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Who says kids get all the treats at Halloween? Read on for some Halloween cocktails that are sure to put your grown-up party over the top. We hope you freak out over every single recipe here--we sure have! Along, for this haunted ride today, are cocktail enthusiasts Natalie @beautifulbooze, Brendan @mydrinkinghobby, and Matt @cocktailchap. We appreciate you three for these monstrous masterpieces you’ve shared. Cocktail lovers, go follow them now. They’re outstanding human beings and mixologists, and we’re happy to have them with us today.

Halloween Cocktails That Go Bump in the Night

We asked for Halloween cocktails that scream Halloween. Whether you’re into zombies, werewolves, witches, or vampires, everybody can get inspired by an awesome cocktail. Get ready to dabble in the dark arts. We’re not afraid of a little cocktail voodoo around here.

Spooktacular Punch

Halloween Cocktails - Punch Feel free to PUNCH me in the face with this. [Photo cred: @beautifulbooze]

Natalie tells us, “Punches are perfect for any occasion that may call for a larger gathering and definitely when you can pretend there’s a cauldron.” Girl. Preach. Check out her recipe here. Festive orange-colored Grapefruit Hefeweizen is the star of this Halloween show. Meanwhile, dry ice and black spiders take the display to the next level.

Ghoulish Gaur

Halloween Cocktails - Gaur They’re a mighty fine pair, we must say. [Photo cred: @beautifulbooze]

Beautiful Booze is all about the spicy and the scary with this one. All you whiskey folk, gather around for a special bubbling brew. Get the recipe right here. If you have an appreciation for the classic Sidecar cocktail, you’ll applaud this twist. Being the whiskey people that we are over here in Louisville, we appreciate the use of Gaur over traditional brandy. Talk about autumnal notes!

Halloween Cocktails with Tricks Up Their Sleeves

Some of us like to shrug the treat business on this holiday. Instead, we take our tricks very seriously. So, we’re going to play with fire (well, smoke) in this section. To boot, we’re going to look at some twisted renditions and color-stacking cocktail stunts that will truly WOW your guests. After all, they’ve brought their best with their costumes. It’s time for you to bring your best with the drinks!

Ruby Smoked Solstice Sour

Halloween Cocktails - Sour A ghastly delight your friends will love. [Photo cred: @beautifulbooze]

Smoked rosemary, anyone? Thinking of dazzling your Halloween party attendees with something herbal and floral? Natalie’s take on this Norwegian-inspired recipe truly shines. Honey, ginger, lemon, and berries--this one is full of tricks that you won’t mind a bit. And if you’re looking for blood-red instead of pleasant pumpkin, you’ve come to the right place.

Smoked Tequila Old Fashioned

Halloween Cocktails - Old Fashioned Just when you thought the Old Fashioned couldn't get any better... [Photo cred: @beautifulbooze]

Natalie tells it like it is: “Old Fashioned(s) always look and taste amazing, and when you add smoke into the mix they get even better.” We hear you, Beautiful Booze. If you’re looking to be the cocktail wizard at your Halloween get-together, read more here. Get your smoking guns and cherry wood out, y’all. You’re gonna need ‘em.

The Bad Habit

Halloween Cocktails - Bad Habits Tell me your bad habits, and I’ll tell you mine. [Photo cred: @mydrinkinghobby]

Brendan says, “One twist that I recently did was called the Bad Habit, and it was a take on a classic daiquiri that added banana syrup, a splash of orange juice, and nutmeg to create a whole different drink. It's awesome what you can come up with, just using original recipes as a template. This recipe is a bit more summer-y, but for those of us who are still clinging to the feeling of the sunny days, this is a perfect drink.” It’s the rum drink of your dreams (or should we say nightmares?) and its festive orange color fits right in at Halloween. Get the recipe here!


Halloween Cocktails - Unwidowed For the love of all things Halloween and cocktails... [Photo cred: @cocktailchap]

Matt says, “I love changing colors--or rather experimenting with two-tone colors--when it comes to Halloween. In particular, a Peychaud's float is a great way to give a ghoulish ‘blood’ effect.” View and study his impressive, colorful version here. Here’s to creepiness, raised glasses, and all the promising juju before us. Thanks, Cocktail Chap!

Halloween Cocktails with a Candy Twist

We asked our enthusiasts for Halloween cocktails that embraced candy. Not that cocktails aren’t already a treat in themselves, but it’s Halloween--and we want candy! Here are some sweet ideas to fill your pumpkin-pail head.

Coffee Stout Ice Cream Float

Halloween Cocktails - Coffee Stout Stout and sweet. Yes. [Photo cred: @beautifulbooze]

We asked Natalie for candy, and she gave us stout candy AND chocolate chip ice cream. Bravo, Beautiful Booze. Hot and stuffy under your costume? Cool off with this recipe! It’s coffee, oatmeal stout, and chocolate. Did we mention the ice cream component? Okay, just checking.

Fact: It’s never too cold outside for ice cream.

Honey Roasted Peanut, Coconut & Peanut Butter Cup Milkshakes

Halloween Cocktails - Cup Milkshakes Hell yeah. To hell and back yeah. These are wickedly awesome. [Photo cred: @beautifulbooze]

As Natalie explains, “The name says it all.” And once again, she’s right. Tell us your party peeps will not be losing their minds over these. Get the scoop on how to make them right here. Rum, coconut, peanuts, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, and vanilla bean ice cream? We stand by our ice cream statement above. Make. These. Happen.

Called Shot

Halloween Cocktails - Called Shot A shot is the answer. [Photo cred: @mydrinkinghobby]

Brendan breaks it down for us: “The Called Shot is essentially a rum Old Fashioned that came out of using one of my favorite Halloween candies, the Baby Ruth Bar, as inspiration. It does not taste exactly like the iconic candy bar, but it has ingredients that are chosen because of their similarity to the treat. Rum for caramel, sherry for the nuttiness, XO cafe for chocolate, and Frangelico for even more nutty flavor.” Get the details here.

He goes on, “It is named after Babe Ruth's famous called 'shot' home run where he pointed to the outfield before hitting the blast in the 1932 World Series. Afterward, the Curtiss Candy Company (the original maker of Baby Ruth) put up a sign advertising the candy bar near where the home run had landed. It was obviously done to ride the wave of publicity despite the company’s statements that the candy bar was not named after the popular baseball star.”

More Halloween Cocktails from the Cocktail Chap

Halloween Cocktails - Floating Eye Balls Has a Halloween cocktail ever LOOKED so good? [Photo cred: @cocktailchap]

For even more ideas, do yourself a huge Halloween favor and check out Matt’s two spooky-fun articles. On top of his charming-as-hell craft stories and overall delivery, you’re going to meet with some bone-rattling mixology that will have you and your guests screaming with both horror and delight. We can’t get over his “Fright For Sore Eyes” or his “Pumpkin Spiced Latte Vodka Shot.” You know if you don’t have floating eyeballs and something pumpkin-spice-flavored at your party, well, you’re just not doing it right. And Halloween’s got to be done right.

For more where these came from, head over to cocktailchap.com. He’s a voice in the thirsty, haunted desert that you’ll come to love, and he’s serving up some evilly delicious concoctions.

Halloween Cocktails - Pumpkin Spice in Freaking skull Pumpkin spice and everything nice and creepy. In a freaking skull. Shots, shots, shots! [Photo cred: @cocktailchap]

Happy Halloween from Prestige Decanters!

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Prestige community, what are your favorite go-to Halloween cocktails? Share them with us in the comments section below. For more ghosts and smoke on All Hallow’s Eve, check out our recent article: Bourbon and Cigars: 3 Epic Pairings to Try. This costume party is just getting started.