Mighty Types of Rum - Affordable recommendations

Cooler weather got you in the mood for some island vibes? Check out our pro recommendations for different types of rum. Whether you’re on Team Mojito or Team Mai Tai, we think you’ll enjoy getting to know a little more about this delicious, versatile spirit.

Say hello to our rum enthusiast, bartender and mixologist Giulio @giulio_bartender_n.3! If you need bright colors to carry you through the upcoming fall and winter months, you will get a steady dose of the vibrant tropics with this one. His Instagram feed is magical. Don’t miss out! Follow him now.

Types of Rum: A Rundown

Or, should we say a “rum-down”? Let’s touch on the seven types of rum before we dive into recommendations and recipes:

  1. White Rum: light in body and age; filtered; clear
  2. Gold Rum: aged in oak barrels; more complex than white; great for cocktails
  3. Dark Rum: aged longer; dark and more complex in flavor; perfect for sipping
  4. Demerara Rum: made from Guyana cane; aged; dark, historic, rich flavor
  5. Spiced Rum: distilled and flavored with spices; bolder than barrel-aging spice
  6. Rhum Agricole: sugar cane juice instead of molasses; may be white, gold, or dark
  7. Naval/Overproof: high-alcohol rum (50-60%)

Quick  Recommendations: 3 Types of Rum for Newbies


1) Havana Club Especial -  (about $25)

Types of rum - the affordable recommendations -Havana Club Especial A bottle of Havana Club Especial.

Giulio takes it easy on your wallet when he recommends Havana Club Especial. He notes that it’s his cheapest rec, but it’s a good quality for a beginner’s rum. It hails from Cuba, and it’s the most commonly used rum in the world.

2) Pampero Aniversario - (about $30)

A bottle of Pampero Aniversario A bottle of Pampero Aniversario


Next up, Giulio says to get your hands on Pampero Aniversario. It’s bringing all the goodness from Venezuela. It’s rich with spices, and you’ll get the incredible, lasting flavor of cacao.

3) Matusalem Rum Gran Reserva 15th Anniversary - (about $30)


A bottle of Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva 15th Anniversary A bottle of Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva 15th Anniversary

Finally, Giulio presents Matusalem Rum Gran Reserva 15 Anni. This rum comes all the way from the Dominican Republic with its characteristic strong and woody flavor.

More Quick Recommendations: 3 Types of Rum for Premium Drinkers

We’re excited to present a more premium lineup for those of you who are beyond the rum beginner’s level.

1) Zacapa Centenario XO - (about $110)

A bottle of Ron Zacapa Centenario XO A bottle of Ron Zacapa Centenario XO

Giulio recommends Zacapa Centenario XO. This particular rum is a stunner from Guatemala, boasting an aftertaste of vanilla, caramel, and dry fruits. If you’re looking to enjoy a rich flavor with a good cigar, you’ve met your match.

2) Bellevue Guadeloupe 17 YO - (about $75)

A bottle of Bellevue Guadeloupe 17 Years Old A bottle of Bellevue Guadeloupe 17 Years Old

Further, Giulio suggests Bellevue 17 YO. He notes that this French Guadeloupe rum is pretty difficult to find. He says it’s certainly worth a taste if you know where to search or perhaps have a good friend in the area. Can you handle sweet caramelized fruit, smoke, the sea air, and a warm nutty finish? We believe in you.

3) Demerara Enmore 27 YO -  (anywhere from $300-$700)


A bottle of Demerara Enmore Rum 27 Years Old A bottle of Demerara Enmore Rum 27 Years Old


At last, we come to Demerara Enmore 27 YO. Giulio says it’s a rum for the big-time enthusiasts and, of course, the experts. It’s distilled in Guyana, near the border of Venezuela.

Rum Cocktails for Everyone


Downstairs Rum Cocktails The garnish game is strong with this Downstairs rum cocktail. [Photo cred: @giulio_bartender_n.3]

Giulio gives us one of his own rum cocktail recipes that he makes for his regulars and newcomers alike. Behold the “Downstairs.”




●       1/3 part Silvio Carta vermouth

●       Dash of lemon bitters

●       1/3 part Rum Gran Reserva

●       1/3 part Campari

●       Dash of plum bitters

●       Dash of orange bitters

●       Lemon and orange (plus orange peel) for garnish

Combine the vermouth, Campari, rum, and bitters (stir or shake) in a cocktail shaker. Fill a small cocktail glass with ice. Run fresh orange peel around the rim for an extra punch of citrus. Strain the cocktail into the glass. Garnish with fresh lemon and orange.


We also recommend Liquor.com’s  Plymouth Old Fashioned! It’s a great autumnal cocktail bringing the flavors of apple, spice, and everything nice. Most importantly, it’s bringing the rum and the bourbon.

(Our crazy-for-Kentucky, Louisville-loving Prestige hearts have a hard time passing up anything bourbon. In fact, we interrupt this rum article to bring you this message: check out our piece 5 Bourbon Drink Recipes You Will Love & Crave.)

Rum-min’ Late to the Party?

If you’ve been missing out on the rum party, it’s high time you joined in! If you already consider yourself a rum enthusiast, add your favorite types of rum in the comments section below. We’re always excited to hear from our Prestige community.

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