21 Gifts for 50th Anniversary

Whether you’re lucky enough to be celebrating 50 years of marriage with the love of your life or if you’re looking for a gift for the long-lived couple, PrestigeHaus has you covered! Here we’ve compiled our list of 21 perfect gifts for celebrating the Golden Anniversary, the big 5-0!

1. Fully-Customizable Lion Decanter Set

To illustrate the ferocity of fifty years of love, give your significant other or the happy couple a classy decanter set featuring a maned lion. With up to four lines of customizable engraving, this hand-blown glass decanter with matching glassware is classically designed and easy to use. They’ll be reminded of the courage, grace, and strength it takes to make it to fifty years of marriage each time they look at this beautiful set.

lion decanter set - customize 50th anniversary gift

2. Customizable Ship-Themed Decanter Set

For a nautical representation of the loving bonds of marriage, look no further than this ship-themed set. Complete with one hand-blown glass decanter and two matching glasses, this set can also be fully customized with up to four lines of engraving or left just as it is. Perfect for the couple who escapes to the beach at every opportunity, or has many fond memories out on the water. The airtight glass stopper will keep any liquor fresh and protected from the air.

Ship on a glass decanter - Memorable 50th Anniversary Giftift

3. Magellan’s Globe Decanter

Show them you’ve always wanted to give them the world with a showstopping globe decanter. Inside, a blown-glass ship forging the seas of your favorite liquor. It’s mounted on a durable and handsome wooden base made right here in the USA. Choose from prestige oak, natural oak, acacia, or espresso oak bases. You can also mount the decanter on a metal base or a handsome Atlas. To take your gift up another level, pair it with a duo of globe-shaped whisky glasses.

Magellan’s Globe Decanter - Special Gift for 50th Anniversary 

4.  Constellation Decanter

There’s something so romantic about traveling together. Let this striking decanter with the glown-blass ship tucked inside help you recall all the great travels you’ve had as a couple. Because of its unique shape, it is mounted on a wooden base made by a master craftsman in Kentucky. You can express yourself and your love with up to three lines on a stainless steel plaque, which would then be affixed to the wooden base. Just imagine yourself pouring your favorite dram from the leak-free spigot! It’s certainly a conversation piece!

Constellation Decanter - unique 50th anniversary gift

5. Fantasy Football Trophy Decanter

This one is for the person who carefully curates their roster for the season, obsesses over their picks, and watches the Big Game each week without fail. The realistic-looking football decanter rests gently in a bespoke wooden base. This is a particularly neat piece because you can add more than twenty past champion plaques in addition to a customizable league plaque, making this a dynamic, legacy decanter, changing year after year. It also features a multi-colored LED basin light to show off your favorite team’s colors. 

Perpetual Fantasy Football Decanter - personalized gift for 50th anniversary

6. Diamond Decanter

Now this is the way to show someone what you really think of them! This Cullinan diamond-shaped decanter may not sparkle and shine as much as an engagement ring, but it’s just as eye-catching! You can display this expression of fifty years together on its handcrafted oak base, and with up to two lines of engraving, let them know exactly how you feel. 

Culllinan M Diamond decanter - best gift for 50th anniversary

7. Diamond Glasses

The Diamond Decanter wouldn’t be complete without a set of two diamond-shaped glasses. A pair as great as you and your honey are, the diamond glasses perfectly hold a glass of wine or bourbon – whichever you prefer! They’re made to last, as they’re hand-blown resilient borosilicate glass. That’s an apt metaphor for such a fiftieth anniversary!   

Diamond Whiskey Glasses - elegant 50th anniversary gift

8. Personalized Bar Tray

An attractive, personalized bar tray elevates any home bar as a space to display unique glassware, useful bar tools, and boutique ingredients. Made of acacia wood, this bar tray is both durable and stunning. Engrave the happy couples’ names and the date they were wed fifty years ago to give them a gift that is truly all about them on their special day.

Wooden Bar Tray - Personalized  50th Anniversary Gift

9. Atlas Decanter

This extraordinary decanter and stand remind your recipient that they’re your whole world. Atlas isn’t shrugging here: instead, he steadily holds aloft a hand-blown glass globe to fill with your love’s favorite scotch or bourbon. Both Atlas himself and the globe are etched with impressive attention to detail. It’s a piece that guests will want to examine as they enjoy a glass of whisky with their favorite Golden Anniversary couple. 

Atlas Decanter - non-traditional 50th wedding anniversary gift


10. Personalized Name Coasters

For the couple that insists they ‘don’t need anything’, treat them to customized coasters to protect the finish on their tables. This set of four acacia-wood coasters can be round or square in shape and features a large monogram of the first initial of their last name as well as their last name in full. It’s a thoughtful way to respect their wishes while showing you care about this incredible milestone. 

personalized monogram coasters - personalized 50th anniversary gift

11. Star-Chart Whisky Glass Set

This is the perfect gift for the whimsical, star-crossed lovers celebrating five decades together. It’s a duo of whisky glasses featuring the beauty of the night sky. Expertly crafted and engraved with constellations, they’re a stunning addition to a lifetime’s glass collection. Imagine sipping a glass of whisky from the galaxy! 

Star Chart Astronomy Whiskey Glasses - Unique 50th Anniversary Gifts12. Aficionado Whisky Glass

Let them know just how classy you think they are with a set of elegant, timeless whisky glasses. These can complement any decanter or grace a bar cart alone. They are comfortable in the hand and make you feel as though you’re drinking straight from a minimalist work of art. Perfect for an understated, refined sensibility.

Aficionado Whiskey Glass - unique 50th anniversary gift ideas

13. Custom Engraved Glassware Set

A fully-personalized engraved set of rocks glasses can add some fun to the home bar. Perhaps you’d like to engrave a pet name or a sweet nothing into the hand-blown glass for the occasion. Better yet, assign a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ for easy identification if the two of you agree on everything but your drink of choice! Just chat with our helpful staff at checkout and we’ll help you bring your idea to life.

Custom Engraved Glasses - custom 50th anniversary gift

14. Rolling Bar Cart

All this talk of decanters and glassware and yet nothing to display them on…until now! Give the Golden couple a classy, compact rolling bar cart made of acacia wood. It’s on smooth casters for easy mobility and comes preassembled, meaning no hassle! Despite its small size, it has two trays (an upper one and a lower one) meaning there’s plenty of room to display your favorite bottles and glassware. It’s beautifully designed and will certainly impress anyone who sees it. 

Rolling Bar Cart - practical 50th anniversary gifts

15. Large Bar Cart

If you need more space than the rolling bar cart provides, look no further. This gorgeous acacia wood bar cart has not one, not two, but three trays to hold bottles, bar equipment, glassware, and more. With its convenient shopping-cart style handle, it’s easy to maneuver and an impressive piece of furniture sure to attract attention. Like our more compact acacia bar cart, this one also comes preassembled – our gift to you! 

Large Acacia Bar Cart - 50th anniversary gift ideas

16. Liquor Infuser

For the adventurous, experimental couple, give them a liquor infuser to spice up their nights. Easily infuse spirits with any number of unique and creative flavors. It’s a great conversation starter in addition to being a fun activity, and the combinations of infusions are only limited to your own innovation! It’s simple to use and comes with a handy instruction booklet including some infusion ideas to get the juices flowing. 

Copper Colored Liquor Infuser - unique 50th anniversary gift

17. Diamond Wine Stopper

It’s undeniable that such a monumental anniversary provokes thoughts of diamonds, so forgive us for so many diamond-themed gift ideas on this list. However, a sparkling, stylish diamond wine stopper gracing the top of her favorite bottle of wine is sure to impress! It’s an artisanal and useful piece of bar equipment all in one, mixing whimsy with necessity flawlessly. The glass facets beautifully reflect the light, drawing attention to this one-of-a-kind gift for your one-of-a-kind love. 

Diamond Wine Stopper - themed-gifts for 50th anniversary

18. Classic Wine Decanter

With its elegant swoops and timeless curves, this classic wine decanter is sure to make an impact on any table. Designed with grace in mind, this sophisticated decanter is especially impressive filled with garnet-colored wine. Consider its luxurious shape while you allow your wine to open up to its full potential within the decanter’s silhouette. The hand-blown glass is surprisingly durable, especially if you use our decanter cleaning kit to keep it sparkling. 

Classic Wine Decanter - Best 50th Anniversary Gift

19. Marlo Thomas Champagne Bucket

No celebration is complete without the pop of a Champagne cork! Keep those bubbles fresh and chilled in this fashionable Champagne bucket made of polished stainless steel. The exterior is handcrafted, sustainably-sourced solid oak, which beautifully complements the silver-plated handles. It’s versatile appearance makes this bucket the perfect choice for a classy anniversary party, a picnic, or even a backyard barbecue – anywhere sparkling wine is being served! 

20. Marble & Brass Monogram Cheese Board

What a beautiful, thoughtful cheese board to serve charcuterie! Choose the happy couple’s monogram to adorn the marble board in brass. It’s pretty enough to display all the time, and the white marble will blend seamlessly into just about any design theme. Hand-polished to a high shine, this glimmering board is easy to maintain and provides the perfect contract to cured meats and imported cheeses.

21. Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

If your loved one enjoys a stogie from time to time, complement their humidor with this stylish handmade ashtray. This isn’t your average ashtray: this work of art is handcrafted exotic Bubinga wood, complete with two grooves to hold cigars and plenty of space for ash. It’s a classy addition to a cigar party, home office, or personal workspace.

Bubinga Cigar Ashtray - Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas


The 50th wedding anniversary is an enormous accomplishment! Which of these gifts will you choose to exemplify fifty years of devotion?