Personalized Bourbon Decanter Sets for the Avid Bourbon Drinker on Your Christmas List

We are fully immersed in the holiday season. So if you haven't already started shopping for gifts, you must start now! Need a gift for the man or woman on your list who enjoys occasionally (or more than occasionally) partaking in a glass of small-batch bourbon? A decanter set is a fantastic gift option for them. We've compiled a list of 10 Personalized Bourbon Decanter Sets for the Avid Bourbon Drinker on Your Christmas List. 


1. Monogram Initial Decanter Set

Our first gift on our list is a wonderful gift for almost anyone who partakes in alcoholic beverages. But we think it is the ultimate gift for the bourbon drinker in your life. Our Monogram Initial Decanter Set is a gorgeous, fully loaded set that makes serving and drinking bourbon easy. The set includes a 900-ml decanter that is made with thick and sturdy glass. The set also includes two of our 10-ounce whiskey glasses. Both the whiskey glasses and the decanter feature hand-done monograms of your or your loved one's initials. 

 Stunning Monogram Initial Decanter Set

2. Custom Infinity Bottle Design V2

Have you ever heard about an infinity bottle? If not, you're in for a real treat when you discover this unique way to drink your favorite bourbons and create your blend effortlessly. Our Custom Infinity Bottle is a gorgeous piece that is sure to please any recipient when they see it. An infinity bottle is a way of blending different whiskies into one larger bottle. Add a bit of the beginning or end of your bourbon bottles to the infinity bottle. By the time the decanter is full, you'll have a completely custom blend of bourbon!

Custom Infinity Bottle Decanter

3. Golf Decanter Set with 4 Engraved Glasses

If you or your loved one is a golf fanatic, you'll want to add this bourbon decanter set to your shopping list ASAP. Our Golf Decanter Set is a truly unique set that we guarantee your friends and family have never seen before. The main feature of this set is the hand-blown, lead-free, 1000-ml decanter. This decanter is beautifully detailed to resemble a golf ball. And the top of the decanter brilliantly hides the spout, maintaining the distinct round shape without sacrificing functionality. The set also includes four whiskey glasses, each one etched with a different golf term. The decanter and glasses are presented beautifully on a faux grass tray.

One-of-a-Kind Golf Decanter Set

4. Classic Initial Decanter Set

You can never go wrong when it comes to giving a personalized piece. Our Classic Initial Decanter Set is a stunning set that will leave the gift recipient in awe. This set is made with only the highest quality materials and gives the feeling of delicious indulgence with every sip. This set includes a square, 900-ml decanter as well as two 10-ounce whiskey glasses. The glasses and the decanter are made using hand-blown, 100% lead-free glass, for both aesthetics and safety. Your loved one's initials are delicately monogrammed onto the face of the decanter and glasses with a classic and simple font. 

Classic Initial Decanter Set

5. Cullinan M Diamond Decanter

Our fifth gift on the list is a fan favorite and a best-seller when it comes to Prestige Haus' Decanters. The Cullinan M Diamond Decanter is a detachable decanter with a gorgeous wooden base. The decanter itself is made with heavy, nearly unbreakable glass and is formed into the shape of a diamond. The decanter itself sits on top of a wooden base in your choice of natural oak, espresso oak, or prestige oak wood. Add an engraved stainless-steel plaque to the base of this decanter for a more personalized feel.

Best-Selling Cullinan Diamond Decanter Set

6. Engraved USMC Marine Corps Eagle Globe Anchor American Flag Decanter Set

For our sixth gift on the list, we went a bit more specific to cater to a certain crowd. Our Engraved USMC Marine Corps Eagle Globe Anchor American Flag Decanter Set has a mouthful of a name! But it is a beautiful way to honor those who proudly served in the United States Marine Corps. This decanter set features the 900-ml classic square decanter as well as two of our classic shot glasses. Both the shot glasses and the decanter feature a unique USMC design and the decanter has space for four lines of custom text.

Personalized EGA USMC Flag Decanter Set

7. Gone Fishin' Square Decanter Set

If you're shopping for the fishing fanatic on your list this year, check out this one. Our Gone Fishin' Decanter Set is an adorable and unique way for your friend or family member to enjoy their favorite small-batch bourbon. The set includes a 900-ml borosilicate glass decanter as well as two shot glasses. The decanter features a fun and whimsical "Gone Fishin'" design. With every sip of his or her favorite bourbon, your fishing buddy will be back at their happy place, on the boat with their fishing pole in hand!


Sturdy Gone Fishin Decanter Set

8. Scales of Justice Square Decanter Set

This is perfect for the lawyer or law student on your holiday list. Our Scales of Justice Decanter Set is a unique and fun way to celebrate the purveyor of justice in your life. This set includes the 900-ml decanter and two shot glasses. The face of the decanter features the famous scales of justice that constantly weigh right and wrong in our justice system. The decanter features space for four lines of custom text. Add their graduation date, name, and school for a very personal piece!

Scales of Justice Decanter Set

9. Square Engraved Cross Religious Decanter Set

Shopping for a loved one who takes great pride in their religious beliefs and their strong convictions? They'll love our Engraved Cross Decanter Set. This set is a beautiful and pious way to celebrate their faith. The cross engraved is intricately detailed and designed by our master craftsmen for a beautiful piece to use or display. The entire set is guaranteed to arrive at your door intact and ready to use!

Customized Cross Religious Decanter Set

10. Square Engraved Motorcycle V1 Decanter Set

Resilient, tough, and ready for anything. Not only do these words describe your or your loved one's favorite ride on two wheels, but they also describe this awesome decanter set. Our Engraved Motorcycle Decanter Set is both delicate and tough. It includes a 900-ml decanter as well as two shot glasses to get the party started. The decanter and shot glasses feature an awesome motorcycle design that is downright “bad to the bone." 


Customized Motorcycle V1 Decanter Set

This list of decanter sets simply scratches the surface of all the personalized decanters that Prestige Haus has to offer. We have a gift for every bourbon-loving buddy on your Christmas list! Which decanter caught your eye?