Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

Handmade Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray with Cabochon Stone
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Zebrawood Ashtray

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  • 8 x 8 Inches8 x 8 Inches

A Unique Gift For The Cigar Aficionado Who Has Everything

This is the ultimate gift for any friend or family member who appreciates the finer things in life...

The premium, exotic Zebrawood material is hand-crafted to perfection. Just like a Zebra in the African savannas, this ashtray is guaranteed to stand out, no matter where you place it.

Anyone who lays eyes on this thing will be doing double takes because of the beautiful craftsmanship on display.

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Handcrafted in the USA

We believe in American Made quality, craftsmanship and longevity. We also believe in creating and providing as many American jobs as possible. That's why when possible we make our products and parts right here in America. If you believe in American quality, jobs and the economy then this is the product for you.

  • American made pride in quality.
  • Made by master craftsmen in America.
  • Crafted using genuine hardwood and timeless design.

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Customer Reviews

At the end of the day, there's nothing better to take the edge off than a good, tasty cigar.

When you light that tip, you're in for a long, magical journey of relaxation.

Every puff is to be savored... And you'll be wishing you could hold onto that feeling of calm forever.

Sadly, the flame is bound to die out sooner or later. But as with any life well-lived, you can at least give your cigar a good memorial.

And if you have REAL taste for the finer things in life, you don't want an ashtray that'll pale in comparison to your favorite cigars.

With this ashtray? You can be sure that your cigars are given the monumental resting place they deserve.

This is a high-end product that comes dressed to impress—it's made out of a premium, exotic Zebrawood material. And when it comes to fine cigars, you want every bit of the experience to be top notch.

Whether you're taking some time alone to reflect on life or you're having a cigar party with friends, this ashtray is sure to add that extra bit of class you never knew you needed.

And even when you're not smoking cigars, it doubles as a brilliant, eye-catching centerpiece anywhere you put it—indoors or out.

Here are a few reasons this ashtray is the one for you:

  • Unparalleled Beauty - Anyone who lays eyes on this thing will be enchanted— it's like a work of art
  • Perfectly Sized - 4 grooves to hold your cigars—great for cigar parties—and plenty of space for the ash
  • Handcrafted in The USA - Quality craftsmanship and excellence you can't find anywhere else

You'll never find another ashtray that begs attention like this one.

That's what makes this the perfect gift for any cigar aficionado who thinks they've got it all figured out...

Even non-smokers will be impressed. Because just like a Zebra in the African savannas, the exotic beauty of this Zebrawood ashtray is something that will take anyone by surprise.


Product Features

Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray -

Functional and stylish cigar ashtray. The grooves will hold up to 4 cigars at once, and you'll have plenty of space for the ash. Whether you're smoking alone or with a party, it's sure to make your experience all the better.

Premium, Exotic Material -

Made from the finest Zebrawood, with a cabochon stone housed in the middle. This ashtray will double as a brilliant, eye-catching centerpiece, no matter where you place it. Anyone who lays eyes on it will be doing double takes because of the beautiful craftsmanship on display.

Made in the USA -

This ashtray is handcrafted to perfection by America's best. If you believe in American quality and supporting American workers & jobs, then grab this.

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