Tree Planting Companies USA and abroad

Want to make your purchases from tree planting companies? Isn’t it cool to know that when you buy an item, a tree takes root somewhere on the planet? Yeah, we dig it, too. It’s why Prestige Decanters has our “Buy One, Plant One” program. We use solid wood to make our products, and we want to replant instead of simply taking and taking from Mother Nature.

When you purchase a decanter from us, we plant a tree in American soil. Read more about it in our blog “Buy One Plant One.” You’ll even find a list of organizations working hard to keep trees plentiful and our forests healthy. But for now, we’ll highlight some other companies like us. Together, we’re all taking responsibility for this place we call home.

7 Tree Planting Companies, Thanks to You

One tree for each product sold...

1) Trinity Oaks | St. Helena, CA


The Trinity Oaks logo speaks volumes, and this company is practicing what it preaches. Join their “One Bottle One Tree” campaign. They’ve planted over 20 million trees since 2008, and they show no signs of stopping. Purchase a bottle of Trinity Oaks wine, and don’t forget to shop our Prestige Decanters online store for a unique handcrafted wine decanter.

2) Woodchuck USA | Minneapolis, MN


Underneath the Woodchuck logo on their website, you’ll read “Buy One. Plant One.” So, their way of giving back is pretty important to them, to say the least. They even have a blog dedicated to planting trees and their BOPO adventures. We love their enthusiasm for nature, exploring, creating U.S. jobs, and providing hope and ideas about sustainability for future generations.

3) Baron Fig | New York City, NY


They’ve planted over 125,000 trees. And it’s easy: “Buy a Book, Plant a Tree.” Every time someone purchases a Confidant Hardcover Notebook, Baron Fig gets to planting, and so far, they’ve seen trees take root in over 30 countries around the globe. This company is all about thinking and thinkers. They believe in writing down ideas and dreams on paper, but they also believe in replacing that paper, one tree at a time.

4) WeWOOD | Pistoia, Italy & Los Angeles, CA

They’re promoting the phrase “You buy a watch. We plant a tree.” They have a goal of planting a million leafy beauties by the year 2020, and they’re 600,000-strong already! Obviously, we would marvel at handcrafted wood products. We relate to and are inspired by the craftsmanship behind 100% wood WeWOOD watches. Keep making those amazing timepieces, and keep planting trees! We’re all in this together.

5) Thymes | Minneapolis, MN


They’re planting Frasier Firs in particular, and nearly 80,000 Firs have taken root via Thymes today. With 20,000 more, they’ll reach their goal of 100,000. They have a mission to restore the Chippewa National Forest in Minnesota, and they’re taking care of that mission with “Plant One Tree.” Their fragrance collections are inspired by the beloved fir, so Thymes is paying tribute to their star scent!

6) Detox Paddle Co. | “The Wilds of Missouri”


Their pitch is that “We plant a tree when you buy a board.” The Detox Paddle Company’s SUP paddle board makers take note that their community spends a lot of time outdoors, and they want to contribute to what makes it beautiful. So, when you purchase their Infinity Board, they plant a tree in your honor. It’s a simple kind of deal, and you get to be a direct part of the beauty you admire while paddling.

7) Zavida | Concord, Ontario


As much as we love our liquor and wine here at Prestige, we also dig coffee. And we especially dig coffee that’s on a mission. Zavida plants a tree for every 10 cups of coffee they sell, and they plant a tree if you make a purchase in their online store. It doesn’t matter if you order a 2 lb. bag of coffee or a 2 oz. brick; they’re planting trees in developing parts of the world that need it most. Since 2011, Zavida has planted 430,000 trees.

A Purchase With Power

 Isn’t this awesome? Tree planting companies are the real MVPs, and we hope more companies follow our lead. Last year, we planted trees in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, and Wisconsin. And we know there’s always a need for more trees due to natural disasters like wildfires and hurricanes, just to mention a few. We hope you’ll become involved in our PD community, but you can rest assured that even your one-time decanter purchase will have a lasting, powerful effect.

Prestige Decanters customers love knowing that as they use their decanters and enjoy their libations, good is happening. Trees are growing across the nation. Now, that’s worth raising a whiskey glass to right there.

Know of any other tree planting companies near you that enjoy giving back to Nature when you buy from them? Share them with us below, and let’s all keep purchasing in the absolute best way.