Bourbon for Scotch Drinkers

Looking for fantastic bourbon for Scotch drinker? We’ll share four bourbons that are sure to pleasantly surprise the Scotch lover in your life. These make great gifts or bottles to have on hand. They’re givers. They're memorable. You might even experience that longed-for Scotch bite…at least a little.

At Prestige, we keep a ton of bourbon stocked in our bar. It’s the Kentucky way. Our Scotch buddies crack some pansy-whiskey jokes every now and then. But they don’t know what they’re missing. Until we show them. Until they taste it for themselves.

Want Bourbon for a Scotch Drinker? See the 4 Super Options Here

We’re serving up some bourbon staples here. So whether you’re in the store or out at the bar, you should be able to get your normally Scotchy paws on some of these. If you’ve been a lifelong Scotch fan, then get ready to shake hands with something different. And truly wonderful.

1) Maker’s 46 | ~ $39.99 - $49.99 | 94 PROOF

Maker’s 46 Bourbon for Scotch Drinker

Try a glass of Maker’s 46 ASAP!

Our Wheated Bourbon Selection.

We’re starting our list off with something that might be quite a contrast for you. The wheated bourbons allow that corn sweetness to come through, for sure. But Maker’s 46, for us, is a fine wheater that you can find pretty easily. It’ll give you a little more complexity and richness than its mama (and daddy), Maker’s Mark.

2) Four Roses Single Barrel | ~ $39.99 - $49.99 | 100 PROOF

Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon for Scotch Drinker

Truly. It’s the most beautiful single barrel bouquet you’ll ever taste.

Our High-Rye Selection

Blooming at 35 percent rye, we think you’re going to really appreciate what this bourbon has to offer. It’s sweet like southern peaches and honey. But you’d better believe you’re going to get a spritely punch in the mouth with all that rye. Spice and bite. Every sip grows more and more delicious. For us, this one is the big time for a little buck. Yeah, we know you’re loving these price tags, Scotch peeps.

3) Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select | ~ $44.99 - $54.99 | 90.4 PROOF

Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Bourbon

A tradition. A bourbon mammoth. We’re not kidding.

Another One of Our Higher-Rye Selections

Here’s another rye-forward bourbon for you. It’s not as heavy and luscious as the Four Roses. But hey, sometimes light and thin can be refreshing. You’ll get the burn. And there’s plenty there to talk about. From nose to finish, you won’t be disappointed sipping this one. (Don’t let its Kentucky Derby status sway you. But what can we say? It holds a special place in our Louisville hearts.)

4) Buffalo Trace |  ~ $24.99 - $29.99 | 90 PROOF

Buffalo Trace Bourbon for Scotch Drinker

Oh, give me a home, where the Buffalo roams…

Our Lower-Rye Selection

We know. We’re still leaving you breathless with these price tags. The accessibility of bourbon is one of its many, many charms. We aren’t trying to be swanky. (Well, sometimes we are.) This one amazes us every time. That lower price point could scare you, but don’t let it. This one is packed with harmony. You’ll get a pile of notes from beginning to end.

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