Best Bourbon Gifts for Every Bourbon Lover On Your List

Bourbon is an American favorite. This Kentucky-based spirit is rich in flavor and in history. Celebrate the rich history and even richer flavor of Bourbon with the Bourbon aficionado in your life with our list of Best Gifts for Bourbon Lovers.

1. Raconteur Sailfish Decanter

Our number 1 gift on the list is a gift that is truly unique and is sure to be treasured by any bourbon lover in your life. Our Raconteur Sailfish Decanter is a definite statement piece that will stand out in any home. Holding 2500ml of their favorite bourbon, this decanter is generous in size without compromising on quality. The handblown glass decanter features an intricately carved Sailfish inside, which truly pops against the warm amber hue of the bourbon.

Bourbon Gift - 2500ml Raconteur Sailfish

2. Personalized Bourbon Tray

Has your loved one always dreamed of having their own bourbon bar? Give them a head start with our Personalized Bourbon Tray. This beautiful, fully customizable tray is made with durable and stunning acacia wood. The natural grain markings are different on every tray, so each one purchased is one of a kind. Your loved one’s last name will be masterfully hand-etched onto this 16" x 12" tray, for a gift they will cherish for a lifetime.

Bourbon Gift - Personalized Bourbon Bar Tray

3. Diamond Glasses

Every bourbon fanatic needs a set of glasses that will stand out on their shelf. Our Diamond Glasses will not disappoint even the pickiest of bourbon fans. These gorgeous glasses are made from durable and thick borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is guaranteed to be 100% lead-free, so they can feel safe and secure with every sip. The glasses are hand-carved in-house by our master craftsmen to perfectly resemble a diamond and will enhance any moment with a sense of luxury.

Bourbon Gift - Diamond Whiskey Glass Set of Two

4. Bourbon Decanter w/ Bourbon Checklist

Bourbon is an American whiskey that must meet numerous qualifications to be considered a bourbon. Our Bourbon Decanter w/Bourbon checklist checks off every box when it comes to quality and master craftsmanship. This decanter is made with thick and lead-free glass and holds approximately 900ml of their favorite small-batch bourbon. The Bourbon Checklist is carefully etched onto the front of the decanter, for a design that will last much longer than traditional paint.

Bourbon Gift - Bourbon Decanter Bourbon Checklist

5. Bourbon Bar Coasters

No matter how the bourbon lover in your life prefers his or her bourbon, a coaster is a necessity to protect their furniture from any pesky stains. These Bourbon Bar Coasters are certainly not your average set of coasters and will change the way you look at coasters. They come in a set of 4 and are made with liquid-resistant acacia wood. Personalize the coasters with your friend or family member's name, and they’ll never forget to use a coaster again!

Bourbon Gift - Bourbon Bar Coasters

6. Bourbon Nosing Kit

Up your loved one’s bourbon nosing skills with this one-of-a-kind gift. The Bourbon Nosing Kit truly gives you the ability to articulate what you are smelling and tasting, to make your bourbon tasting next level. The elements in this kit represent wood, grain, sweet, spice, fruit, and floral. The kit includes 18 elements in screw-top containers and instructions for how to get the most out of the kit. Some of the delectable flavors included are Vanilla (bean), Caramel, Honey, Cocoa (powder), Brown Sugar, Cherry, and Tobacco (premium pipe tobacco).

Bourbon Gift - Bourbon Nosing Kit Original Unique

7. Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses

Your friend or relative will feel on top of the world when they are sipping their favorite small-batch bourbon from these deluxe glasses. Our Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses are one of our best-selling whiskey glasses and for good reason. This set of two glasses is made using 100% lead-free borosilicate glass. Each glass is hand-etched to resemble the globe. The bottom of the glasses is specially rounded out so that the glasses are able to spin, but never spill.

Bourbon Gift - Spinning Globe Whiskey Glass Set of Two

8. Bourbon Decanter w/ Barrel Design

Bourbon is traditionally aged for years in oak barrels. The fragrant and strong oak wood adds a bit of unique and individualized flavor to every bourbon. The barrel-aging process is poignantly represented in this Bourbon Decanter w/Barrel Design. This decanter is made from thick and durable glass, with an airtight, ground glass stopper to ensure that the bourbon inside is always at its best quality at all times.

Bourbon Gift - Bourbon Decanter Barrel Design

9. Exquisite Glass Whiskey Set

You can never go wrong with a traditionally styled whiskey glass. Our Exquisite Glass Whiskey set is the perfect gift for a bourbon lover who is just starting out or who has an established and sophisticated palate. The Durably Made, thick glass ensures your liquor is safe and sound, while never compromising on style. Our glasses are always 100% lead-free and are always guaranteed to show up shipped to your door 100% intact for worry-free ordering.

Bourbon Gift - Exquisite Whiskey Glass Set

10. Kentucky Bourbon Coasters

Did you know that in 1789, the first bourbon was created in Georgetown, Kentucky? Celebrate Bourbon's rich and interesting history, which is deeply rooted in the history of the United States, with our Kentucky Bourbon Coasters.  The gorgeous, deep brown acacia wood coasters come hand-etched with an outline of the state of Kentucky featuring the “Bourbon” label inside of it. These are truly unique coasters that will compliment any home with their rustic style.

Bourbon Gift - Kentucky Bourbon Coasters

11. Engraved Slate Barrel Shaped Tag

Even the most knowledgeable bourbon lovers may have a difficult time distinguishing bourbon apart from other styles of whiskeys or copper-colored spirits. With our Engraved Slate Barrel Shaped Tag, that will never be an issue again. This slate tag is fully customizable, add the Bourbon Label as well as an additional line of text to make it more personable. Your guests will never confuse their spirits at your parties again!

Bourbon Gift - Engraved Slate Tag

12. Animal Print Glasses Set

Give your loved ones the gift of letting their wild side out with our Animal Print Glasses Set. This adorable set of whiskey glasses is perfect for sipping your small-batch of bourbon or bourbon cocktails. Each glass comes in a different animal print, for a set of glasses that is truly as unique as its recipient. This set of glasses is 100% lead-free and made in-house at Prestige Haus by our master craftsman.

Bourbon Gift - Animal Print Glasses Set

13. Appalachian Maple Bourbon Candle

Light up their lives just like they light up yours with our number 13 pick on the list. This fantastic Appalachian Maple Bourbon Candle combines nutmeg and the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon apples with a hint of bourbon sweetness for a well-rounded, delicious gourmand scent that will delightfully linger throughout your home. This candle uses 100% soy wax and essential oils, so it is skin safe as well, and can even double as a “massage candle”.

Bourbon Gift - Appalachian Maple Bourbon Candle Top

14. Golf Decanter Set

Our Golf Decanter Set is the perfect gift for a bourbon lover who also appreciates the complexities of a game of golf. This awesome set comes presented on a tray with faux grass. The 1000ml decanter is posted on top of a tee-inspired mount and looks exactly like an enlarged, glass version of a golf ball. The decanter has an airtight seal that will keep the integrity of their bourbon while storing it. Each set also comes with two super cute golf ball-style glasses for a great gift for the esteemed golfer on your list.

Bourbon Gift - Golf Ball Decanter Set

15. Barrel Glasses

Never settle for badly made glasses again. After you experience drinking your favorite bourbon from a Prestige Haus Glass, you’ll never go back. Our Barrel Glasses are heavy-bottomed and made from thick, 100% lead-free glass. The intricate detailing of each barrel glass is unlike any whiskey glass you’ve ever had before. Each glass is meticulously handcrafted. They’ll experience a sense of history and quality in every sip. 

Bourbon Gift - Barrel Glasses

16. Monogram Initial Decanter Set

Is there anything more esteemed than a personalized decanter set? We don’t think so either. Our Monogram Initial Decanter Set is the perfect gift for the bourbon lover who has everything. The decanter is made with a ground glass stopper and an airtight seal, so they will never have to worry about any air coming into contact with their bourbon. The set comes with two glasses and both the glasses and decanter are monogrammed with the gift recipient’s initials.

Bourbon Gift - Plain Initial Decanter Set

17. Pythagoras Globe Decanter

Your friendship with the gift recipient in question means the world to you, and we’re sure it means the world to them as well. Celebrate this friendship with our Best-selling Pythagoras Globe Decanter. This hand-blown, lead-free decanter is shaped perfectly to resemble the globe and etched to display the earth’s continents. The decanter sits on a base of acacia wood, oak wood, rustic metal, or atlas base.  The decanter holds 1000ml of their favorite bourbon, so they will always have their favorite drink at the ready.

Bourbon Gift - 1000ml Etched Glass Globe Decanter

Whether your friend or family member enjoys their bourbon neat, on the rocks, or in a classic cocktail like a Manhattan, bourbon is a spirit that we can all enjoy in one way or another.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our curated list of specialty bourbon gifts to enjoy this spirit that is truly part of the heart and soul of the USA. Which gift stands out to you?