Gifts for Dad Who Has Everything

Looking for the perfect way to tell your dad how important he is to you? Whether you’re celebrating Father’s Day, his birthday, or you simply want to give him an inspired present to show you care, we have just the thing to brighten his day. At PrestigeHaus, we pride ourselves on our meticulously crafted, high quality gifts for even the most discerning recipient. When you shop with us, you know you’re getting the best.

Check out our 19 curated gifts for the dad who has everything!

1. Personalized Bourbon Bar Tray

A great addition to any coffee table, kitchen island, or even mounted on a wall, a personalized bar tray can add character to any space! This personalized tray can be engraved with your dad’s name to let everyone who sees it know his affinity for bourbon! Made of gorgeous and durable acacia wood by American craftsmen at our home in Kentucky, it’s a great way to store bottles, decanters, keys, and memories.

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - Personalized Bourbon Bar Tray

2. Father’s Day Beer Mug

Your dad deserves a day all to himself every once in a while, with a frosty mug of beer and no responsibilities. This set of two engraved mugs sets the tone for that special day of his. It’s a durable mug with a decent amount of heft to it, reminiscent of beer hall-style glassware. It’s perfect for his favorite brew – IPAs, stouts, pilsners, and more – and fits comfortably in his hand.

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - DOD Father’s Day Beer Mug

3. Dad Established Pint Glass

You can recognize your dad and your siblings in one fell swoop with this set of two engraved pint glasses! A wonderful Father’s Day gift, the glasses can be engraved with your and your siblings’ names and dates of birth to commemorate each day he officially became a father. Made of durable borosilicate glass, these glasses are sturdy enough to last a lifetime. He can enjoy a nice cold beer, use the glasses as pen organizers on a desk, or display on a shelf.

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - Dad Est Father’s Day Pint Glass

4. #1 Dad Coaster Set

There are many dads out there but only one is #1 – and that’s your dad! This #1 Dad coaster set is perfect for both displaying how you feel about him and helping protect his wood furniture from unsightly water stains (for bonus points with Mom!). These beautiful coasters are made of 100% acacia wood by master craftsmen, blending high-quality materials with high-quality workmanship. Cut, carved, engraved, and personalized in small batches, you can trust that your coasters are pristine upon arrival.

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - Number One Dad Father’s Day Coasters

5. Golfer Decanter Set

We love this greenway tray and tee decanter set because it’s so fun and distinctive – the glassware has the dimples and everything! Perfect for the golf enthusiast, the tray set is comprised of one golf ball-shaped decanter, two golf ball-shaped whiskey glasses, a tray, and a tee for mounting the decanter. Add a stainless steel plaque to include a customizable message. Add two or four more matching glasses if you’d like!

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - Golf Ball Decanter Set

6. Whiskey Lover Cocktail Kit

Does your dad love all things whiskey? Here’s an opportunity to show him you’ve been paying attention! This whiskey cocktail kit comes with multiple flavor additions and step-by-step instructions for making unique whiskey cocktails at home. Flavor blends include Ginger Blend (ginger and elderflower), Barrel Blend (woody with notes of leather and spice), and Spiced Vanilla Blend (sophisticated vanilla). Each of these flavor packets can infuse a half bottle (375ml) of whiskey for a totally new at-home experience.

 Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - Whiskey Lover Cocktail Kit

7. Promoted to Grandpa Decanter Set

If your dad has the honor of being the best grandpa in the world (in addition to the best dad!), give him a classic decanter set that shows off this distinction. Engrave your and your sibling’s birthdates as well as the birthdates of his grandchildren on this 100% lead-free, handblown glass decanter and matching rocks glasses. The decanter is perfectly sized to hold a full fifth of his favorite spirit and capped off with an airtight stopper to keep the liquor fresh.

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - Dad Promoted to Grandpa Decanter Set

8. Monogram Decanter Set

There’s something so distinctive about owning cool items with your monogram emblazoned on them. That’s the thought behind this monogram decanter set. Made of the same high-quality materials and to the same high standard as all of our other decanters, this set can be personalized with your dad’s monogram, setting it apart from regular old decanters. Comes with two matching rocks glasses with an option to add two or four more at checkout.

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - Monogram Initial Decanter Set

9. Best Dad Whiskey Glass

There’s a lot to love about these whiskey glasses. For one thing, they let your dad know exactly how awesome he is. Secondly, it shows off his loves for mechanics with its detailed etching. Finally, the set is made of 100% lead-free, durable glass by master craftsmen here in the United States, guaranteeing the quality apparent in every sip. The glasses are perfectly sized to hold up to a generous 10 ounces of his favorite drink.

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - Best Dad Father’s Day Whiskey Glass

10. Not a Regular Dad, a Cool Dad Whiskey Glass

Like that iconic line from Mean Girls but about your dad – with a little ‘you’ cameo! This set of two whiskey glasses can be personalized to reflect who is telling your dad that he’s a cool one – “at least that’s what [your name here] tells me!”. The beautiful etched design is eye-catching as well as fun. Delightfully bold and durably made, these glasses will be ab excellent addition to his collection.

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - Cool Dad Father’s Day Whiskey Glass

11. Forever a Hero Coaster Set

A wonderful Father’s Day gift or a surprise from a bride to her father, these sweet coasters have a heartfelt message engraved in beautiful acacia wood, meant to last a lifetime. Sold in a set of four, the coasters are meticulously handcrafted at every step – from harvesting the sustainable acacia wood to engraving to packaging – so you can rest assured they’re the best quality. While these coasters are meant to protect wood finishes from water damage, there may be some waterworks when he reads this message!

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - My Forever Hero Father’s Day Coasters

12. Dad Off Duty Pint Glass

He’ll love pouring a cold one into these Off Duty pint glasses after a hard day at work! No need to interrupt happy hour as the message on the glass is clear: go ask your mother! A great Father’s Day gift, these attractive and durable pint glasses are perfectly sized for his favorite style of beer. Show him you appreciate all he’s done for you with these glasses that give him permission to put his feet up and sip a well-deserved beer.

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - DOD Father’s Day Pint Glass

13. Double Wine Tote

Sometimes you need a great reusable bag to transport your favorite bottles from place to place. Designed to conveniently hold two wine bottles to take to a party or a picnic, this double wine tote is both beautiful and expertly constructed. Made of waxed canvas and top-grain leather, the bag is built to last. It keeps your bottles secure without allowing them to clink together, making this a safe, easy, and attractive way to carry your favorite wine.

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - Napa Double Wine Tote

14. Gone Fishin’ Coaster Set

For the dad who loves early mornings out on the water, these coasters are a no-brainer. Beautifully engraved with ‘gone fishin’’, he’ll use this set of four acacia wood coasters every time he’s back on dry land. They’re a great conversation starter, naturally letting him brag about his la`test catch, in addition to being useful! Durable, attractive, and water-resistant, these coasters are sure to make him smile.

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - Boat Fishin Father’s Day Coasters

15. Stag Head Whiskey Glass

We have no shortage of personalized whiskey glasses, and this stag’s head set is yet another example of our excellent craftsmanship, from the handmade glass to the detailed engraving. Perfect for the man that loves to hunt, the inspired design and classic build easily holds his favorite libation comfortably in his hand. A one-of-a-kind gift, these glasses will be admired for years to come.

 Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - Stag Head Father’s Day Whiskey Glass

16. Sailfish Decanter

Need an unforgettable gift that’s sure to knock the socks off the dad who loves fishing? Look no further! This expertly made, highly detailed 2500ml decanter is the thing you’ve been searching for. It’s impossible to overstate the impact this decanter will have on any space – a home office, a kitchen, a lounge – with its intricate glass sailfish surrounded by your dad’s libation of choice. Mounted on sturdy red oak, it’s outfitted with a leak-free spigot in addition to the airtight stopper, meaning no leaks, no oxidation, no worries. Handblown and masterfully made, this decanter exudes sophistication.

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - Raconteur Sailfish Decanter

17. Barrel Glasses

Some of the best things – like wine and whiskey – are made in barrels. This set of two rocks glasses pays homage to the heavy lifting oak barrels do in perfecting some of life’s greatest drinks. Made of thick glass to keep the drink inside safe, the 10 ounce glasses are perfectly suited for whatever drink strikes your fancy. These are great for the dad that appreciates the little things.

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - Barrel Glasses

18. Whiskey Stones Set

Every whiskey aficionado knows that nothing ruins a a great dram like ice diluting the spirit. That’s why your whiskey-loving dad needs this whiskey stones set! Not only is the set equipped with two beautiful, classic rocks glasses, but it also contains six expertly made granite whiskey stones. Just chill the stones in the freezer and pull out one or two to cool your whiskey without watering it down, the way ice does. The rounded granite won’t scratch glassware and also won’t leave a scent or taste to your whiskey. Win-win!

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - Whiskey Stones Gift Set

19. Spirits Infuser

Does your dad love to experiment with flavors? This spirit's infuser is the gift for him. Simply add creative ingredients, such as herbs, spices, fruit, or whatever else you desire, to the filter before marinating your choice of liquor in the bowl. Come up with exciting, fun flavor combinations in a snap! The infuser quickly, easily, and efficiently embues spirits with your chosen ingredients. Great for displaying at parties or livening up a boring Tuesday.

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything - Copper Spirits Infuser

Let us know how you’ll be celebrating the dad who has everything!