17 Alcoholic Gift Sets For The Person Who Has Everything

Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for the person who has everything? We’ve got you covered with our list of Alcohol Gift Sets for the Person Who Has Everything”. Alcohol, for the most part, seems to be the common denominator when it comes to gift-giving, so we know this gift will help you find something that they’ve never received before!

1. Engraved Nautical Star Decanter Set

Our number one gift is the perfect gift for newcomers to decanting their liquors. This classically designed Engraved Nautical Star Decanter Set is handcrafted using made from lead-free borosilicate glass, which is extremely thick and 100% lead-free. The ground glass stopper is there to create an airtight seal that ensures that the liquor is free from any contact with the air. This set comes with two shot glasses, making it the perfect bundle for a beginner to decanting.

Alcohol Gift Set - Engraved Nautical Star Decanter

2. Animal Print Glasses Set

Take a walk on the wild side with our Animal Print Glasses Set. This set of four whiskey glasses is sure to be unlike anything the recipient of your gift has received before. These four glasses are made on an artisanal level and are etched in the house with four different types of animal print. Your friends are sure to have a roaring good time whenever drinks are served in these awesome glasses!

Alcohol Gift Set - Animal Print Glasses

3. American Flag Design Engraved Decanter Set

Display your patriotism in all aspects of your life, even when you drink, with our American Flag Design Engraved Decanter Set. This beautiful decanter set proudly displays The United States Flag in all of its glory. You’ll love the set for its simplistic, yet classic design. The decanter comes equipped with two shot glasses, to get your drinking adventure started without a hitch. Prestige Haus plants a tree for every decanter sold, so not only will you be displaying the American Flag on your glassware, you’ll be helping to keep America beautiful!

Alcohol Gift Sets - American Flag Design Decanter

4. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

If you’re looking for a gift set that is both practical and beautiful, our number 4 pick is for you. Our Whiskey Stones Gift Set includes 6 granite whiskey stones on a wooden tray with two whiskey glasses. The whiskey stones are made from super dense granite, so they keep your whiskey cool for longer than other stones without adding any unwanted flavors, smells, or water. The beautiful tray and classic whiskey glasses are an added bonus that anyone who receives will be sure to enjoy!

Alcohol Gift Set - Granite Stones with Whiskey Glasses

5. Square Engraved Cross Decanter Set

Sometimes you need a gift that is both celebratory and fully embracing of one's faith. This solemn and beautiful Square Engraved Cross Decanter Set is the perfect gift for the Easter season, or any time for your priest, pastor, or another person whose faith you admire. This set comes with a hand-blown glass decanter and two accompanying glass shot glasses, both etched with the cross and four free lines of text to customize however you’d like.

Alcohol Gift Set - Granite Square Engraved Cross Decanter

6. Rosé All Day

Slay all day with this adorable Rose all Day Gift Set from Fountain Gifts! This perfectly pink set comes with a Rosé Champagne Bottle by Moet & Chandon, a delectable Raspberry Rose Dark Chocolate Bar, a Pink Stemless Champagne Flute, and a Rose-Colored Glasses Candle. This is an awesome gift for a bachelorette party or even just a girl's night out! Fountain Gifts even threw in a bonus sample of their delicious rose-flavored popcorn to try!

Alcohol Gift Set - Rose All Day Curated Gift Box

7. Monogram Initial Decanter Set

A personalized gift is always everyone’s favorite. Make the recipient of your gift feel extra special with our classic, but eye-catching, Monogram Initial Decanter Set. Like all Prestige Products, this decanter set is made by master craftsmen in small batches. The set comes with a monogrammed decanter and two monogrammed shot glasses. The air-tight seal of the decanter will preserve and protect the liquor inside for as long as possible, for a perfect sip every time.

Alcohol Gift Set - Personalize Monogram Initial Decanter

8. Skull Coaster Set

We all have a friend or family member who has a somewhat morbid, but always unique, sense of style. Our Skull Coaster set is perfect for those who love a darker, creepier ambiance when it comes to décor, but still want to make sure that their furniture is protected. These awesome coasters come in a set of 4 and are made from naturally beautiful acacia wood. Acacia wood is super durable and is still durable when in contact with liquid!

Alcohol Gift Set - Personalize Engraved Skull Coaster

9. Rosie "We Can Drink It" Square Decanter Set

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the person in your life who can do it all, look no further than our Rosie “We Can Drink It” Square Decanter Set. This decanter set not only looks incredible but it is classically designed for the easiest pour from a decanter you can get! The 900ml decanter can fit a full fifth of their favorite liquor, and the decanter comes with two shot glasses to put that “We can drink it” attitude to the test!

Alcohol Gift Set - Rosie We Can Drink It Square Decanter

10. Pattern Whiskey Glasses

Spice up their glassware collection with our number 10 pick. Our Pattern Whiskey Glasses are definitely stand-out items amongst your typical, plain, whiskey glass. Each of the four glasses features a different, adorable pattern. The whiskey glasses are handcrafted and etched in-house right here in Kentucky. You’ll definitely notice the meticulous detailing and the high quality with every sip from these super cute and unique whiskey glasses.

Alcohol Gift Set - Pattern Whiskey Glasses

11. Airplane Propeller Decanter Set (Square)

The recipient of our number 11 gift is sure to “Fly off the handles” with excitement when they receive it. Our Airplane Propeller Decanter Set is the perfect gift for the pilot in your life, or simply a fanatic of different types of aircraft. This decanter set includes a 900ml decanter with an airtight seal to protect their favorite liquor as well as two adorable shot glasses. Both are etched, not painted, with the propeller design and the recipient’s name.

Alcohol Gift Set - Personalize Airplane Propeller Decanter

12. Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder

Although technically not a “set’, our number 12 pick made the list due to its two-in-one capability. Our Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder is truly a gift for those who enjoy the simple, quiet moments in life. This holder is made using reclaimed barrel staves that were once used to age and distill whiskey and wine in Kentucky. Each holder is completely unique but can fit a classic Glencairn glass and a full-sized cigar, for the ultimate relaxation station.

Alcohol Gift Set - Barrel Cigar Holder

13. Modern Moscow Mule Kit Deluxe

The Moscow Mule fan in your life will absolutely love our number 13 pick on our list. The Modern Moscow Mule Kit Deluxe has all of the ingredients to create the ultimate Moscow Mule. This kit includes Moscow Mule Cocktail Syrup, 2 Copper Stemless Glasses, 2 Sparkling Mineral Water Cans by Perrier, a Japanese Style Double Jigger, Vodka Cordials, and a Moscow Mule Scented Candle. They will love the sleek and compact packaging of this kit that really packs a punch!

Alcohol Gift Set - Modern Moscow Mules Deluxe Curated Gift Boxes

14. Yogi Mom Wooden Coaster Set

If your mom, or a mom you know, is passionate about yoga and coincidentally also passionate about protecting her kitchen and coffee tables, you’ll definitely want to check out our Yogi Mom Wooden Coaster Set. This set of four coasters is made with beautiful and durable acacia wood. The wooden coasters are carved in house with a stunning rendition of a woman in a traditional yoga pose. The design is beautiful but serene, perfect for a yogi to use anytime.

Alcohol Gift Set - Yogi Mom Wooden Coasters

15. Rustic Silver Decanter Tags

Even the most seasoned drinker can sometimes have difficulty telling their liquors apart once they are in decanters. Take the guesswork out of drinking with our Rustic Silver Decanter Tags. These 8 metallic silver decanter tags come with a rustic feel and a silver chain. The chain is adjustable to fit the neck of any decanter while also giving all of your decanters a uniform look at the same time.

Alcohol Gift Set - Rustic Silver Decanter Tags

16. Cullinan M Diamond Decanter

Make our Cullinan M Diamond Decanter into the perfect, luxurious set, by adding a set of two Diamond Whiskey Glasses. The glass used to make both the Decanter and the glasses is strong and thick borosilicate glass, making them thicker and more resilient than other glasses or decanters. The beautiful diamond decanter comes on top of a base of beautiful oak wood, your choice of stain. The decanter itself also comes with the option to add an engraved metal plate to personalize and make this gift even more special.

Alcohol Gift Set - Cullinan Diamond Shape Decanter

17. Golf Decanter Set

Our number 17 pick on the list is truly one of our most unique alcohol gift sets. Our Golf Decanter Set is perfect for the ultimate golf lover in your life. The decanter and two glasses are both shaped to perfectly resemble golf balls. The glass is dimpled and hand-blown, but still thick, to ensure a great drinking experience. The set comes on a faux grass tray, to make it even more special and altogether unique!

Alcohol Gift Set - Golf Ball DecanterWe hope that this list of “Alcohol Gift Sets for the Person who Has Everything” helped you find the perfect gift for the person in your life who is notoriously hard to buy for. This list covers a wide array of alcohol-themed gift sets and has something for everyone. Which set stands out most to you?