Gifts for the Wine Drinkers

Buying a gift for a wine drinker can be a rather tough task.  Most wine drinkers seem to already have every imaginable wine-related doodad under the sun.  Well, this article will help you find the perfect gift for the oenophile, no matter their level of expertise!

Gifts for the Newbie Wine Drinker

These gifts have the new wine drinker in mind.  The vast terminology, etiquette, and other topics can cause a fresh-faced rookie’s head to spin!

Terms, Etiquette, and Pairings, Oh My!

To even attempt an actual conversation with a connoisseur of vino, one must possess the vocabulary, learn the lingo, and know the etiquette.  Here are some literary resources to knock those proverbial walls down:

Don’t forget to get them some wine-tasting crackers. These crackers have a mild, pastry-like taste that pairs wonderfully with both red and white wines. Crackers help to cleanse the palate in between tastings.

Hone Their Nose Skills

One of the most important senses in the true appreciation of wine is the sense of smell.  This 54 Wine Aroma Master Kit can help to develop that sense!  It comes with 54 different (but most common) aromas to practice recognition and identification with. 

Get That Newbie Some Gear

Start the newbie off right with some basics, like glassware and accessories!

Charm them with wine charms. There are plenty of options to choose from, so get going!

Teach them to properly aerate their wine with this hand-blown glass beauty! A beautiful decanter is a showpiece as well as a real way of showing how much you love them. Check out this Classic Wine Decanter.

Gifts for The Wine Drinkers - Prestige Classic Wine Decanter and Wine Glasses

They need something to enjoy sipping from, don’t they?

Help Them Do the Laundry

It’s no secret…red wine stains are a real problem!  Try a product like the Chateau Spill Red Wine Remover to remove new (and existing) red wine stains from clothing, upholstery, and carpets.

Gifts for the Seasoned Wine Connoisseur

Chances are, the more seasoned oenophile has many of the practical, common wine-related items lying around the house already.  This is where a little fun and creativity can ensue!

Decorative Stoppers

A wine bottle will always need to be sealed to maintain its fabulousness (and being!).  Perhaps a fun stopper is on their list…they just don’t know it yet!

Gifts for The Wine Drinkers - Flamingo Glass Wine Stopper


Gifts for The Wine Drinkers Holiday Wine Stoppers

  • Pineapple Stopper: Planning a surprise tropical vacation? Use this stopper as a hint!

Gifts for The Wine Drinkers Pineapple Wine Stopper

Infuse and They Won’t Lose

…out on flavor, that is!  Try giving them a gift of wine infused with their favorite fruit or spice! Nice! This copper spirits infuser allows you to put teas, herbs, or fruits into the bottom infuser section. Then, you just let your spirit soak up the delicious flavor. Want to add some peach and thyme to your chardonnay? Give it a try!

Do they prefer an easier, no-work food pairing? No problem! There are coffees, teas, and other delicious goodies that come with wine-infused in them!

Gifts for The Wine Drinkers - Merlot Infused Tea

Gifts for The Wine Drinkers - Creamy Chocolate Strawberry Moscato Infused Coffee

Gifts for The Wine Drinkers - BellaVitano Cheese


Make them Prove it!

For that all-knowing pal who likes to rub it in, ah, we jest! Test their knowledge with these “thinking outside the box” gifts!

1.)    A Blind Wine Tasting Game: Take their game night to the next level with wine!

2.)    Wine Wars--A Trivia Game for Wine Geeks and Wannabes: Test all things wine!

Wine Produces Many Options for Gifts!

Choosing a gift for the wine lover can prove challenging.  But with a little creativity, thoughtfulness, and love, you can find the perfect and unique gift for your wine-loving loved one!