Thoughtful Gifts for Brothers

There’s a special bond between siblings that’s unlike any other, and sometimes you need a special gift for your brother to show you care. We know it can sometimes be overwhelming to find exactly the thing that will wow him. At PrestigeHaus, our master craftsmen have created unique, thoughtful gifts with the finest materials, sparing no detail. Whether you need a gift for his birthday, a housewarming, a promotion, or more, we’ve put together this list of some of the best gifts for brothers to help.

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1. Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

Why settle for boring or, even worse, tacky ashtrays for a cigar enthusiast? Instead, why don’t you get a gift for your brother he’ll cherish forever: this gorgeous Bubinga cigar ashtray? Made of premium, exotic Bubinga wood, this highly-polished ashtray is set with a cabochon stone in the center of the wide bowl. With two carved grooves for cigars, this is a display-worthy piece of art he’ll want to show off at every get-together.

Gifts For Brothers - Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

2. Customized Baseball Decanter Set

Relive those precious moments you and your brother shared growing up, throwing a baseball around in the backyard. This personalized baseball-themed decanter set comes with our classic 900ml square decanter and two baseball-shaped whiskey glasses. All of the glass is mouthblown by our master craftsmen, and the decanter is customizable with up to four lines of your chosen text. All etching and packing are done in-house so you know it’ll arrive in pristine condition and with exactly the message you intended.

Gifts For Brothers - Baseball Decanter Set

3. Holiday Wine Stoppers

Now, THIS is a fun gift for brothers, whether it’s a stocking stuffer or a housewarming present. These holiday wine bottle stoppers are handmade of borosilicate glass in a variety of colors. These attractive and unique stoppers are delightful works of art to bring a little festive air to capping off a bottle of wine for the night. Included is an Easter bunny, a Halloween pumpkin, a Thanksgiving turkey, and jolly old Saint Nick for Christmastime!

Gifts For Brothers - Holiday Wine Stoppers

4. DaVinci Pint Glass

You can finally let him believe that he’s smarter than you (whether that’s the case or not!) with these one-of-a-kind Leonardo DaVinci pint glasses. A unique and inspired gift, these pint glasses are perfect for that know-it-all brother! The intricately-designed graphics depict one of history’s most revered artists and intellectuals, which will make your brother feel like he’s part of that club. The glasses are perfectly sized and shaped for any style of beer.

Gifts For Brothers - Davinci Pint Glass

5. Barrel Stave Cigar Holder

Looking to bring some old-world sophistication to your brother’s life? You’ve found it with our barrel stave cigar holder! This unparalleled bar accessory is made from reclaimed bourbon- or wine-barrel staves, accented with rescued metal from the barrel hoops. It’s carved with a cigar groove and a base for a classic Glencairn glass, so he can hold both a cigar and a dram in one hand. Since it’s made with revitalized materials, no two holders are exactly the same.

Gifts For Brothers - Barrel Cigar Holder

6. Compact Bar Cart

Is his liquor collection growing with nowhere to store it? Consider this compact bar cart made of water-resistant and attractive acacia wood. Perfect for bottles, decanters, glassware, and bar tools, the bar cart fits into any corner or small space. The sturdy wheels make it easy to move the cart from room to room. Best of all, it comes preassembled, so you won’t be assigning a chore alongside this gift for your brother!

Gifts For Brothers - Round Bar Cart

7. Customizable US Marine Corps Bar Sign

Brothers in arms are brothers, too, and they deserve excellently crafted gifts. We’re proud to craft this United States Marine Corps bar sign out of sustainable, beautiful acacia wood and engrave it to your specifications. Simply let us know what message you’d like to send and we’ll gladly make it happen! Etched with the USMC insignia, the meticulously-engraved design represents freedom, strength, and bravery – all incredible values found in brothers!

Gifts For Brothers - USMC Emblem Round Bar Sign

8. Whiskey/Rum Making Kit

DIY types will love adding this whiskey and rum-making kit to their collection of hobbies! It comes with everything you need to craft delicious whiskey or rum out of grain alcohol or neutral vodka. The kit includes a one-liter American oak barrel and appropriate stand, bung, and spigot, as well as three essences to create your own liquor: Highland malt scotch whiskey, spiced rum, and Kentucky bourbon. The easy-to-understand instructions will have you distilling in no time!

Gifts For Brothers - Whiskey and Rum Making Kit

9. Barrel Stave Flight Rack

Whiskey aficionados agree: sometimes, you need to taste a few expressions sides by side (by side!) to fully and fairly evaluate each. That’s where this unique work of art comes in. Our barrel stave flight rack is made of rescued bourbon- or wine-barrel staves, crafted into this attractive glass holder and accented by repurposed metal accents from the barrel’s hoops. Decorative and useful, it’s a gorgeous gift for brothers because it can be proudly displayed whenever it’s not in use (which, let’s face it, won’t be often!).

Gifts For Brothers - Barrel Flight Rack

10. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Whiskey enthusiasts can also tell you that the biggest bummer about drinking iced whiskey is that the ice inevitably melts, diluting their otherwise perfect drink. This whiskey stones gift is the solution! Complete with six odorless, tasteless granite stones, as well as a storage tray and two glasses, the set is perfect for a whiskey drinker who doesn’t want to water down their drinks. Simply place the stones in the freezer for a couple of hours before using them in place of ice – voila! No more watered-down whiskey!

Gifts For Brothers - Whiskey Stones Gift Set

11. Best Man Decanter Set

When your brother stands up for you as best man on your wedding day, you’re going to want to gift him something really special to honor that responsibility. Our Best Man decanter set is a thoughtful, unique way to let him know how much it matters to you that he’s there. Made of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass, the decanter and two matching glasses are etched with his name and the date of the wedding along with a cheeky mustache. The 900ml decanter is capped off with our ground-glass airtight stopper to maintain the purity of the liquor inside. Add two or four more matching glasses at checkout if he needs a larger set!

Gifts For Brothers - Groomsman Mustache Design Decanter Set

12. Mason Jar Cocktail Glass (Set of Two)

Mason jars have been a popular aesthetic for a few years now and for good reason. Their simple, rustic nature and a reminder of a more gentle time appeal to so many people, and that’s why these mason jar cocktail glasses will soon be your brother’s favorite way to enjoy a cool drink! Arriving in a set of two, these farmhouse-style glasses are perfect for cocktails, iced tea, or any other libation of choice. The handle keeps your hands dry and looks great doing it!

Gifts For Brothers - Jar Whiskey Glass

13. Classic Wine Decanter

Our elegant classic wine decanter is the perfect gift for brothers that love timeless, brilliantly beautiful glassware. Handblown of lead-free, borosilicate glass, this decanter with its gentle swoops and curves is durably-made and gorgeous. At 900ml, you can decant a full bottle of wine to bring out all of the complex nuances and aromas in style. The quality of this decanter is immediately apparent, a genuine piece of art on their bar cart or kitchen table.

Gifts For Brothers - Prestige Classic Wine Decanter

14. Spirits Infuser

If your brother considers himself a mixologist or even just someone who likes to come up with their own unique flavor combinations, then he needs this spirits infuser! Available in both copper and silver to fit his decor, this easy-to-use spirits infuser is a fun addition to his bar collection. Simply place your chosen ingredients – herbs, spices, fruit, etc – into the filter and fill the reservoir with your choice of spirit. Allow to marinate for however long you’d like and before you know it, you’ve created your very own cocktail creation!

Gifts For Brothers - Copper Spirits Infuser

15. Professional Bar Tool Set

When he wants to mix up a cocktail or two for the evening, he should be able to do it in style. This complete bar tool set has everything he needs to make him feel like a professional bartender. Made of stainless steel with copper accents, the set includes a three-part shaker, a double-sided jigger, a cocktail strainer, a bottle opener, a bar spoon, and ice tongs. Also included are solid walnut and marble muddler. Impress guests with this sleek and stylish set!

Gifts For Brothers - Bar Tool Set with Stand Cocktail Shaker

16. Aficionado Whiskey Glasses (Set of Two)

We take enormous pride in the glassware we provide for our customers. This set of two Aficionado whiskey glasses exemplifies that pride and the craftsmanship we bring to everything we do. These glasses are mouthblown and crafted specifically to funnel the nuances and complex flavors of whiskey or bourbon straight to your nose, optimizing the enjoyment of the drink. The perfect gift for brothers who love whiskey and opulence.

Gifts For Brothers - Aficionado Whiskey Glass

17. Fantasy Football Decanter and Stand

If you and your brother bond over fantasy football, you need a trophy to commemorate year after year of your league. This fantasy football decanter and stand is a showstopping gift, handcrafted by our master artisans to exact specifications. The glass decanter is mouthblown to look like a football with an airtight stopper (and a capacity of a whopping 1000ml). The genuine wood stand has room for plaques to remember past champions, so this is a gift that will be appreciated for years to come!

Gifts For Brothers - Perpetual Fantasy Football


Which of these gifts for brothers caught your eye?