allows the wine to breathe, bringing forward otherwise hidden aromas, complexities, and nuances.

Perfect Gifts for People Who Have Everything - Classy Prestige Wine Decanter

6. Charging Bull Decanter

Passion personified, our charging bull decanter brings fire and determination to any space! With its defiant stance and whipping tail, this handcrafted masterpiece doubles as a decanter for their favorite spirit. Its sleek design is capable of holding over a full fifth of liquor, kept safe thanks to its ground-glass airtight stopper. Our artisans thought of every detail when crafting this sleek, intricate decanter, and it shows! You’ll have to see it for yourself.

Best Gifts for People Who Have Everything - Attention Grabber Charging Bull Decanter

7. Personalized Engraved Bar Tray

Personalized gifts never go out of style. Ours thoughtfully engraved monogrammed bar tray is a one-of-a-kind gift for a one-of-a-kind person! Made of beautiful acacia wood, it’s both stain- and water-resistant as well as naturally smooth. Our craftsmen hand-cut, carve and engrave the tray to your exact specifications so you know you’re getting quality. They can serve drinks at cocktail hour, bring breakfast to bed, or organize small daily items like mail, keys, and more with this delightful tray!

Wood Gifts for People Who Have Everything - Personalized Bar Tray with Last Name

8. Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

Let’s face it: too many ashtrays out there are just plain boring. No spark, no style, no pizzazz! Not our exotic Bubinga cigar ashtray! This high-quality ashtray was hand-cut, carved, and polished to a high shine by our master artisans. The wide bowl is bejeweled with a gorgeous cabochon stone to draw the eye. This ashtray also has two grooves for cigars, so your friend can enjoy their stogie with another cigar enthusiast.

Wood Gifts for People Who Have Everything - Beautiful Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

9. Compact Bar Cart

Any of our bar carts are great gifts for people who have everything, but our compact bar cart will definitely fit into just about any home, lifestyle, and decor! Made of water-resistant acacia wood and supported by welded steel, it’s a sturdy two-shelf cart that can hold all of its bottles, bar tools, and more. The cart easily wheels from room to room on gliding casters and can fit into any corner or nook.

Wood Gifts for People Who Have Everything - Durable Round Bar Cart

10. Cullinan Diamond Decanter

Not everyone can say they got a diamond at Christmas! Our Cullinan diamond decanter is inspired by the largest gem-quality diamond ever discovered. Made of mouthblown glass, this decanter is crafted from 100% lead-free borosilicate glass (read: durable AND beautiful!). With a 750ml capacity, the decanter can hold a full fifth of its favorite spirit kept pure by the included airtight stopper. It’s mounted on a sturdy wooden base for optimal display!

Best Gifts for People Who Have Everything – Best-Selling Cullinan Diamond Decanter

11. Happy Holidays! Bar Tray

Give them the gift of holiday cheer with this lovely Happy Holidays! bar tray. Handcrafted of sustainable acacia wood, this bar tray is just the thing to herald in the holiday season. Serve up Santa’s cookies or a round of boozy eggnog using this gorgeous and durable tray. Stain- and water-resistant with a naturally smooth finish, this bar tray is one they’ll want to use year-round!

 Unique Gifts for People Who Have Everything - Beautiful Holiday Bar Tray

12. Animal Print Glasses (Set of Four)

Here’s another great party gift: our set of four animal print glasses! Made of lead-free borosilicate glass, each of the glasses in this set features a unique animal print design. Party guests can choose which animal best represents them for the evening and enjoy all of their drinks within! With a generous ten-ounce capacity, the glasses are perfect for a dram of whiskey, cocktails, and even iced tea or lemonade. Take a walk on the wild side!

Unique Gifts for People Who Have Everything - Cute Animal Print Glasses Set

13. Barrel Stave Cigar and Glencairn Glass Holder

There’s really nothing else like our barrel stave cigar and Glencairn glass holder out there! Introduce a little old-world sophistication into their lives with this wonderful one-handed solution to a two-handed hobby. Made with reclaimed barrel staves and accented with galvanized steel from the hoops, this holder was then carved to perfectly fit one cigar and one classic Glencairn glass. What a way to relax!

Unique Gifts for People Who Have Everything - Stylish Barrel Stave Cigar Holder

14. Monogrammed Coaster Set

Here’s another opportunity to show off their monogram in a classy, timeless way. This set of four monogrammed coasters is handcrafted by our master woodworkers of sustainable and beautiful acacia wood. Let our artisans know your recipient’s monograms and they’ll do the rest, bringing their name to live in the wood! The water-resistant material will keep their wood furnishings safe from water damage and look great while doing it.

Wood Gifts for People Who Have Everything - Custom Monogram Diamond Coaster Set

15. Coravin Pivot and Wine Preservation System

Far too often, people save an expensive bottle of wine for a special event because they worry the whole bottle won’t get drunk at once. The Coravin preservation system is here to let you go ahead and enjoy a glass of that pricey Pinot or big-ticket Barolo whenever you want! With its patented aerator and preservation system, it allows you to fully enjoy all the flavors and aromas of the wine while also preserving what’s left in the bottle for up to four weeks.

Wood Gifts for People Who Have Everything - Coravin Pivot Plus

16. Spirits Infuser

Let them express their creativity with this ingenious spirits infuser! Perfect for the at-home mixologist, this infuser is so easy to use and fun to boot. Simply place any ingredient – spices, herbs, fruits, whatever you desire – into the filter and then fill the reservoir with a complementing spirit. Allow the two to marinade together for as much or as little time as you’d like, and before long, you’ve created your own bespoke cocktail! Comes with a recipe booklet to get those creative juices flowing. Also comes in silver and copper finishes.

Functional Gifts for People Who Have Everything - Stunning Silver Spirit Infuser

17. Glass Diamond Wine Stopper

Why settle for boring bottle stoppers for the wine lover in your life? This diamond-shaped wine stopper is a handcrafted jewel that keeps their opened bottle of wine fresher, and longer. It’s like a little work of art bejeweling the bottle! Made of mouthblown lead-free borosilicate glass, it’s a unique and beautiful way to keep a bottle of wine around for another day or two. An absolute delight, this stopper works for both still and sparkling wines.

Functional Gifts for People Who Have Everything - Elegant Diamond Wine Stopper

Which of these gifts for people that have everything is calling your name?