17 Patriotic Gifts to Give for the Holidays

Give the gift of unbridled patriotism this holiday season. If you’re shopping for the loved one in your life whose blood runs red white and blue, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of Patriotic Gifts for unique and quality made presents for every patriot on your shopping list.


1. USA Murphy Bar

Give the gift of practical space-making with a patriotic twist when you buy our first gift on our list. Our USA Murphy Bar is an awesome, wall-mounted murphy bar that keeps clutter out of your kitchen or bar area while organizing your favorite bottles and bar accessories. This beautiful wooden bar features a wooden door carved and painted to resemble our American Flag. Behind the flag is a variety of cubby holes in different sizes and shapes to properly store and organize all of your favorite supplies.

 Wooden Patriotic Gifts - Beautiful USA Murphy Bar

2. American Flag Engraved Decanter Set

For those on your shopping list that are serious about their favorite wine or spirit as well as their display of patriotism, our second pick on the list is the perfect gift. Our American Flag Engraved Decanter Set is an all-in-one set made to make drinking an effortless, sensational experience. This set comes with a 900ml decanter as well as two shot glasses. Their American Flag is etched masterfully onto the front of the decanter and shot glasses.

Perfect Patriotic Gift Ideas - Sturdy American Flag Engraved Decanter Set

3. American Flag Engraved Wooden Flask

The third gift on our list is made for the true patriot who is always on the go. Our American Flag Engraved Wooden Flask is a gorgeous tribute to our country as well as a stylish mode of transportation for their favorite liquor. This gorgeous flask is made with stainless steel and then wrapped in genuine hardwood. The hardwood is crafted by our master craftsmen to beautifully display Old Glory and its stars and stripes. 

Perfect Patriotic Gift Ideas - Wood Flask Engraved with American Flag

4. Square Engraved American Flag Decanter Set

Did you know that all of Prestige Haus' Decanters are made right here in the USA? If you're searching for an American-made gift that is dressed to impress, look no further than our Square Engraved American Flag Decanter Set. This made-in-the-USA set features a square glass decanter with a ground glass stopper that will keep your favorite liquor or wine as fresh as possible. This set also includes two shot glasses, both the shot glasses and decanter are etched with a simple, yet stunning American Flag. 

Perfect Patriotic Gift Ideas - Sturdy Decanter Set with American Flag Engraved

5. American Flag Leather Can/Bottle Koozie

Move over boring old koozies, a new, upgraded, premium koozie is taking over. Give the gift of sophistication in the palm of their hand with our American Flag Leather Can/ Bottle Koozie. This koozie is made with American-sourced, top-grain, oil-tanned leather that has been carved with the likeness of our American flag. The inside of the koozie is lined with neoprene, to keep the cold temperature in the can and not on their hands!

Perfect Patriotic Gift Ideas - Unique American Flag Leather Can Koozie

6. Square Engraved American Flag with Eagle Decanter Set

If you're on the hunt for the perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything, look no further than our Square Engraved American Flag with Eagle Decanter Set. This gorgeous set features a truly unique design that contains two of the most revered symbols of our country: The American Flag and the American Eagle. The awe-inspiring design is etched on both the 900ml decanter as well as the accompanying two shot glasses. This decanter also has space for four lines of custom text for an even more personal touch!

Unique Patriotic Gifts - Stunning American Flag with Eagle Decanter Set

7. American Flag Bullet Bottle Opener

Your loved one will be the hit of every party where drinks are served with our American Flag Bullet Bottle Opener. This unique, bullet-shaped opener is 100% made in the USA with quality craftsmanship and excellence you can be proud of. The American Flag Design is a wonderful way to pay respect to our country and all of the wonderful men and women who have served to defend it. 

Best Patriotic Gifts – One-of-A-Kind American Flag Bullet Bottle Opener

8. USA Great Seal Whiskey Glass

Our 8th gift on the list is perfect for the whiskey-drinking patriot in your life who loves taking everything thing in their life to the next level. The USA Great Seal Whiskey Glass is an awesome and unique addition to any glassware collection. The traditional whiskey glass is wrapped in top grain, oil-tanned leather and the leather bears a gorgeous, silver-inspired crest of the USA Great Seal.

Best Patriotic Gifts - Stylish USA Great Seal for Whiskey Glass

9. USA Coaster Set

Who knew that coasters could show so much patriotic pride? With our USA Coaster Set, your loved ones will be protecting their tables in style and displaying their American Pride at the same time. Our set of 4 acacia wood coasters comes beautifully carved with a unique USA design featuring the American Flag as well as the noble American Eagle.

Wooden Patriotic Gifts - USA with Eagle Engraved Coaster Set

10. Zippo Patriotic Lighter

The 10th gift on our list may be small, but it is always useful. The Zippo Patriotic Lighter comes from a long line of quality lighters that are extremely reliable. This Street Chrome™ windproof lighter featuring an American Flag was designed to be beautiful, brilliant, and work for you. This lighter comes packaged in an adorable gift box and includes lighter fuel to keep things lit up!

Patriotic Gifts - Unique Windproof Lighter Engraved with American Flag

11. Engraved American Pride Decanter Set

Our Engraved American Pride Decanter Set is such a stunning display of patriotism, you'll feel even more American than usual with every sip from this piece. The Set includes a 900ml decanter as well as two shot glasses, both bearing a unique American Pride Design. What is even better is that Prestige Haus has pledged to plant a tree for every decanter sold, so it's a purchase that helps the environment as well!

 Best Patriotic Gifts - Sturdy American Pride Decanter Set

12. American Pride Eagle Decanter

The spirit of America is displayed majestically in this stunning globe-shaped decanter. Our American Pride Eagle Decanter is made from artificial, hand-blown glass that has been shaped into a globular shape. The decanter features a small, but proud American Eagle figurine made entirely of glass, "flying" inside of the decanter. The decanter comes perched on your choice of base in acacia wood, oak wood, rustic metal, or our Atlas Base.

Best Patriotic Gifts - Personalized American Pride Eagle Globe Decanter

13. USA Eagle Bar Sign

Does your patriotic loved one have their own at-home bar or lounge space that they love to enjoy the majority of their free time? If so, our USA Eagle Bar Sign is one of the best ways to christen their special space. This gorgeous bar sign is made with acacia wood that is not only naturally beautiful but resistant to scratches, keeping it looking new for as long as possible.

Best Patriotic Gifts - Personalized American USA Eagle Bar Sign

14. Engraved American Flag Decanter Set

If you're on the hunt for a gift that has more of a rustic feel to it, look no further than our Engraved American Flag Decanter Set. This set is made with 100% borosilicate glass that is super thick and durable. The 900ml decanter features a rustic-style American Flag Design on the face of it. The liquor inside is kept at its best quality with a ground glass stopper that creates an airtight seal.

Customized Patriotic Gifts - Beautiful American Flag Decanter Set

15. Preamble Bar Sign

Celebrate our country by proudly displaying the very words that our judicial system, laws, and ethics are based on; the United States Constitution. This unique round sign is perfect for displaying in any at-home bar, kitchen, living room, or anywhere you choose. This sustainably made bar sign is made from fast-growing acacia wood and carved by our in-house master craftsmen. 

Customized Patriotic Gifts - Wooden Preamble Round Bar Sign

16. USA Tote

Everyone can use a tote bag, whether it is for groceries or traveling, tote bags are super handy. This awesome USA Tote is made with 100% cotton canvas fabric and the design is made of high quality with eco-based ink. These Totes are lightweight (approximately 5 ounces) but sturdy enough to hold lots of books, flowers, groceries, and all your beach attire.

Unique Patriotic Gifts - USA Patriotic Tote Bag

17. American Pride Coaster Set

There are limitless ways to display your patriotism in day-to-day life. If you or your loved one is always looking for ways to display the American Flag in their home, then our American Pride Coaster Set is for them. This coaster set is made from 100% acacia wood, which is a deep brown color with varied, stunning, and distinctive natural grain markings.

Unique Patriotic Gifts - Wood Coasters with American Pride Design
There are only so many red, white, and blue t-shirts that you can buy a person. Our list of unique, patriotic gifts offers you the chance to gift something unique for the proud to be an American man or woman in your life. Which gift will you be purchasing first?