17 Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

We know it can be hard to shop for the best gifts for men who have everything. They buy themselves anything they could ever want, so how do you even get started? At PrestigeHaus, our artisans design and create unique, long-lasting gifts that will delight and surprise him. From one-of-a-kind decanters to creative bar tools, we’ve curated a list of incredible future heirlooms he’ll cherish forever. Whether you’re shopping for the holiday season, a birthday, or any other special occasion, we have you covered.

Check out seventeen of our favorite gifts for men who have everything below!

1. Cullinan Diamond Decanter

He has everything, you say? He probably doesn’t have a handcrafted decanter inspired by the largest gem-quality diamond ever found! Our Cullinan diamond decanter is more than just a representation of an extraordinary discovery – it’s also the perfect place for him to store and display his favorite spirits. With a 1000ml capacity and an airtight stopper, he can rest assured that over a full fifth of liquor will be kept safe and pure.

 Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything – Top-Selling Cullinan Diamond Decanter

2. Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger

Give him a fun and easy way to stash stemmed wine glasses with this barrel stave wine glass hanger. Crafted from a wooden wine barrel stave, the hanger simply slips over the neck of a standard-sized bottle of wine (magnums work, too!). Then you balance four stemmed wine glasses along their length for a fun and creative display! It’ll look great in any dining room, office, lounge, or anywhere else corks will get popped!

Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything – Wood-Crafted Barrel Wine Glass Hanger

3. Personalized Bar Tray

Sometimes the best gifts for men who have everything are the ones they never even knew they wanted. Our craftsmen take pride in creating gorgeous future heirlooms from excellent materials, such as this personalized bar tray crafted from sustainable acacia wood. The distinctive and sturdy wood is naturally smooth and water-resistant, so it’s the perfect vehicle for serving five o’clock cocktails or breakfast in bed. Engrave his name and monogram into the tray for that extra special touch.

Engraved Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Wood Bar Tray with Last Name Initial

4. Engraved Cocktail Glass (Set of Two)

Has he been dreaming of an exotic getaway? No, you don’t need to buy him any plane tickets: these cocktail glasses engraved with swaying palm trees will suffice! Made of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass, this set of two cocktail glasses is the perfect gift for the man that’s craving warm beaches. These glasses are meticulously etched with detailed palm trees for a hand-held oasis. With a generous ten-ounce capacity, these glasses can be used for anything from lemonade to frozen drinks.

Unique Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Exquisite Palm Tree Cocktail Glasses

5. No Ice Beer Cooler

Tailgating doesn’t get easier than this. Why spend time unloading cans from their 12-pack box into a cooler when you can simply slide this no-ice beer cooler over the box? With a neoprene case and a beer bottle-shaped ice pack, this is the easiest and most stylish way to cart an afternoon’s worth of beer. The comfortable strap and well-placed zippers make this cooler a no-brainer gift!

Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Uncommongoods No Ice Beer Cooler

6. Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

Too many cigar ashtrays out there are ugly and mass-produced. Our master craftsmen searched for the perfect wood to craft their ashtrays, including this exotic and beautiful zebrawood. Handcut, carved, and polished to a high sheen, this one-of-a-kind ashtray features a lovely cabochon stone in the center of the generously-sized bowl. With four grooves cut into the sides for cigars, this is a great gift for the guy that likes to smoke with friends.

Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Quality Zebrawood Ashtray

7. Charging Bull Decanter

If you’re searching for a gift for a man who has everything that fulfills both form and function, look no further! There’s nothing like our charging bull decanter, a stunning work of art mouthblown by our talented artisans. With his whipping tail and determined stance, this bull is ready to defend your recipient’s favorite liquor. It can hold over a full fifth spirit securely and look great doing it.

Perfect Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Sturdy Charging Bull Decanter

8. Barrel Stave Flight Rack

Any whiskey enthusiast will tell you that tasting different expressions of whiskey side by side is an enjoyable and illuminating way to spend an evening. Give your whiskey connoisseur that joy with our decorative barrel staves flight rack. Crafted from reclaimed bourbon- and wine-barrel staves and accented with galvanized steel from the hoops, this flight rack displays three classic Glencairn glasses for side-by-side (by side!) tastings. The rack is an impressive piece of decor that doubles as a fun way to try a few whiskies together.

Wood Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Barrel Stave Whiskey Glass Flight Rack

9. Bond Martini Glass (Set of Two)

The best gifts for men who have everything are ones that help them reach their aspirations. Many men wish they were just a little more like James Bond. While we can’t do anything about their spy status, we can provide elegant, masterfully-made martini glasses! Designed without the fallible stem, these Bond glasses are perfect for shaken and stirred martinis alike. They come in a set of two so he never has to drink alone.

Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Exquisite Bond Stemless Martini Glass

10. Spirits Infuser

We bet he hasn’t thought about adding a spirits infuser to his bar collection. His loss – until now! Our spirits infuser is an awesome gift that allows him to express his creativity while drinking his favorite liquors. No more paying a premium for infused drinks at a bar. Now, it’s as simple as marrying herbs, spices, fruits, or other ingredients with a preferred spirit in this easy-to-clean infuser. Allow the two to steep for as little or as much time as desired, and before you know it, you have a bespoke cocktail in the comfort of your home!

Best Kind Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Beautiful Silver Liquor Infuser

11. Motorcyclist Decanter

What mid-life crisis? The best gifts for men who have everything can include outlandish, extreme, blood-pumping experiences. Give him a thrill with our stunning motorcyclist decanter, a marvel of mouthblown glass, hand-cut wood, and nerves of steel. This meticulously detailed decanter prominently features a motorcycle at its 1150ml heart. Outfitted with a spigot, it’s easy to pour a drink without wasting a single drop. The decanter also has an airtight stopper that’s equally as committed to keeping your liquor safe.

Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Stunning Motorcyclists Decanter

12. Customizable Wooden Coasters (Set of Four)

Has everything on this list looked like something he already has? Here’s an opportunity for you to take matters into your own hands. This set of four customizable wooden coasters is designed to bear your own personalized message, logo, or design. Crafted from hand-cut, carved, and engraved acacia wood, these coasters are naturally smooth and water-resistant. He can spread these through his home, protecting his wood furnishings, and thinking of you.

 Customized Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Engraved Logo Coaster Set

13. Holiday Wine Stoppers

Whimsy makes for a great and unexpected gift. These sweet holiday wine stoppers inhabit that feeling! Made from mouthblown glass by our master artisans, he’ll have a stopper for Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with this set. Each one is a work of art that also happens to help preserve an open bottle of wine for an extra day. With vivid colors and gleaming glass, he’ll hardly be able to wait for the holidays to roll around! Due to the handmade nature of these stoppers, no two sets are exactly identical.

Cute Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Holiday Wine Bottle Glass Stoppers

14. You Rock! Gift Basket

You’ve thought it a thousand times but now, let him know that to you, he rocks! This deluxe gift basket has all the goodies that show how much you care. From savory snacks like pepper and onion relish to sweets like raspberry galettes, this basket is just the thing to surprise and delight him. This treasure trove of treats comes in a fir wood crate with a chalkboard that says YOU ROCK.

Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - You Rock Gift Basket

15. Barrel Stave Cigar and Glencairn Glass Holder

The gift of relaxation can’t be overstated. For the man that enjoys a stogie and a dram to kick back, he’ll be delighted by this one-of-a-kind barrel stave cigar and Glencairn glass holder. Designed of reclaimed staves from wine and bourbon barrels, this ingenious tool is expertly carved to hold a cigar and a Glencairn whiskey glass in one hand. There’s nothing else like it, and even from our own workshop, no two holders are exactly alike! He’ll love having this one-handed solution to cap off his evenings.

Wood Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder

16. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Not much is better than a nice cold cocktail after a long day, but unfortunately melting ice takes its toll on the taste of that drink. After just a couple of hours in the freezer, our granite whiskey stones are ready to take the place of melting, diluting ice to perfectly chill your drink. Odorless and tasteless, these stones preserve the integrity of your drink from start to finish. The set comes with two glass tumblers and a wooden tray for storage in the freezer.

Functional Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Beautiful Whiskey Stones Set

17. Personalized Infinity Decanter

Some whiskey enthusiasts enjoy creating their own whiskey blends at home. They use infinity bottles to combine different whiskies together to come up with their own house blend. Our personalized infinity decanter is a fun gift for the man who has everything AND likes to come up with his own blends! Made of lead-free borosilicate glass, this mouthblown decanter can hold up to 750ml of his special blend. It’s then engraved to your specifications to make a truly special gift. Include the date, his name, and the liquor he likes to mix when placing your order.

Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - Customized Infinity Decanter

Are these some of the best gifts for men who have everything or what? Let us know what you think he’ll love most!