Best Bourbon for the Money

Maybe you’re wondering about what the best bourbon for the money is as you make your own plans, right? It’s National Bourbon Day! And we’re partying at Prestige over here in Louisville. We’re having a good time, but we want your day to be awesome, too. So, we’d like to serve you a drink. A digital pour, if you will, from our gorgeous decanters.

We got to
thinking: “What might the people need to hear on this National Bourbon Day, one
of the greatest days of the year?” And we agreed: let’s give them the gift of
the best bourbon for the money. They work hard, but they want to play hard as
well. We’re here to help you play your hardest. And keep that wallet in check
while you do.

Whether you’re gearing up for a solo sip, a poker night, or a large party, we’ve got some bourbon picks to have on hand. We think you’ll love the bourbon, of course. But you’re also going to like the price tags.

Best Bourbon for the Money - From $60 - $11

When we asked the gang over at Dads Drinking Bourbon and at Indiana Bourbon about the best bourbon for our money, the two chimed in with the same pick.

1) Early Times Bottled-in-Bond ~ $24.99

Early Times Bottled-in-Bond

Selected by our friends @dadsdrinkingbourbon and @indianabourbon!

We asked for gut reactions on the topic, and @dadsdrinkingbourbon responded, “Easy. Early Times Bottled-in-Bond.”

The Dads went on to say:

“Short and sweet? It’s a great daily drinker (neat or in a cocktail), and it’s only $25 for a liter! It’s got a great nose and a lot of those signatures you get on a Brown Forman product at half the price!”

The crew @indianabourbon said:

“Without a doubt, it’s Early Times Bottled-in-Bond. One liter of 100 -proof deliciousness for less than $25. The new-yet-vintage looking label looks great on the bar, and the bourbon inside would win a blind tasting over 50-75 percent of bourbon on the market! For the quality, taste, price point, and availability, it can’t be beaten.”

We love it when folks agree about matters such as this. Two huge votes for Early Times mean it’s swinging in as our top pick for your money. If you don’t have some, what are you even doing right now? Go grab a bottle!

Selections from @YourBartenderVanessa

Vanessa Lake is a certified bartender and event planner stationed in Queens, New York. She’s the ultimate hostess, and we love her weekly posts. Her bar setups, personality, and knowledge are truly inspiring. So, we were happy to get a chance to chat with her about The Best Bourbon for the Money: Party Edition!

It’s National
Bourbon Day. Let there be parties! You are partying tonight, right? Make it
happen. The following three bottles are crowd favorites in Vanessa’s bartending
book. These bourbons are tasty and won’t break the bank.

2) Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon ~ $10.99

Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Evan Williams Kentucky Straight | Selected by @yourbartendervanessa!

So many love this bottle. It’s popular with first-timers because of the price point. But it’s also a standby. Bring on that vanilla and mint!

3) Bulleit Bourbon ~ $19.99

It’s 90 proof,
and it’s a pleasure. Vanessa bumps into a lot of partygoers who love that signature
honey and smoke. She always has this in her stash!

Can we just take a moment and say that it tastes even more amazing in our whiskey glasses? We did a study. Like, we have legit research that proves it. Seriously. We’re so serious.

4) Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey ~ $56.99

Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey

Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey | Selected by @yourbartendervanessa!

Vanessa knows bourbon is a Kentucky thing. But she is a New Yorker. So, she had to throw this one into the mix. You can really taste the city in it, somehow. And her clients swear by it.  They think it’s delicious and worth the extra cash. It’s a lot of beautiful bourbon for the price, and she stands by it. It certainly makes the best bourbon for the money list if you’re talking to any party animal in NY.

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We could go on
and on. We’d run out of room here, though. Share what you think is the best
bourbon for the money below in the comments. We want to hear your side of this
bourbon story. We hope you’ll appreciate the ideas here. But we also hope
you’re out there tasting and deciding these things for yourself.

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