Cool Whiskey Decanter

On the search for a cool whiskey decanter? Eureka! You’ve struck gold! Because Prestige is the best in the biz. See for yourself. We’re featuring five of our coolest decanters today. We know you’re going to love what you see.

A Cool Whiskey Decanter for You!

Well, well, people are actually getting wowed -- not just by one -- but by most of our decanters. And that's because they scream 'cool!' Can you hear them already? Oh yeah. They are legit screaming cool right now. Here are just five of them quickly...

1. Atlas Decanter

Cool Atlas Whiskey Decanter - The Bearer of Worldly Spirits

Cool Atlas Whiskey Decanter | The Bearer of Worldly Spirits | Made by Prestige.

First up is our
Atlas Decanter. We like to describe him as the “Bearer of
Worldly Spirits.” Epic, right? Every decanter we craft here at Prestige boasts
hand-blown glass. The detail on this beauty is everything. Whether it’s for you
or whether you’re gifting it, minds will be blown.

Let Atlas shoulder your troubles. Sit back, and enjoy a pour!

2. Diamond Shaped Decanter

Cool Diamond-Shaped Whiskey Decanter

Cool Diamond-Shaped Whiskey Decanter | Elegantly Handcrafted | Made by Prestige.

The Diamond Shaped Decanter dazzles all who see it. It’s a true jewel.
It holds what’s precious to you. And it doesn’t just look great--all of our
decanters have an airtight ground glass stopper. Your liquor will be safe and

A diamond can’t be your best friend until it has liquor in it. Just saying.

3. Tomoka Gold Decanter

Cool Barrel-Shaped, Tomoka Gold Whiskey Decanter

Cool Barrel-Shaped, Tomoka Gold Whiskey Decanter | Crafted for Class and Durability | Made by Prestige.

This Barrel Shaped Decanter sails right into your bar and heart. You
have options when it comes to the oak base: natural, espresso, and Prestige
oak. You can talk to us about customized engraving, too. We love helping our
customers with their requests.

Remember that airtight stopper? Same goes for our spigot designs.

4. Constellation 1797 Decanter

Cool Constellation 1797 Whiskey Decanter

Cool Constellation 1797 Whiskey Decanter | Built to Last | Made by Prestige.

artisans and master craftsmen help us complete these unique works of art. Every
single decanter is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind, right down to the details!
We’re using quality wood to make our products as well.

Did you know that if you purchase this Constellation 1797 Decanter  (or any other decanter) we plant a tree? That’s right. It’s part of our Buy One Plant One promise. That’s one cool whiskey decanter, huh? Every time you enjoy a drink, you can remember that somewhere out there, a tree is growing in its honor.

5. Golf Ball Decanter

Cool Golf-Ball-Shaped Whiskey Decanter

Cool Golf-Ball-Shaped Whiskey Decanter | Intricately Built the Hard Way | Made by Prestige.

There are no
worries with us. Our decanters are always made of lead-free glass. And how
awesome is this Golf Ball Decanter? You’ll also find a Football Decanter in our lineup. As for whiskey glasses, you’ll discover golf, basketball, football,
and soccer options.

You’ll have all
kinds of game with these on your bar!

Tip: Purchasing this cool whiskey decanter as a gift? See our video now for tips on how to decide on the best pick possible!

You Agree These Are All Very Cool Whiskey Decanters, Right?

But which one is the coolest? That’s the question. Let us hear your opinion in the comments below. If you could have one, which one would it be? Why do you dig it?

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special bottles.

We like to
think you can count on the Kentucky kids for the coolest things in liquor. So,
we hope you’re thinking that way. We do our best to be the kings and queens of
cool over here. And to bring you amazing products that you’ll cherish for years
to come.