Amazing DIY Pallet Bar Ideas

Looking to create a unique DIY pallet bar? Today we’ll browse some ways to transform a few simple wooden pallets into a one-of-a-kind indoor or outdoor at-home bar that provides both storage and/or elbow room.

Pull up a barstool and hang out awhile as we serve up some ideas that will have your DIY-loving, libation-obsessed heart pumping and inspired in no time! Make your man cave, she shed, basement, living room, porch, deck, or patio your crew’s favorite place to gather.

For an Indoor DIY Pallet Bar...

Here are a few things to consider when you’re creating an indoor pallet bar:


  • You might choose a neutral stain or paint color. Your indoor decor may change over time, so construct a bar that will go with your growing, shifting tastes. (On the other hand, bright colors can make quite a statement, and you can always paint over them.)
  • Think about adding wheels with locks or maybe even adding rubber stoppers or felt to the bottom of your pallet bar. This will assist in protecting your hardwood, tile, pavers, etc.
  • Decide how much storage you need, then determine if you want a large serving counter or not. For smaller spaces, you may choose a slender countertop with plenty of storage beneath, using only one or two pallets. For larger areas, you may use more pallets, creating ample storage as well as a roomy countertop.

When the bar is for storing, mixing, and serving…

A DIY pallet bar that will light up the dark 

We can’t get enough of this DIY pallet bar by @johnson_joinery_services. If you’ve got the space, create a nook like this one. Dedicate a corner of your living room to libations! Friends can stand by and watch you mix drinks. Your collection of liquor, wine, bitters, and more is all in a single place, stored neatly.


Add lights for a festive or tranquil glow. The ambiance is perfect! And can’t you just imagine a strikingly unique whiskey decanter displayed on the countertop or nearby? We certainly can.

(Check out our blog “Why Use a Decanter? For Epic Luxury!” to read more about why one of our decanters is an absolute necessity for your at-home pallet bar.)

When storage is the name of the game…

DIY Pallet bar indoor storage

We love this DIY pallet bar from @thecrowleys_at117 – a better fit for those smaller apartments that still need an area to display all the drink possibilities. We applaud the use of Jack Sparrow’s drunken lyrics. That black stenciling gives you the feel of an ancient barrel that would have most likely been aboard a pirate ship.


The nautical theme is completed with the rope and dock cleats. Yo-ho, and bravo! You might find even more ways to elaborate on such a theme. The important thing is that the bar is stocked. The liquor is visible, and the top shelf could be used for holding glassware and for mixing cocktails (if you don’t have a table nearby for that purpose).


For an Outdoor DIY Pallet Bar ...

 Here are a few things to consider when you’re creating an outdoor pallet bar:


  • Treat your pallet with a clear-coat or outdoor paint that can stand up against all types of weather. Bright colors, neutral colors, or even the natural pallet look can be nice for porches and patios.
  • Again, think about adding wheels with locks to the bottom of your pallet bar. This makes mobility possible, giving you the option of moving your pallet bar/cart around your outdoor living space. Depending on the weather, you might be able to serve out in the open or under a covered portion of your deck or pergola.
  • Based on your patio’s square footage, you can go with a small or large pallet bar. Both are appealing as well as functional. Below, you’ll see examples that use two pallets vs. about six to eight pallets.


When you need a little bit of magic…

DIY Pallet Bar - Outdoor, Lighted This outdoor pallet bar is simple and sleek. [Photo credit: @sumnerovertherainbow]

We appreciate the inspiration, @sumnerovertherainbow! This little bit of magic goes a long way. Though this pallet bar isn’t designed for lots of storage, it’s perfect for carrying bottles outdoors and setting up a drink station under the stars.


We can’t help but think how amazing this awesome pallet bar would look lined with some Prestige Decanters handcrafted glassware to take your drinking to the next level.

Tip: Check out this helpful how-to video. Watch WetAndForget construct a similar pallet bar.

Or when you’re looking for a load of magic...

A glorious tiki-inspired patio pallet bar This is a glorious tiki-inspired patio pallet bar! [Photo credit: @mjazzel]

This is so legit, @mjazzel. We’re serious. If you have room for this much magic, go for it! It makes us think “tiki” and “poolside,” but the essential aspect lies in its ample storage and spacious bar top. You could totally add barstools to this situation, yeah?


There’s plenty of room for glasses and bottles of all shapes and sizes. And the Prestige Decanters Constellation 1797 would look pretty spectacular atop such a bar as well. Add lights, banners, and cool old photos or signs for some extra personality.

Tip: Watch this for some wooden pallet tiki bar inspiration. You’ll get plenty of decor ideas.


Party On with Pallets

The best part of this bar design is that sometimes you can find pallets for free. That’s right. You quite possibly can make this wooden gem with little cost to you. Whether you’re building your pallet bar for an indoor or outdoor space (or both), and whether it’s a small- or large-scale project (or both), we hope these images and tips help you along in the process.

Have you built your own DIY pallet bar before? Share your thoughts and inspirational ideas below! We’d love to hear from you.