19 Unique Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

What do you get from the man that has everything? Maybe he has a particular style, or perhaps he never waits to get a gift and instead buys what he wants, when he wants it! Whatever makes it difficult to pick out just the right present, we understand the pressure. At PrestigeHaus, our high-quality gifts are made by master craftsmen to the most exacting specifications. Our customers can rely on us to deliver only the best. And if there’s one thing the man who has everything could use, it’s a first-class gift.

Check out our recommendations of 19 gifts for men who have everything!

1. Bubinga Ashtray

He may already have an ashtray, but our handmade premium Bubinga wood ashtray is more than an ashtray: it’s a work of art. Handcrafted by our American artisans and polished to a high sheen, this ashtray has been constructed with two grooves for cigars and a large bowl to contain plenty of ash. Speaking of the bowl, it’s outfitted with an eye-catching cabochon stone in the center, further setting our ashtray apart from boring, ugly ash receptacles.

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

2. Golf Ball Decanter Set

For the man who is most at home on the fairways, look no further than this golf-themed decanter set. Complete with an astroturfed tray, the mouth-blown dimpled decanter sits atop a hand-carved wood tee and is flanked by matching dimpled whiskey tumblers. All the glassware is made of 100% lead-free, borosilicate glass, ensuring durability and brilliance. The golf ball-shaped decanter can hold a perfect 1000ml of your chosen liquor. This is a great way to beautifully display a love of the links and whiskey appreciation.

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Golf Ball Decanter Set

3. Mallard Duck Decanter Set

Customizable decanters make for perfect gifts for men who have everything. This mallard decanter set is etched with an intricate flying mallard duck and also leaves space for up to four lines of your personalized text on the classically-shaped decanter. Comes with an airtight stopper to protect the integrity and freshness of the spirit stored inside. The mouthblown matching glasses also sport that beautiful duck in flight. If you’d like, you can add on two or four more matching glasses at checkout to round out the set.

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Mallard Duck Decanter Set

4. Whiskey Stones Set

Relaxing with a cool glass of whiskey sounds like a great way to wind down the day, but by the last sip, it’s mostly water. These whiskey stones are the solution to chilling drinks without diluting them! Simply place these odorless, flavorless granite stones in the freezer for a few hours before using them to efficiently chill your cocktail. The rounded edges of the stones will not scratch your glassware! We’ve also included two handcrafted glasses and a wooden tray for the stones as an added bonus.

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Whiskey Stones Gift Set

5. Einstein Pint Glass

He’s a smart guy, right? That’s why he’s so hard to shop for! Show him how brilliant you think he is with this beautifully designed Albert Einstein pint glass. With eye-catching, intricate graphics dedicated to genius, this pint glass is a memorable gift with daily applications! Enjoy a cold beer, use it to organize pens on a desk, or even display a small bouquet of flowers – it’s a versatile glass constructed using the finest materials.

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Einstein Pint Glass

6. Spirits Infuser

This is a fun way to liven up any home bar. Add some creativity to happy hour with this easy-to-use spirits infuser, a device that brings your flavor combinations to life. Simply add herbs, spices, fruit, or any number of other ingredients to the filter, and then fill the reservoir with your choice of liquor. Allow the ingredients to steep to your desired strength and voila: an entirely unique cocktail creation! Comes with an instruction booklet that includes recipes to get you started.

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Copper Spirits Infuser

7. Charging Bull Decanter

Show off his feisty side with our expertly-crafted Charging Bull Decanter. Mouth-blown with colored and clear glass, the bull is ready to hold a full fifth of your favorite liquor. The airtight stopper is concealed as his whipping tail, preserving 1000ml of your liquor’s freshness and purity. This is a unique gift they’ll love to display – on a bar cart, in a lounge, on the kitchen table – all year long.

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Bull Decanter

8. Customizable Father’s Day Beer Mug

Maybe it’s Father’s Day that has you scratching your head on what to get the man who has everything. A customized beer mug is a great choice for the man who enjoys cracking open a cold one and kicking back. The lead-free borosilicate glass is etched with a heartfelt Father’s Day message in which you can include your name so he’ll smile every time he uses it.

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Father’s Day Beer Mug

9. Large Acacia Bar Cart

Our large acacia bar cart can easily be the focal point of any room. With its three roomy shelves, all of his bottles, decanters, bar tools, and glasses will find a home! Capable of holding about forty bottles, the cart is equipped with wheels and a shopping cart-style handle for easy transportation. The cart is made of water-resistant and naturally smooth acacia wood, making clean-up a breeze. The best part? The cart comes pre-assembled.

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Large Acacia Bar Cart

10. Bar Tools Set

Professional bartenders and home mixologists alike need their own set of bar tools. This 1930’s inspired stainless-steel set comes with two shaking tins, ice tongs, a Leopold jigger, a Hawthorne strainer, and a bar spoon. Choose between a brass or silver finish to complement your home decor. These are durable and stunning tools that will make happy hour even more exciting! If you’re looking for a housewarming gift, a Father’s Day present, or a way to show him you appreciate his cocktail skills, this is the way to go.

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Mixology Shaker Tool Set

11. Murphy Bar

Efficient and attention-grabbing? Say no more! Acting as a space-saving cabinet with an attention-grabbing Chicago flag on the front, this Murphy bar is a great way to store bar essentials while saving valuable floor space. The door is attached with strong magnets, only opening when you want it to. It then converts into your bar top to mix and serves drinks! Simply shut it when you’re done. While this particular bar is for a Chicagoan, we have many other Murphy bar designs to choose from.

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Chicago Bar Murphy Bar

12. Submarine Liquor Decanter

Sometimes the best way to surprise men who have anything is with a showstopping gift, something so attention-getting and incredible that it’ll leave him speechless. Nautical enthusiasts will love this submarine decanter mounted on a solid oak base. Entirely handcrafted and outfitted with both an airtight stopper and a leak-free spigot, this decanter is as easy to use as it is stunning. The intricately sculpted submarine inside is inspired by the USS=Parche, the most highly decorated naval vessel in US history.

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - 1150ml Submarine Decanter

13. Personalized Whiskey Glasses (Set of Two)

A set of personalized whiskey glasses can be exactly what he’d never get himself. These two tumblers are carefully etched with the first initial of his last name in a large, bold font, with his whole last name tucked within the initial in smaller letters. The effect is classic and attractive. Made of lead-free, durable glass, they will last a lifetime. These glasses will feel like they’re truly his; after all, his name is on them!

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Personalized Whiskey Glasses

14. Classic Wine Decanter

An excellent bottle of wine can elevate an evening – why not serve it out of a classic, elegant decanter? The gentle curves and graceful swoops of our meticulously handcrafted wine decanter bring sophistication to any space or get-together. Perfectly sized for a standard bottle wine, it’s masterfully made to let the wine breathe and bring out all the nuanced, complex aromas you were meant to savor. You don’t have to limit yourself to vino, either: it fits a full fifth of your chosen liquor, as well – and looks just as good doing it!

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Classic Wine Decanter

15. Bespoke Cocktail Kit

This cocktail kit from Haus is perfect for bartenders at all levels; beginners and professionals alike. Haus specializes in low-alcohol, high-flavor aperitifs with ingredients sourced from farms that supply Michelin-starred restaurants. The cocktail kit comes with four flavors: Spiced Cherry, New Fashioned, Ginger Yuzu, and Grapefruit Jalapeno for your cocktail crafting dreams. Comes with recipe cards at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to get you started on your journey of liquid exploration! You can also sip these aperitifs on their own for a delightfully low-ABV experience.

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Cocktail Kit

16. Science of Whiskey Glass Set

This is a great gift for the true whiskey enthusiast. The intricately etched design depicting the chemical composition of whiskey is a unique way to dress up these tumblers. The annotated molecules are engraved with the finest attention to detail for an eye-catching effect. Enjoy a dram (maybe with our whiskey stones?) and marvel at everything that goes into making your whiskey so delicious. Comes in a set of two.

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Science of Whiskey Glass Set

17. Holiday-Themed Wine Stoppers

Maybe you’re in the market for a cheeky gift for the man who has everything – that doesn’t mean it can’t be useful too! These holiday-themed wine stoppers are great for commemorating the season, whether that’s Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, while also sealing an opened bottle of wine. Handmade by our glass artisans, these are works of art atop bottles of wine. Enjoy their detailed sculpting and your second-day wine!

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Holiday Wine Stoppers

18. Connoisseur Whiskey Glass (Set of Two)

You know he’s a connoisseur, he knows he’s a connoisseur – so why not give him whiskey glasses that affirm that he is, indeed, a whiskey connoisseur? And not only does this set confirm this, they’re specially crafted to collect the nuanced notes and complex aromas of whiskey in the vaulted nose of the glass. Exquisitely handcrafted with legacy in mind, these future heirlooms are genuinely collectible pieces of art that will be used for years to come.

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Connoisseur Whiskey Glass

19. Wine Chilling Coasters (with Glasses, Set of Two)

What’s more refreshing than an ice cold glass of wine after a day of work, school, or travel? The only problem is the wine warms up as you drink it, with each sip less cold than the last. These granite chilling coasters are the solution! Place these coasters made from reclaimed granite countertops into the freezer for a few hours, and when you’re ready, pour your favorite vino into a stemless glass (included!) and place the glass in the coaster between sips! No more warm wine!

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Wine Chilling Coasters with Glasses

We know it’s hard to come up with gifts for men who have everything, and hopefully this guide has helped!