Unique Gifts for Doctors

Doctors truly serve as the backbone of society. They are there day in and day out to heal, protect, and serve our community. Honor the doctor in your life with a special gift to show them how much you appreciate their dedication and hard work. Our list of Unique Gifts for Doctors has something for every medical professional in your life to show them how much you care.

1. Large Acacia Bar Cart

As a doctor, having extra time and extra organization is key, even if it's just a small section of their home. Surprise and delight the doctor in your life by gifting them our Large Acacia Bar Cart. This stunning bar cart is made with naturally beautiful, durable, liquid, and scratch-resistant, acacia wood. It comes preassembled for easy setup and the steel used to attach the wood is all welded and very solid, so you’ll never have to worry about your liquor bottles falling or shaking.

 Gifts For Doctors - Acacia Bar Cart

2. Atlas - Bearer of Worldly Spirits Decanter

Doctors truly carry the weight of responsibility for the health, safety, and well-being of their patients. Show they your appreciation for all that they do with our Atlas- Bearer of Worldly Spirits Decanter. This beautiful, hand-blown, globe decanter is able to hold 1000ml of their favorite wine or spirit. It comes on a beautiful bronze inspired based molded into a figurine of Atlas himself. This serves as a great reminder for the doctor in your life to take a load off their shoulders, kick back, and relax.

Gifts For Doctors - Atlas Bearer Worldly Spirits

3. Custom Design Wooden Mug

Our number 3 pick on the list Is an awesome, multi-purpose gift for the multi-tasking doctor on your list. Our Custom Design Wooden Mug has an old, rustic vibe that compliments almost any décor. These mugs are not only great for drinking from, but they also make a great place to store pens, markers, or any other office supplies for their desk. The bottom is fully customizable, so you can add their name to it for a personal touch.

Gifts For Doctors - Custom Wooden Mug

4. Science of Whiskey Glass Set

You already know that the doctor in your life is an expert in the field of science. Inspire their curiosity and yearning for scientific exploration with our Science of Whiskey Glass Set. The glasses are beautifully and carefully etched with the molecular breakdown of the whiskey itself, for a bit of knowledge in every delicious sip. Our glasses are hand-blown and etched in-house, so they’re always Made in the USA Guaranteed.

Gifts For Doctors - Science of Whiskey Glass Set

5. Women of Science Pint Glass

If the doctor in your life is looking for a bit of inspiration or perhaps even a bit of encouragement, we highly recommend gifting them our number 5 pick. Our Women of Science Pint Glass features some of history's greatest female scientists, some of that has influenced the science of medicine itself. They will love the hand-etched design as well as the thick and sturdy glass used to make this unique piece.

Gifts For Doctors - Women Science Pint Glass

6. L'Occitane Soft Hands Trio

The constant washing and scrubbing of hands can truly leave doctors' digits feeling a bit dry. Treat them to a tiny bit of pampering every day with our number 6 pick on our list of gifts for doctors. The L’Occitane Soft Hands Trio includes Almond Delicious Hands, a 30ml 1oz Shea Butter Hand Cream, and a 30m l1oz Verbena Cooling Hand Cream Gel. These lotions are the perfect size to throw in a bag or backpack, for an emergency spa moment any time of day.

Gifts For Doctors - Soft Hands Trio

7. Pythagoras Globe Decanter

Our Pythagoras Globe Decanter is a wonderful gift for anyone on your shopping list, but we know that a doctor would absolutely love having this piece to show off in there at the home office. This deluxe, best-selling decanter is made using hand-blown borosilicate glass that is etched to resemble the globe. The 1000ml decanter sits on top of a hand-crafted, red oak stand that will complement any décor.

Gifts For Doctors - 1000ml Etched Glass Globe Decanter

8. Valentines Day Heart Wine Stopper

We don’t know about you, but we think our Valentine's Day Heart Wine Stopper would be an adorable gift for a cardiologist in your life. Research suggests that drinking a glass of red wine may provide antioxidants, may promote longevity, and can help protect against heart disease and harmful inflammation. Celebrate the benefits of a glass of vino with an adorable stopper to keep their favorite wine fresh.

Gifts For Doctors - Heart Wine Stopper

9. Classic Initial Whiskey Set

There is nothing that holds quite as much esteem as a custom set of monogrammed whiskey glasses. We love this gift for a new doctor who has recently graduated from medical school. Our classically designed whiskey glasses are made using durable and thick borosilicate glass, which is always 100% lead-free. The glasses are hand etched with the recipient's initials for a custom and professional addition to any glassware collection.

Gifts For Doctors - Classic Initial Whiskey Glasses Set

10. USA Murphy Bar

Our number 10 pick on our list is a wonderful choice for a doctor who is looking for maximum storage in a small space. Our USA Murphy Bar is a great solution to having at-home bar products without the at-home bar. This beautifully made murphy bar has several different-sized compartments to comfortably house their favorite bottles of liquor and wine as well as their favorite drinking accessories.

Gifts For Doctors - USA Murphy Bar

11. Logo Coaster Set

You know that you’ve reached the pinnacle of adulthood when you get really excited about coasters. Share in that excitement with your family member or friend with our Logo Coaster Set. We think this is an awesome glass for a brand new doctor. Add their name with their brand new title to celebrate their new status in life. They will love the natural color and smoothness of the acacia wood.

Gifts For Doctors - Logo Coaster Set


12. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

A doctor's work is never done, but that doesn’t mean that while they’re taking a quick call or jotting down some notes, their whiskey should get warm and watered down in the meantime. Our Whiskey Stones Gift Set is the perfect gift for the doctor on the go who appreciates a great glass of whiskey. These stones are rounded and made from American-sourced granite from the Northeast portion of the USA. They come in a classic and simple tray to store them for your next glass!

Gifts For Doctors - Whiskey Stones Gift Set

13. Silver Colored Liquor Infuser

For the doctor with an enthusiasm for chemistry or mixology, we highly recommend our Silver Colored Liquor Infuser. This sleek and sophisticated-looking infuser will add new life to their favorite liquor by infusing some of their favorite flavors, creating an entirely new liquor altogether. This infuser comes with a step-by-step guide, so getting started will be as easy as taking the first sip!

500Gifts For Doctors - Silver Spirits Infuser

14. Decanter Cleaning Kit

No one understands the importance of cleaning and prepping quite like a doctor. Gift them our number 14 gift on its own, or as a companion gift with one of our best-selling decanters. Our Decanter Cleaning Kit comes with a high-power custom blended cleaning powder that will make your decanter shine and sparkle within minutes. It also includes a stainless steel funnel and powder scooper for effortless cleaning.

Gifts For Doctors - Decanter Cleaning Kit

15. Its Doctor Actually- Luxury Candle Jar

Everyone loves candles, especially candles with a catchy phrase on the label. The Its Doctor Actually-Luxury Candle will be a huge hit with your doctor friends or family members whether they are just starting out, or they are seasoned medical professionals. This adorable candle comes in numerous scents such as “relax and unwind”, “so fresh & so clean”, “smells really good”. “best spa day ever”, And “dark and handsome”. The candles are all made from a blend of non-toxic soy and essential oils for a therapeutic experience in every room.

Gifts For Doctors - Its Doctor Actually Luxury Candle Jar 35 Hours

16. Cullinan M Diamond Decanter

Treat the doctor in your life to a gift that is dripping with opulence. Our Cullinan M Diamond Decanter is one of our best-selling decanters, and for good reason. This beautiful, 1000ml decanter is made from borosilicate glass to perfectly resemble a prized diamond. It sits perfectly on a base of beautiful red oak for a classic and sleek design for any at-home bar or office.

Gifts For Doctors - Diamond Decanter

17.  Magellans Victoria Decanter

There is nothing quite as classic as a ship-in-a-bottle type design. Our stunning Magellan's Victoria Decanter embodies a vintage grandeur while protecting the doctor in your life’s favorite whiskey or wine using modern technology. The beautiful, hand-blown glass decanter features an intricately designed and detailed glass ship that will look stunning against the warm colors of their favorite spirits. The base of the decanter comes in your choice of oak wood, acacia wood, rustic metal, or our atlas base. Add the doctor’s name or graduation date from medical school for a personal touch.

Gifts For Doctors - Magellan’s Victoria

From decanters to candles, our list of Unique Gifts for Doctors has something for every doctor on your list. We know that you will find something to spoil and pamper the medical professional in your life as a way to thank them for their constant dedication to their community. Which gift will you be purchasing?