20 Unforgettable Bourbon Gifts

Bourbon enthusiasts know a thing or two about quality. That’s why it can be difficult to come up with just the right gift to show you care about them and their passions. Even if you don’t know much about bourbon, we’ve made it easy to find the right gift to really wow them. At PrestigeHaus, we take our glassware and accessories seriously. We put our master artisans to work creatively crafting the finest materials into lifelong works of art. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect thing – whether it’s a decanter, a spirits infuser, or another one of our thoughtfully-made products – from this curated list of 20 unforgettable bourbon gifts.

1. B17 Flyboy Decanter Set

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for a bourbon-loving pilot, this engraved decanter set depicting an intricately etched B-17 bomber plane is just the thing. The set consists of one mouthblown 900ml decanter, capable of holding a full fifth of bourbon, as well as two matching handcrafted glasses. With a ground-glass, airtight stopper, the bourbon’s purity is maintained.  With room for up to four lines of customized text, it’s a unique gift they’re sure to cherish forever.

Bourbon Gift – B-17 Flyboy Whiskey Decanter

2. Barrel Stave Whiskey Flight Rack

The rustic beauty of this reclaimed wood flight rack is something anyone would be pleased to display. Made of high-quality, repurposed barrel staves, the flight rack has been crafted to hold the three included Glencairn glasses. Accented with metal pieces fashioned from barrel hoops, this is a decorative and useful piece of history. No two racks are the same, making this a unique and precious bourbon gift.

Bourbon Gift - Barrel Flight Rack

3. Personalized Last Name Whiskey Glasses (Set of Two)

Customizable glassware makes a great gift, especially when they’re of such incredible quality like our line of exquisitely handcrafted glasses. This set of two personalized whiskey glasses is etched in large, bold type and subset with smaller, elegant type depicting the full surname of you or your recipient. Sized at a substantial 10 ounces, you can enjoy a large drink with a loved one from these handcrafted glasses. With durable bottoms and thick rims, the glasses are built to last.

Bourbon Gift - Personalized Whiskey Glasses with Last Name

4. Girl’s Night Coaster Set

Bourbon isn’t just for the boys! To celebrate great nights out with their girlfriends (and the nights to come), consider this engraved set of four Girl’s Night coasters. Made of sustainable acacia wood, the coasters are water-resistant and durable, meant to withstand all that life may throw at them. The coasters are cut, carved, and engraved in-house by our master's woodworkers, crafted especially for you. From harvesting the acacia wood to shipping, every step of the process is overseen by a professional. That level of care and craftsmanship is evident in everything we do.

Bourbon Gift - Girls Night Coaster Set

5. Bourbon Barrel Decanter Set

This is a fun take on our classic square decanter sets – the bourbon barrel-etched set! The airtight decanter (with enough room to fit a full fifth of bourbon) is etched with a barrel shape that contains all of the various nicknames, terminologies, and jargon associated with your favorite libation. The set comes with two barrel-shaped glasses, which are a clever and unique addition to your glassware collection. Made of durable borosilicate glass, this set is sure to last a lifetime.


6. Science of Whiskey Glasses (Set of Two)

Show off your passion for bourbon with this set of two Science of Whiskey Glasses. Etched with the molecular makeup of bourbon, these glasses are gorgeously one-of-a-kind. Handcrafted by our talented artisans of 100% lead-free, borosilicate glass, this set is sure to brighten up any bar cart, glass cabinet, or any other space you display your finest glassware. Using only the finest materials, our glasses (like this set!) make for memorable bourbon gifts your recipient will cherish.

Bourbon Gift - Science of Whiskey Glass Set

7. American Flag Flask

Flasks are such a handy accessory to have, but unfortunately, so many of them are, frankly, boring to look at. Not so with our American flag flask. Made of stainless steel and wrapped in genuine wood, it’s engraved with the American flag for a distinctive, patriotic touch. No need to worry about losing the cap – the top is secured to the rest of the flask for your convenience. Sleek and easy to carry, what you put in it is totally up to you.

Bourbon Gift - American Flag Flask

8. Tomoka Gold Decanter

Bourbon is a uniquely American spirit, as is the period in our history when it and all other liquors were illegal: Prohibition. Out of Prohibition came ingenuity, hard work, and a little law-breaking. We honor that time of citizens pushing back against Prohibition with our Tomoka Gold decanter, an homage to one of the most famous rum-running ships of the time. This skillfully made decanter displays a beautiful ship inside and is fitted with a spigot for easy dispensing. Every time you pour from this decanter, you’ll thank those that kept the liquor flowing through it all.

Bourbon Gift - Tomoka Gold

9. Bourbon Barrel Gift Box Set

The ultimate gift for cooking with bourbon in mind, this Bourbon Barrel Gift Box Set is packed with all kinds of ingredients and recipe cards for the bourbon enthusiast. Comes with Bourbon Smoked Salt, Bourbon Smoked Chili Powder, Bourbon Smoked Pepper, and more, to make the chili, pimento cheese, burger, and beer cheese recipes that are included! You’ll have a blast putting together these delicious foods and finding new ways to use the spices!

Bourbon Barrel - Chili Kit with Recipe Card

10. Patterned Whiskey Glasses (Set of Four)

All of our glassware is made to exacting specifications by our craftsmen, handblown and etched in-house to ensure only the best. This set of four whiskey glasses is designed with eye-catching, unique patterns to set it apart from boring glass sets. Each of the glasses is engraved with its own geometric pattern, so you can decide which suits your mood most at any time. Made from thick borosilicate glass, the durable glasses are sure to arrive in pristine condition.

Bourbon Gift - Pattern Whiskey Glasses

11. Atlas The World Bearer Decanter

Our jaw-dropping Atlas the World Bearer Decanter is unquestionably an unforgettable gift. Mounted on a highly-detailed, stunning depiction of the god Atlas, the mouthblown glass decanter is expertly etched with all seven continents, embodying Earth and ready to keep your chosen libation safe within its depths. Topped with a ground-glass airtight stopper, the spirit inside will stay pure and free of debris. Add two or four globe whiskey glasses at checkout for a complete set.

Bourbon Gift - Atlas Bearer Worldly Spirits

12. Spirits Infuser

Step up your cocktail game with this spirits infuser (available in copper and silver). The infuser allows you to experiment with new and exciting flavor combinations with your drinks. Simply add your chosen ingredient, whether it’s an herb, a spice, a fruit, or whatever else your imagination desires to the filter and fill the reservoir with your chosen liquor. Allow the two to steep for as much or as little time as you’d like and voila, your own bespoke creation! Easy to use and easy to clean, this will be the star of the show in your house in no time. 

Bourbon Gift - Copper Spirits Infuser

13. Custom Shield Coaster Set

Whether you need a housewarming gift or you’re congratulating someone’s retirement, a customized set of coasters is always a welcome gift. This set of four customizable coasters depicts your customized text, your recipient’s monogram, name, and crossed arrows encapsulated by a shield. The sophisticated design is reminiscent of hunting lodges or royal sigils. Made of water-resistant and distinctive acacia wood, the coasters are handmade and entirely customized for you.

Bourbon Gift - Custom Shield Coaster Set

14. Connoisseur Whiskey Glasses (Set of Two)

At PrestigeHaus, we know a thing or two about glassware, and we know that sometimes you need a specific glass to fit a specific occasion. Our Connoisseur Whiskey glass is crafted specifically for enjoying whiskey and bourbon. With its tapered shape and wide bowl, this set of two glasses optimizes the flavors and nuances of bourbon for peak enjoyment. These are more than just glasses – they’re part of a lifestyle of luxury and elegance.

Bourbon Gift - Connoisseur Whiskey Glass

15. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

A truly unforgettable bourbon gift: one that won’t water down your drink! These whiskey stones and glasses are so useful, that you’ll never want to use ice in your bourbon again. Simply place the stones in the freezer for a couple of hours and then use one or two to keep your drink cold and strong. The rounded edges of the granite stones won’t scratch glass. They’re also odorless and flavorless, so all you’ll taste (from the first sip to the last) is bourbon.

Bourbon Gift - Whiskey Stones Gift Set

16. USS Hickman County LST Military Ship Decanter

To honor someone’s military career, only a showstopping gift will do. This large decanter depicting the USS Hickman County LST military ship is just the thing for a Navy servicemember or a history buff. The ship earned a battle star for service in WWII and two battle stars for its service in the Korean War. Handcrafted by American artisans, the decanter is expertly made with no details spared. It has a leak-free spigot for easy pouring and an airtight stopper to protect all 1150ml of spirit inside. Mounted on a genuine wood base, it will be the focal point of any office, lounge, or bar.

Bourbon Gift - 1150ml LST Decanter

17. Great Seal Leather-Wrapped Whiskey Glass

Sourced and crafted in the USA, our Great Seal Leather-Wrapped Whiskey Glass is a unique gift for any patriotic bourbon drinker. Made of premium top-grain, hand-tooled leather, the wrap is lined with neoprene to keep the glass insulated. The superior materials ensure incredible comfort and durability. The attractive embossed Great Seal sets this glass apart from boring, plain glassware. This glass lets you show your support for American workers and American values.

Bourbon Gift - USA Great Seal

18. Galloping Horse Decanter

Show off your wild side with this handblown Galloping Horse decanter, made of brilliant glass and a dream of rolling meadows. This is no ordinary decanter! A gorgeous piece of art, the decanter sparks passion and a sense of wonder with its bold design. The decanter can hold up to 1000ml of your chosen liquor, sealed tight with our ground-glass stopper. The intricate details and bright colors will enchant anyone who sees it.

Bourbon Gift - Horse Decanter 1000ml

19. Mixing Glass Set

Every bar cart needs a mixing glass set! This professional-grade set comes with an ultra-durable Tritan crystal mixing glass, as well as stainless-steel tools like a bar spoon, jigger, and Hawthorne strainer. Perfect for the pro bartender and home mixologist alike, the set adds class and distinction to your bar collection. It’s a great gift to encourage those that have been cocktail-curious but lack the tools – this set is everything they need to get started in style! 

Bourbon Gift - Crafthouse By Fortessa 4pc Mixing Glass Seta

20. Aficionado Whiskey Glasses (Set of Two)

Our Aficionado whiskey glass is made for serious bourbon and whiskey enthusiast. Part of a set of two, the gentle slope of the glass allows for intimate evaluation of every dram. Similar to the classic Glencairn glass, this design highlights all the aromas and notes that may otherwise be missed in standard glasses. The quality of the glasses is unrivaled – made of lead-free, borosilicate glass by master craftsmen, you can feel a sense of history and pride in each sip.

Bourbon Gift - Aficionado Whiskey Glass

Which of these twenty unforgettable bourbon gifts will you add to your cart today?