Best Martini Recipe

Looking for the best martini recipe? You’re in luck. It’s National Martini Day! And we’re serving up some unique martinis you simply must try at home. As soon as possible. Like, today. Since it’s the martini’s own special day and all.

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Be Sure to Honor the Drink with the Best Martini Recipe

You may think
your favorite cocktail is a martini. But you may be mistaken. First, a legit
martini is clear. You’ll bump into hundreds of colorful cocktails claiming to
be martinis. Truth is, they’re wanna-be’s. Still, if you like them, drink them.
We do. And we're not uptight about it, at all. You'll see some colorful recipes
below, for sure!

A real-deal
martini is all about gin. You’ll see a lot of “martinis” today that bring the
vodka and even chocolate liqueur. But you’ve got to have gin. And then there's
the dry vermouth and the olive. Not an onion, an olive. Those are the martini

But today, we’re going to give you some twists on this bar staple. People have gotten creative with it. And we’re ready to dive into all the best martini recipes at this blog’s table right now.

Here Are the 5 Best Best Martini Recipes to Pick From

We’re going to stick to the traditional gin with all our National Martini Day recipes. We think you’ll be absolutely fine with that. You’re going to want to serve all of these at your next party. In fact, we’re thinking you should host an impromptu martini shindig tonight. Yeah? Yeah.

1) Gin-Fig Martini

Best Martini Recipe - Gin Fig Martini

It’s a martini to fall in love with. [Photo cred: @beautifulbooze]

We pretty much
adore Natalie @beautifulbooze. Her travels around the globe inspire us.
She samples everything, and we completely trust her with our palates. Get the
details for her Gin-Fig Martini right here. It’s a creative spin. But we’ve still got
gin, kids. We’ve still got gin.

2) Beet Gin Martini

Beet Gin Martini Recipe

Drop that beet like… [Photo cred: @beautifulbooze]

And we’re not leaving Natalie just yet. This Beet Gin Martini is a showstopper. The color! Wowza. You can offer a delicious treat and detox at the same time. Everyone will want to know what’s in your glass. Get the recipe here.

3) The Really Good Pickle Martini

Gin Fig Pickle Martini Recipe

This ain’t yo’ granny’s martini. Or wait - maybe it is… [Photo cred: The Five O’Clock Cocktail Blog]

It’s gin, dry vermouth, and wait for it…pickle juice. And it’s really good. We’ve seen these popping up in plenty of restaurants, especially across the South. But we’re highlighting this recipe from The Five O’Clock Cocktail Blog. Give it a whirl. There’s a pickle lover in every crowd. This is a fact.

4) Blackberry Gin Martini

Blackberry Gin Martini

It’s clear enough to be the classic stuff, right? [Photo Cred: @amandascookinblog]

Hello, lovely blackberries! It’s summertime and the berries are poppin’. Bring those blackberries into your martini with this @amandascookinblog cocktail recipe here. Don’t forget the mint. It’s cool, refreshing, and striking. Kinda want one right now, don’t ya?

5) Smoky Martini

Best Martini Recipe - Smoky Martini

This martini speaks volumes. [Photo cred: @thespruceeats]

Hold your
horses: we’re bringing in Scotch? Yep. We love this one. Replace your vermouth
with Scotch. That’s right. How else would you get a perfectly smoky martini?
Thanks to our friends @thespruceeats! Find their recipe here. We certainly recommend.

Use the Scotch in your snazzy Prestige Decanter to craft this cocktail at your home bar. Oh, wait, you don’t have a Prestige Decanter? That needs to change! Celebrate National Martini Day with a new decanter. Our lineup of barware is so legit. See these glasses? Next level.

Make It a Martini Tonight With The Best Martini Recipe

Is your best
martini recipe different from these? Fine by us! Just share it in the comments
below. Educate us. Today is the day to understand the ins and outs of all
things martini.

Interested in some other fantastic cocktails for the season? Read our article on Best Summer Cocktails for more ideas.

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Happiest of
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