18 Great Gifts for First Time Dads

Becoming a father for the first time is equal parts exciting and exhausting! First-time dads deserve a break now and again, which may be hard to come by with a little one at home. We’ve curated a list of high-quality gifts that can make staying in seem like heaven. From bespoke glassware to unparalleled decanters, our products are made by master artisans to exacting specifications to ensure you only get the best.

Keep reading for eighteen great gifts for first-time dads.

1. Dad, My Forever Hero Beer Mug (Set of Two)

If you’re looking for something to give a dad on ‘behalf’ of his new baby, this sweet Dad, My Forever Hero beer mug is just the thing. These two mugs are expertly etched with the darling sentiment that dad will always hold a special place in his child’s heart. Made of lead-free borosilicate glass, these mugs are safe and sturdy. Keep condensation off his hands and body heat away from the beer with the durable handles!

First Time Dad Gifts - Forever Hero Father’s Day Beer Mug

2. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Melting ice is the enemy of a busy dad. One minute he’s enjoying his perfectly-chilled whiskey, and one diaper change later, he’s drinking watered-down booze. The fix? This whiskey stones gift set is made up of six odorless, tasteless granite stones with rounded edges that won’t scratch glass. Simply place these stones on their included wooden tray in the freezer for a few hours and use them in place of ice. Your drink will stay perfectly cold and perfectly potent, even if the baby keeps you away from your glass for a while.

First Time Dad Gifts - Whiskey Stones Gift Set

3. Zebrawood Ashtray

Awash in pacifiers and diaper bags, the first-time dad is probably looking for an elevated reminder of his former life. This exotic zebrawood ashtray is made with such care and thoughtfulness, that he’ll temporarily forget he’s handling the three AM feeding. A beautiful handmade piece of art, the ashtray sets itself apart not only with gorgeous woodgrain but also with the delightful cabochon stone set in the center of the generous bowl.

First Time Dad Gifts - Zebrawood Ashtray

4. Basketball Coaster Set

While the ashtray may have him dreaming of days past, this basketball coaster set will set his sights on the future! He’ll envision shooting hoops with his kid in just a few short years, as well as reminding them to use a coaster on the hardwood furniture! Our water-resistant acacia wood coasters are hand-cut, carved, and etched in-house by our master artisans and come in a set of four.

First Time Dad Gifts - Basketball Coaster Set

5. Captain’s Quarters Decanter Set

As a first-time dad, he could use a space of his own. And why not give that lounge, man-cave, or workshop a name? Our Captain’s Quarters decanter set helps set the tone. With a classically-shaped square decanter and two matching whiskey tumblers, the set is professionally etched with an intricate ‘Captain’s Quarters’ logo with room for up to four lines of personalized text on the 900ml decanter. Add two or four more matching glasses at checkout if desired.

First Time Dad Gifts - Captains Quarters Decanter Set

6. Bottomless Coffee Subscription

Lots of late nights require lots of coffee. Keep the brew coming with a bespoke coffee subscription from the appropriately-named Bottomless. With a first-of-its-kind usage-based model, you’ll receive a scale that helps Bottomless determine when to send you your next fix. No more stale coffee or, even worse, a coffee shortage! There’s a rotation for every kind of coffee drinker, from light to dark roasts and even espresso. Choose between pre-ground or whole beans and start measuring – Bottomless will automatically send you the next bag in your rotation!

7. Compact Bar Cart

While we’re not saying a bar cart is a great idea in a nursery, we are saying that our compact bar cart can fit just about anywhere. The water- and stain-resistant acacia wood bar cart comes pre-assembled with welded steel and wheels for easy rolling. New parents can tell you: that staying organized is nearly impossible. Not so with this bar cart! Multiple bottles, decanters, and bar tools can fit on the two shelves with ease, keeping everything in one convenient place.

First Time Dad Gifts - Round Bar Cart

8. Silver Spirits Infuser

Between nap times, Dad could use an opportunity to flex his creative muscles. Our spirits infuser is perfect for crafting new, flavorful drinks that aren’t available on commercial shelves! Simply take your chosen ingredient – could be herbs, spices, fruit, you name it – and add it to the easy-to-clean filter. Then, add your spirit of choice to the reservoir and allow the two to steep for however long you’d like. Before you know it, you have your own specially infused liquor. Also available in copper.

First Time Dad Gifts - Silver Spirits Infuser

9. My Hero Pint Glass (Set of Two)

Here’s another opportunity to engrave a heartfelt message into a gift for first-time dads! The My Hero pint glass is a personalized beer vessel that’s perfectly sized for any style of beer. Just let us know the year the baby was born and we’ll add it to the engraving for that special touch. Like the beer mug above, it’s handmade and engraved in-house of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass. The rims are less fragile and therefore less likely to break than competitors’ glassware.

First Time Dad Gifts - Hero Father’s Day Pint Glass

10. Barrel Stave Cigar and Glencairn Holder

Help him keep one hand free with this sophisticated cigar and Glencairn glass holder. Made of reclaimed bourbon- or wine-barrel staves, the holder is accented with metal refashioned from the barrel’s hoops. This holder has a groove for a cigar and a divot to hold a classic Glencairn glass (not included) so he can carry around two of his favorite things at once. It’s like a relic of a by-gone era; somehow rustic and elegant at once. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else.

First Time Dad Gifts - Barrel Cigar Holder

11. Connoisseur Whiskey Glass (Set of Two)

Great glass can bring out all the aromas and nuances of excellent whiskey in a way that boring glasses can’t compare. With our mouthblown Connoisseur glasses, he’ll get every last expression of flavor out of his much-deserved tipple. Made of durable borosilicate glass, he’ll be able to cherish this set of two tumblers for years to come. One day, he’ll be enjoying a drink from one of these expertly-crafted glasses and fondly remember those early days of being a dad, drinking from this same glass.

First Time Dad Gifts - Connoisseur Whiskey Glass

12. Globe Decanter

First-time dads might feel like they have the world on their shoulders sometimes, and other times they’ll feel like their new baby is their world. Why not give them a beautifully handcrafted globe decanter to tangibly capture this moment in time? The mouth-blown and hand-engraved decanter is fashioned into planet Earth and topped with a ground-glass airtight stopper to keep the spirit within fresh and pure. Mounted on a sturdy hand-carved oak base, the decanter can safely spin on its orbit.

First Time Dad Gifts - 1000ml Etched Glass Globe Decanter

13. Prestige Stemless Wine Glass (Set of Two)

Stemmed glassware is the enemy of the new parent! They’re too easy to knock over and break. So if you know a first-time dad that could use an addition to their wine glass collection, look no further than our Prestige stemless wine glasses. Made with care by our artisans, these two glasses hold a generous twelve-ounce pour and omit the finicky, fragile stem. Drink your vino in peace knowing that the bottom is stable and the rims are thick, thanks to their lead-free borosilicate glass construction. 

First Time Dad Gifts - Prestige Wine Glass

14. Luxury Bed Linens

Sleep is at a premium for new parents. For those rare moments when their heads can hit the pillow, it should be the most luxurious pillow case cradling them. Ultra-soft and buttery smooth, Brooklinen offers gorgeous, sumptuous bed linens. They even help you stay cool on warm evenings! With various bundles to fit most budgets and styles, you’ll be thrilled to know that opulent bed sheets are just a click away. 

First Time Dad Gifts - Luxe Core Sheet Set

15. Silver Decanter Tags

Keep all your liquor decanters organized with these tasteful silver decanter tags. Never confuse the vodka and tequila again! With eight tags – vodka, tequila, bourbon, scotch, rum, brandy, gin, and whiskey – you can put all of your liquor into uniform decanters and then label them with these matching tags for that ‘have it all’ aesthetic. The adjustable chains fit on nearly any decanter. Also available in copper and rustic silver.

First Time Dad Gifts - Silver Decanter Tags

16. Charging Bull Decanter

He’ll do anything to defend his family. His tenacity and fierceness are only matched by his stubborn resolve to give his new baby everything. Honor those attributes with this stunning Charging Bull decanter. Made in the image of Pamplona’s running of the bulls, this mouthblown decanter is made with colored and clear glass for an eye-catching effect. With a 1000ml capacity, the bull can hold over a fifth of your chosen liquor. His wicked whipping tail is an airtight stopper.

First Time Dad Gifts - Bull Decanter 1000ml

17. Last Name Bar Tray

You, me, and the baby make three. Now that your family has grown, it’s time to commemorate the ties that bind. Our master craftsmen will engrave your last name in a beautiful font into an acacia wood bar tray to mark the occasion! The stain- and water-resistant bar tray is perfect for serving cocktails or breakfast in bed, displaying as a piece of art, or collecting small daily items like pens and sunglasses. It’s a gift that’ll never go out of style.

First Time Dad Gifts - Personalized Last Name Bar Tray 357

18. Loving Quote Pint Glass (Set of Two)

And here’s one last chance to tug at the heartstrings! This set of two-pint glasses sums it up perfectly: “to the world you are a father, but to our family, you are the world”. This pint glass is a great way to remind that first-time dad of just how important he is to his family. After a long day at work, he can crack open a cold one and pour it into this glass, knowing that his efforts are appreciated. Handmade of premium materials by master artisans, he’ll notice the high quality immediately.

First Time Dad Gifts - Loving Quote Father’s Day Pint Glass

Which of these eighteen great gifts for first-time dads will you be buying?