Unique and Thoughtful Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything

That special couple in your life has no problem buying whatever they want for themselves, making it difficult to surprise them! When you’re on the hunt for gifts for couples who have everything, it can be so hard to find something that they don’t already have! At PrestigeHaus, we pride ourselves in making creative, gorgeous gifts that they won’t expect. Our master craftsmen put their skills and talents to great use with high-quality raw materials to bring you the best in decanters, bar trays, bar tools, and more. You’re in great hands with PrestigeHaus!

Keep reading for 17 of our favorite gifts for couples who have everything!

1. Prestige Classic Wine Decanter

If they like to relax together with a bottle of wine after a long day, one of the best gifts for couples who have everything is a timeless wine decanter. With gentle curves and a sleek design, our Prestige decanter is perfectly sized to bring out all the nuances and aromas of a wine. Made of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass, the decanter is safe and sparkling. It’s a gorgeous piece of art they’ll love to display on their dining room table or bar cart even when they’re not drinking wine!

Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything - Beautiful Prestige Classic Wine Decanter

2. Holiday-Themed Wine Stoppers

Another great gift for the wine-enthusiast couple: these darling glass holiday wine bottle stoppers! Our artisans spared no detail in bringing four important holidays to life – Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – to make these stoppers really shine. The gleaming glass and sweet designs are so attractive, they’ll be looking for reasons not to finish a bottle in one go. These handcrafted wine stoppers add some holiday cheer and great style whenever they’re in use!

Unique Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything - Cute Holiday Wine Stoppers

3. Personalized Bar Tray

They’re a special couple that deserves some recognition! This beautifully engraved bar tray highlights them and a special date from their lives, whether that’s their wedding, their first date, or another momentous occasion. Made of water- and stain-resistant acacia wood, the naturally smooth finish is the exact right medium for this unique touch. They’ll love displaying this tray, using it for cocktail night, or serving up breakfast in bed.

Unique Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything - Personalized Wedding Bar Tray

4. Set of Four Animal Print Glassware

Encourage those two to take a walk on the wild side! This set of four animal-print glasses is just the thing to invite a little adventure into their lives. Handcrafted from lead-free borosilicate glass, each of these tumblers features a different animal-inspired design. The tumblers are also a generous ten ounces, providing versatility and plenty of enjoyment whether it’s a cocktail, a dram of whiskey, or an iced tea. With durable rims and sturdy bottoms, they’ll last a lifetime.

Perfect Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything - Beautiful Animal Print Glasses

5. Set of Four Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glasses

The party-loving couple will go absolutely crazy for these Himalayan salt tequila shot glasses! Made of delightfully pink Himalayan salt, this set of four-shot glasses is naturally antibacterial, making them the perfect vessels for shooting down tequila or mezcal with friends. Comes with a handy little tray for serving as well as a dish for limes. These shot glasses provide a deliciously salty finish, so all they need to add is the liquor and limes!

Best Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything - Stunning Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

6. Travel-Themed Wine Charms

Whether they’ve traveled the world or they’ve been dreaming of an exotic getaway, these cute travel-themed wine charms are sure to steal their hearts. Made of natural cork, these charms easily attach to any stemmed glassware to make identification between party-goers simple. Your guests choose which of the eight distinct designs they want to represent them and their drink for the evening and easily slip the charm on the stem of their glass. At the end of the party, the charm comes off without damaging the glassware! 

Unique Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything - Cute Travel Wine Charms

7. Cullinan Diamond Decanter

Don’t underestimate the power of the diamond! Our master artisans skillfully created this beautiful diamond-shaped decanter inspired by the largest gem-quality diamond ever mined. Made of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass and mounted on a handcrafted stand, this gleaming decanter shimmers and shines almost as much as the real deal! It has a 750ml capacity, so a full fifth of their favorite spirit will fit into it. That spirit is then kept safe and pure thanks to the included ground-glass airtight stopper.

Best Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything – Eye-Grabbing Cullinan Diamond Decanter

8. Copper Spirits Infuser

Give them the gift of trying something new together with one of our amazing spirits infusers. No more spending money on expensive infused drinks at the bar. Now, they can be mixologists in their own homes! Simply place an ingredient such as a spice, herb, fruit, or whatever else sounds delicious into the easy-to-clean filter. Fill the reservoir with a spirit of your choice and allow the two to marinade. Before you know it, you’re sipping on a never-before-seen cocktail creation! Comes with a handy booklet with tips and recipes to get started.

Best Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything - Stylish Copper Spirit Infusers

9. Home Coaster Set

Engraved with their address and home state, these coasters make great gifts for couples who have everything because they’re more than just a boring set of coasters. Instead, they’re personalized to remind them of the love and happiness in their home. These acacia wood coasters are naturally water-resistant to protect their furniture from ugly and damaging watermarks. Choose between a round or square design of these hand-carved coasters to best suit the couple’s needs.

Wood Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything - Personalized Home Coaster Set

10. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

What’s great about this whiskey stones gift set is that it can be used for any kind of drink, not just the alcoholic kind! Made of odorless and tasteless granite, these stones need just a few hours in the freezer before they’re ready to replace melting, diluting ice. No more watered-down drinks! With rounded edges, they also won’t scratch up your glassware. Comes with a wooden storage tray and two ten-ounce tumblers.

Perfect Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything - Stylish Whiskey Stone Gift Set

11. Rustic Silver Decanter Tags

If the couple you’re buying for likes to keep all of their spirits in beautiful decanters (rather than in their original bottles) then they need a set of gorgeous decanter tags. Each of these eight tags is embossed with a different liquor – rum, whiskey, bourbon, brandy, tequila, scotch, vodka, and gin – and outfitted with an adjustable chain. They’ll simply slide over the neck of just about any decanter. No more mistaking gin for vodka, or whiskey for rum!

Unique Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything - Engraved Rustic Decanter Tags

12. Wooden Bar Cart

If you need an all-out stunning gift for a couple who has a large bar collection, look no further than our industrial rolling bar cart. With three long shelves, this bar cart can hold upwards of forty bottles, decanters, bar tools, and other necessities all in one place. Made of naturally smooth and water-resistant acacia wood, this cart is outfitted with rolling casters and a shopping cart-style handle for easy maneuverability. They can move this cart from room to room according to their need!

Wood Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything - Beautiful Industrial Large Bar Cart

13. Commemorative Engraved Bar Tray

Here’s another gorgeous opportunity to honor that special couple with an engraved commemorative bar tray! Sustainable acacia wood is the perfect material for crafting a long-lasting, water-resistant tray they’ll want to use again and again. Just let out artisans know the name of the couple and the important date they’re celebrating and they’ll do the rest! It’s a one-of-a-kind way to feature the two of them with a gift they’ll be thrilled to pass on to future generations.

Wood Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything - Personalized Bar Tray with Initial

14. Silver Champagne Bucket

What’s the best way to get a party started? Pop open a bottle of Champagne! Of course, you’ll want those bubbles to be perfectly chilled, and there’s no better way to do that than in style. This silver Champagne bucket is an elegant, sophisticated way to chill bottles of bubbly for a big party, an intimate get-together, or a romantic night in. This handcrafted bucket is generously sized to hold multiple bottles but can work just as well for one. Stainless steel with a silver-plated finish.

Best Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything - Stylish Silver Champagne Bucket

15. Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger

This clever repurposing of a barrel stave will surprise and delight them! Our barrel stave wine glass hanger is just one of our many gifts for couples who have everything that uses reclaimed wine- and bourbon-barrel staves to create fantastic bar tools and works of art. This one is carved with a center hole to fit around the neck of a favorite bottle of wine, as well as four slots along its length to balance stemmed glassware. It’s a fun and unexpected way to display lovely wine glasses!

Best Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything - Elegant Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger

16. Palomino Decanter

Their love is wild and free, just like the majestic Palominos made famous by classic Westerns. This beautifully handcrafted Palomino decanter is a representation of that incredible, boundless love, and one we’re sure they haven’t thought of giving themselves! Made of lead-free borosilicate clear and colored glass, our artisans considered every detail as they designed this work of art. It holds over a fifth of their favorite liquor easily and keeps it fresh thanks to an airtight stopper.

Best Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything - Stunning Grand Palomino Horse Decanter

17. Palm Tree Cocktail Glasses (Set of Two)

They’ll be cooking up their next tropical vacation in no time once they see these gorgeous palm tree cocktail glasses! In a set of two, they can toast one another and the years they’ve spent exploring. Mouthblown by our master artisans and engraved with swaying palm trees, they’re a great way for that special couple to start dreaming of getting away from it all! Durable and sophisticated, they’re built to last and look great for years to come.

Best Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything - Exquisite Palm Tree Cocktail Glasses

18. Bond Martini Glasses (Set of Two)

Give them that secret agent experience with this set of two Bond martini glasses. They’ll be shaking (not stirring!) up martinis in no time to sip from this expertly handcrafted glassware. With no fragile or unstable stems, these glasses are automatically sturdier than traditional stemware. Add to it that they were crafted from lead-free borosilicate glass, and you’re left with a set that’s meant to withstand daily use. What a way to kick back in the evening!

Best Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything - Sturdy Martini Glass

What gifts for couples who have everything will you add to your cart?