Smoothest Bourbon that are extremely delicious

So, we asked our bourbon enthusiasts their opinion about the smoothest bourbon. “Well, that’s a loaded question,” said Gene of @northern_bourbon. He was right. Honestly, these lovers of America’s spirit could have waxed poetic about easy, sweet, smooth bourbon all day and all night long.

But we stood by our
question. We wanted to know what came to their minds first. And we’ve got some
oh-so-smooth picks right here for you today.

Speaking of our
bourbon enthusiasts… Say hello to a little North and a little South - and
naturally, some Kentucky: @northern_bourbon, @southernbellebourbon, and @bourbonnut. And it doesn’t matter where the hell the @bourbonjunkies are from. We love them. (That said, we know their homeland is
ridiculously proud of their shenanigans.)

We’re grateful for our enthusiasts’ input. Follow them now on Instagram for plenty of fun, recs, and incredible journeys in the smoothest bourbon and beyond. Remember: everything is subjective here. We encourage you to try for yourself and judge for yourself, too. If it’s smooth to you, then baby, it’s smooth.

Four of the Smoothest Bourbon Picks

Join us for a list of must-try recommendations. Whether you’re hitting up your local liquor stores or traveling around the country, keep an eye out for these smooth beauties.

1) Boone County Distilling 12 Year Single Barrel ~ $79.99

Boone County Eighteen 33 Straight Bourbon Whiskey

@northern_bourbon’s Pick | Boone County Eighteen 33 Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Oh yeah. And we’re talking major OH YEAH. If you can get your hands on this stuff, don’t hesitate for a second. “I’d have to say that currently, my pick is Boone County Distilling 12-Year Single Barrel,” says @northern_bourbon. “Not the easiest bottle to find, but it’s simply the easiest to describe: YUM! YUM! YUM!”

Yep. Yum, and then
some. We hear you loud and clear. And we offer many thanks to our Canadian
Bourbon Ambassador for this rec.

(You guys: @northern_bourbon. The Bitmoji game is strong with this one. Instagram gold.)

2) Old Forester 1920 ~ $59.99

Old Forester 1920

Well, this is one of our favorite picks in general at Prestige. “For me, the smoothest, most affordable, always-on-the-shelf, go-to bourbon is Old Forester 1920,” says @southernbellebourbon. “First time I had it was on a road trip to Jack Daniels Distillery, doing a barrel pick, and someone brought it in a flask. Was blown away by the nose and finish.”

She goes on, “The caramel notes blew me away. I always keep a bottle now on my bar and always recommend this one for anyone looking for a smooth, go-to bourbon!” This Georgia-based belle is just peachy. And so is her selection here. We dig it.

3) Elmer T. Lee ~ $54.99

Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon

“You ask the smoothest bourbon,” begins @bourbonnut. “I want to say whatever is in my glass! I guess in all seriousness, several come to mind, but I’d put Elmer T. Lee at the top.” Oh, yes, sir. We are high-fiving you right now, fellow Kentuckian. (He’s born and bred Bluegrass, y’all. You can trust him.)

He continues, “My longtime love of Elmer T. Lee hit an all-time high when Boyd Crowder on Justified would drink ‘Elmer T’ on the show. It led me to pairing bourbons with my favorite shows. It’s a good thing Justified came to an end, or I may have run out of Elmer T. Lee.”

4) Wild Turkey 17 Year Master’s Keep - ~ $149.99

Smoothest Bourbon - Wild Turkey 17-Year

Smoothest Bourbon - Wild Turkey 17-Year Master’s Keep

Ready to splurge a little? DO IT. “The smoothest bourbon we’ve had is Wild Turkey 17,” say the @bourbonjunkies. “We won it together in a raffle and then enjoyed it together.” This is a fine pick.

They go on to say, “It’s a very interesting story behind the bottle, since it’s only 86-proof, yet barrel strength. It’s too long to put here, but if you haven’t read about it, it’s worth your time. Cheers!” These guys seem to be having most of the bourbon fun to be had. Check them out. And check out some of the Master’s Keep story right here at Breaking Bourbon.

Want to See Even More Picks? Share Below!

These four are great, but let’s keep the list going in the comments section below. We love hearing from our Prestige community. We know you’ve got a pick that needs to be here, and we definitely want to see it! Maker’s Mark fans? Basil Hayden lovers? We know you’re out there. We know that all of you have your very own smoothest bourbon rec. Tell us!

Real Smooth

The smoothest bourbon
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