17 Personalized Bourbon Gifts for Someone With Sophisticated Taste

Even if you are not a bourbon aficionado yourself, we are sure that you have someone in your life who is. If you just so happen to be searching for the perfect gift for the bourbon lover in question, we've got you covered. Our list of 17 Personalized Bourbon Gifts has the perfect gifts for even the pickiest of bourbon enthusiasts. 

1. Bourbon Barrel Decanter Set

Our first pick on the list is the ultimate gift when it comes to bourbon enthusiasts The Bourbon Barrel Decanter Set is the perfect starter set for the bourbon lover who just started decanting. The set includes a square glass decanter that can hold up to a fifth of their favorite small-batch bourbon. Also included are two of our best-selling barrel glasses, which make this a one-of-a-kind gift set.

Personalized Bourbon Gifts – One-of-A-Kind Bourbon Barrel Decanter Set

2. Kentucky Bourbon Coasters

Here at Prestige Haus, we love to incorporate quality and history into all of our products. One of our most notable depictions of those particular values is our Kentucky Bourbon Coasters. Kentucky is the state where bourbon was first created. We added the engraving of the state of Kentucky onto a beautiful acacia wood coaster. The acacia wood is extremely durable as well as liquid and scratch-resistant.

Personalized Bourbon Gifts - Beautiful Kentucky Bourbon Coasters

3. Bourbon Decanter w/Corn Design

Recently, all over social media, corn has been having a moment. And here at Prestige Haus, when it comes to corn, “we can’t imagine a more beautiful thing”, as corn is the main ingredient in bourbon’s mash bill. Our Bourbon Decanter with Corn Design is a unique and fun homage to the main ingredient itself. The decanter can hold up to a fifth of your loved one’s favorite small-batch bourbon.

Personalized Bourbon Gifts - Unique Bourbon Decanter with Corn Design

4. Personalized Bourbon Bar Tray

Our 4th pick on our list of personalized bourbon gifts is the ultimate gift for the person in your life who loves to entertain. Our Personalized Bourbon Bar Tray is hand-crafted right here in the USA by our master craftsmen. The tray is made from 100% acacia wood that has been smoothed and sealed for longevity and appearance purposes. Add your loved one’s name to the tray for a completely personal touch! 

Personalized Bourbon Gifts - Personalized Bourbon Bar Tray

5. Barrel Stave Whiskey Glass Flight Holder

Bring all the fun of bourbon tasting home with our 5th pick on our list. Our Barrel Stave Whiskey Glass Flight Holder is a beautiful addition to any tasting session. The holder is made using 100% recycled wood. The wood that is used is made from former barrel staves that were once solely for aging whiskey and wine. Because the wood is recycled, each holder is 100% unique.

Personalized Bourbon Gifts - Stunning Barrel Stave Flight Rack

6. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

If your loved one prefers his or her bourbon on the rocks, then our 6th gift is perfect for them. Our Whiskey Stones Gift Set comes equipped with everything needed for the perfect glass of bourbon. Included in this set are a set of granite whiskey stones,( the granite is sourced from the Northeast Portion of the United States), a wooden tray to store the stones, and two of our exquisite whiskey glasses.

Personalized Bourbon Gifts - Classy Whiskey Stones Gift Set

7. Palm Tree Cocktail Glasses

Does your loved one prefer their sand in the toes at every opportunity possible? If so, they will absolutely love our Palm Tree Cocktail Glasses. This adorable set of glasses is made using thick, durable borosilicate glass. These heavy-bottomed glasses are guaranteed to arrive at your door unsmashed and ready to drink. The face of the glasses features an adorable palm tree design that will take them to their happy place at the very first sip.

Personalized Bourbon Gifts - Adorable Palm Tree Cocktail Glasses

8. Cullinan M Diamond Decanter

Give your loved one the gift of opulence with a piece that is so spectacular, they will keep it on display. Our Cullinan M Decanter is one of our best-selling decanters, and for good reason. This beauty can hold up to a fifth of their favorite small-batch bourbon. The thick, diamond-shaped decanter has a ground glass stopper and airtight seal to ensure the bourbon inside is at its best quality. The diamond sits elegantly on top of a red oak base.

Personalized Bourbon Gifts – Top-Selling Cullinan Diamond Decanter

9. Bourbon-Infused Coffee

No one should ever have to choose between bourbon and coffee. That is why we love our 9th pick! You get the best of both worlds with this scrumptious Bourbon Infused Coffee. These 100% Arabica beans are infused in small batches with just a touch of Kentucky's signature spirit, giving them an irresistible aroma and unique flavor profile. Your friends will love the unique flavor and homage to everyone’s favorite beverage!

Personalized Bourbon Gifts - Bourbon Infused Coffee

10. Atlas- Bearer of Worldly Spirits Decanter

Our Atlas-Bearer of Worldly Spirits Decanter is one of our best-selling items, and it is for good reason. This stunning decanter is not just a vessel for your favorite small batch of bourbon, it is a true work of art. The thick, globe decanter is held on the shoulders of a brass-inspired rendition of Atlas, bearing the weight of the world. The decanter has a ground glass stopper and airtight seal to ensure that the liquid inside is top-notch quality.

Personalized Bourbon Gifts – High-Quality Atlas Bearer Worldly Spirits Decanter

11. Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder

We truly cannot think of a better combination than small-batch bourbon and a premium cigar. Our 11th gift on our list combines both of these indulgences in one small, hand-crafted package. Our Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder is made using recycled wood from reclaimed barrel staves. These barrel staves were once used to age whiskeys and wines. The holder comes with a spot for a Glencairn glass as well as a notch for a cigar.

Personalized Bourbon Gifts - Premium Barrel Stave Glencairn Cigar Holder

12. Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses

Give your loved one the gift of the world at their fingertips with our 12th gift on our list. Our Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses are guaranteed to be unlike anything they have ever owned. These stunning glasses are made from borosilicate glass and then hand-etched by our master craftsmen to resemble our globe. The bottom of the glasses are carefully rounded, so they have a whimsical spinning effect, without any spills!

Personalized Bourbon Gifts - Exquisite Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses

13. Silver Decanter Tags

Even the most seasoned of bourbon drinkers can be confused by liquors and their similar shades when they are decanted. That is where our 13th gift comes in. Our Silver Decanter Tags come in a set of 8 Silver labels with embossed names on each. The Adjustable chain with clasp fits almost any decanter neck size. This set is a fantastic gift for anyone in your life who loves to entertain!

Personalized Bourbon Gifts - Cute Silver Decanter Tags

14. Diamond Glasses

If you are on the hunt for a gift that gives off the prestige of a diamond, without the diamond price tag, then our 14th gift is a fabulous option for you! Our Diamond Glasses are made from hand-blown, borosilicate glass. They are beautifully shaped into opulent diamonds for a truly unique finishing product. They are guaranteed to be a stand-out piece on any at-home bar or in any glassware collection.

Personalized Bourbon Gifts – Best-Selling Diamond Whiskey Glass

15. Golf Decanter Set

If your loved one is a golf fanatic, they will go absolutely wild for our Golf Decanter Set. This gorgeous set includes a golf ball-shaped, glass decanter that is shaped perfectly to resemble a large golf ball that also holds up to a fifth of their favorite liquor. The set includes two of our golf ball whiskey glasses that are intricately beveled and dimpled. The entire set of glasses comes set on a faux grass tray!

Personalized Bourbon Gifts – Eye-Grabbing Golf Ball Decanter Set

16. Bourbon Lover Gift Box

Everybody Loves a Gift Box! Cater the next box you purchase to the bourbon lover in your life. This absolutely perfect Bourbon Gift Box will leave your loved one drooling! This box includes a rocks glass, one package of handcrafted Kentucky Bourbon Black Pepper Popcorn, one 6oz jar of Bourbon Prime Spirt Infused seasoning from Spiceology, one beautiful box of Whiskey Poker Cards, and one classic old-fashioned cocktail kit.

 Personalized Bourbon Gifts - Bourbon Lover Gift Box Father’s Day Gift

17. Bourbon Decanter with Bourbon Checklist

Make sure your loved one’s bourbon checks off all the boxes when it comes to high-quality ingredients and tastes with our 17th pick on our list. Our Bourbon Decanter with Bourbon Checklist comes dressed to impress with a list of all of the qualifications to make a whiskey bourbon etched onto the face. The decanter is made with thick, hand-blown glass, and features a ground glass stopper and airtight seal so that the bourbon inside is as fresh as possible at all times.

Personalized Bourbon Gifts - Engraved Bourbon Decanter Bourbon Checklist

We hope we've helped guide you through the sometimes difficult journey of buying a gift for someone of such sophisticated taste. From decanters to bar trays, there is truly something for everyone on our list.