DIY Bourbon Barrel Floor Ideas

Ever thought of creating some DIY bourbon barrel floor? If you want to take on such a project, we hope the thoughts and tips here will help you. Or maybe you’re using wine barrels, or considering a barrel backsplash or tabletop? Whatever the DIY plans, we wish you luck as you remodel the old or design the new.

What’s Special About the Bourbon Barrel?

Interior design that employs reclaimed wood happens to be all the rage right now. People are searching for pallets, aged barn wood, and even old bowling alley lane floors. The possibilities seem endless when you put your mind to it.

But the bourbon barrel is, of course, very special. Some may opt for wine barrels (or even whiskey barrels) that have been used and used again and are finally retired. Bourbon barrels are so different, though. According to River Drive Cooperage Millwork:

“In order to earn its title, Bourbon, the spirit must be aged in new charred oak barrels, while Scotch and Irish Whiskey barrels are often used multiple times. After producing a fine bourbon, the barrels are often used by breweries for special ‘Cask Aged’ ales, but again, are traditionally only used once.”

So, what can be done with these solid American White Oak beauties? Well, River Drive is certainly inspiring us with their bourbon barrel flooring. They’re in tune with the history of both whiskey and wood, and they’re salvaging this 18th-century U.S. tradition.

Click here to check out their showroom whiskey barrel floors and stave walls! Wow. Yeah, we’re feeling inspired for sure.

Whiskey Barrel

Rustic or bust! Whiskey barrels are just so cool. [Photo cred: Public Domain]

DIY Bourbon Barrel Floor Ideas: What to Consider

If you’ve secured some bourbon barrels and are looking to do something awesome with them, then you’ve come to the right place. Though such a flooring project will certainly be a lot of work, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind floor that you can be proud of. Even more, it’ll be a conversation piece like no other! I mean, can you imagine your home bar, kitchen, or restaurant upheld by bourbon barrels? Pretty freaking sweet.

Tip: You may decide that purchasing the ready-to-go barrel staves is the path you want to take. No shame in that! You can still install the floor yourself. You don’t have to start from barrel scratch.

The Challenge: Straightening the Staves

We offer up this short wine barrel flooring video to highlight the fact that yes, these bourbon barrel staves are also going to be curved. That’s the challenge. How do you straighten the staves and keep them flat? How do you produce solid flooring with no spring-back? As you’ll hear in the video, it takes one barrel to cover about twelve feet of floor. A 600-square-foot room would require fifty barrels.

Put your thinking caps on, people. And have a glass of bourbon as you ponder the process.

Lower-Cost Option makes a great point when they say that DIY bourbon barrel floor might be a cheaper option, given that typical oak floors are pretty expensive. And how cool are those brand markings (that can certainly be preserved)? Your family and friends will know what they’re walking on almost immediately.

Think Big (Or Small)

In this case, thinking small might be okay. Antique Barrel Collection uses the whiskey barrel heads to make floors. This way, you don’t really have to worry about the curvature of the staves. (You might use the rest of the barrel for a table base or garden planter.) You’d need a lot of heads to complete a floor, though. Think about making a small tabletop or your kitchen backsplash with these heads instead. A little bit of bourbon love can go a long way, right?

You can also keep thinking big, though. Because their charred oak whiskey barrel product really speaks to us. Why not bring the dark interior of those magical barrels to the forefront? Yes, please. We’re feeling pretty inspired.

Want More DIY Bourbon Barrel Floor Ideas?

While we specialize in decanters, we really do have such an appreciation for DIY projects, especially when they involve barrel wood. These DIY bourbon barrel floor ventures have our Kentucky pride and bourbon-loving hearts completely aflame.

Check out more of our blog’s DIY projects here! And before you go, feel free to share your own bourbon or whiskey barrel DIY projects in the comments below. Inspire our community even more!