17 Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in your life. However, it can be a stressful time as well. If you’re looking for gifts for your groomsmen but haven’t found something that truly fits your gift giving style, you’ve come to the right place. Let us help you take a bit of the stress away from finding the perfect gift for your groomsmen with our specially curated gift of Unique Groomsmen Gifts.

1. Engraved Personalized Groomsman Decanter Set

Break the mold of buying boring groomsman gifts forever with our Engraved Personalized Groomsman Decanter Set. This stunning set includes a customizable, 900ml decanter and two shot glasses that also have room for personalized text. The decanter is classically designed and durably made with an airtight seal guaranteed to ensure that your liquor is always at its finest quality. Your groomsman will truly feel appreciated and will think of your special day each time they reach for their personalized decanter.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts - Groomsman Monogram Decanter Set

2. Classic Initials Whiskey Glasses Set

If you’re looking to keep your gift giving simple and classic, then our Classic Initials Whiskey Glasses Set is the perfect gift to give to your groomsmen.  This set of classic glasses is etched, not painted, in house, for an effortlessly chic style that won’t chip or wear. This set of glasses is masterfully made using hand-blown borosilicate glass, which ensures that the glasses are always the perfect thickness while remaining completely lead free.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts - Classic Initial Whiskey Glasses Set

3. Personalized Whiskey/Wine Barrel Bar Tray

Our number three pick is the perfect pick for a groomsman who loves to entertain. Our Personalized Whiskey/Wine Barrel Bar Tray will had a truly unique touch to any at home bar or kitchen. The tray itself is made using only acacia wood, which is highly durable, very beautiful, and resistant to liquids. The personalized barrel is etched beautifully into the natural grain wood with the name of the gift recipient. Get one for each of your groomsman to express your gratitude for them standing by your side on your big day.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts - Barrel Bar Tray

4. Pythagoras Globe Decanter

Your groomsmen mean the world to you, why else would they be standing with you on one of the most important days of your life? Our Pythagoras Globe Decanter is the perfect gift to really express your gratitude for your special bond with your buds. This 1000ml decanter sits beautifully on a base of your choice of oak wood, acacia wood, rustic metal, or our atlas base. The airtight seal of the decanter ensures that your liquor will be perfect and always protected.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts - 1000ml Etched Glass Globe Decanter

5. Diamond Glasses

The friendships you’ve formed with your groomsmen are forever. Diamonds are forever. We can’t think of a more perfect gift for a friend who your bond with is unbreakable. These stunning and high-quality glasses are thick, durable, and lead free. Their intricate design is perfect for display on your shelf, or for daily drinking use. The set of glasses is meticulously hand crafted for a unique and memorable drinking experience.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts - Diamond Whiskey Glass Set of Two

6. YETI Rambler Tall Can Insulator

Our number 6 pick on the list is the perfect gift to give your groomsmen before your bachelor party, or any group outing. The YETI Rambler Tall Can Insulator will keep their drinks cool, kind of like how they’re keeping you cool through of the nervousness and excitement on your big day. This 16-ounce insulator is perfect for larger cans of beer, especially craft beers. The double wall vacuum insulation keeps their beers cool for as long as they’re sipping.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts - Can Insulators

7. Firefighters Decanter

Prestige Haus takes great pride in honoring those who serve our country, firefighters being no exception. If your groomsman are firefighters, they’ll feel honored by this breathtaking decanter. The 1000ml decanter is made using hand blown glass and features an intricately designed Maltese Cross, the renown symbol of firefighters, inside of the decanter itself. There are several materials for the base to choose from, so you can make each decanter unique.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts - Firefighters Decanter

8. Engraved Groomsman Gift Mustache Design Decanter Set

We mustache you: can you find a more perfect groomsman gift than this Engraved Groomsman Gift Mustache Design Decanter Set? We don’t think so. This classically designed decanter holds 900ml of your groomsman’s favorite liquor or wine and is made for the perfect pour every time. This fully customizable set comes with two shot glasses to get the party started. The thick glass of the decanter and accompanying classes keeps their liquor or wine safe and secure and ready for the party!

Unique Groomsmen Gifts - Groomsman Mustache Design Decanter Set

9. Father of the Groom Whiskey Glasses

We certainly cannot forget to include the father of the groom on our list. These Father of the Groom Whiskey Glasses will definitely make your dad feel special and loved on your big day. Each glass features a tuxedo design that is etched in house and includes the “Father of the Groom” label. The 10-ounce glasses are perfect for dad to enjoy a glass of his favorite whiskey or scotch, and it comes with a second glass, so you can share in the experience with him.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts - Father of the Groom Whiskey Glasses

10. Golf Decanter Set With 4 Engraved Glasses

There’s nothing like a day on the golf course with your best friends. Forever remember that feeling of the warm sun, the fresh cut grass, and the companionship of your buddies with our Golf Decanter Set with 4 Engraved Glasses. This awesome set is truly unique and comes presented on a faux turf tray. The golf ball shaped 1000ml decanter comes perched on a golf tee for a fun presentation, and the four glasses feature different golf scoring phrases to keep with the theme.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts - Golf Ball Decanter Set

11. Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses

Give your groomsmen the world with our Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses. These whiskey glasses are incredibly unique, and even feature a rounded bottom to mimic the tilting and spinning of the earth. But, like your lifelong friendship with your groomsmen, these glasses do not falter or spill. The thick, 100% lead free glass ensures that their drinking experience is always perfect, every sip of the way.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts - Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses

12. Eagle Globe and Anchor Marine Corps Decanter

If you’ve met some of your groomsmen in the line of service, or just know that they are or were active members of the Marines, there is no better way to honor them than our Eagle Globe and Anchor Marine Corps Decanter. This hand crafted decanter features the honorable and always recognizable, venerable eagle, globe, and anchor, made with attention to detail always in mind. The decanter itself is a globe made from hand-blown, lead-free glass that will keep the integrity of whatever liquor is  inside of it.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts - Eagle Globe Anchor

13. Dog Pocket Square

We certainly cannot forget man’s best friend when we are picking out the perfect groomsmen gifts. Your groomsmen will love this personalized Dog Pocket Square to wear on your big day. This square can be personalized with the groomsman’s dog’s breed, perfectly outlined on a crisp, white linen handkerchief. This company will even customize the outline using a picture of the dog in question. Add the groomsman’s name for an even more personalized touch!

Unique Groomsmen Gifts - Dog Customizable Pocket Square

14. Engraved Groomsman Shield Decanter Set

If you’re looking for a groomsman gift that also gives back, we always recommend purchasing a decanter set from Prestige Haus. For each decanter purchased, a tree is planted. Prestige Haus has planted over 100,000 trees. Your groomsmen will love the intricate detailing of our Engraved Groomsman Shield Decanter Set and the amazing quality of the thick, lead-free glass and you can feel great about making a purchase that helps our environment.

 Unique Groomsmen Gifts - Groomsman Shield Decanter Set

15. Tomoka Gold Decanter

Our Tomoka Gold Decanter is most definitely an opulent gift that your groomsmen will be in awe over. This beautiful decanter features a ship in a bottle motif. They’ll be stunned at the sheer fact that something as delicate and detailed as the hand-blown glass ship can even be inside of this thick and sturdy 1000ml decanter. The stainless-steel spigot ensures that the perfect amount of whiskey is poured into their glass, and not a drop more. 

Unique Groomsmen Gifts - Tomoka Gold

16. Engraved Wedding Party Decanter Set

This Engraved Wedding Party Decanter Set is more than just something to hold your alcohol, it is a treasure that your groomsmen will have for a lifetime, always remembering how much they mean to you. The decanter and accompanying glasses are fully customizable. Add the groomsman’s name or an inside joke for a personal touch. The appropriately sized 900ml decanter will comfortably hold a fifth of their favorite liquor, and the two small glasses make it a perfect set.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts - Wedding Party Decanter Set

17. Cullinan M Diamond Decanter

We are finishing up our list with one of Prestige Haus’ best selling decanters. The Cullinan M Diamond Decanter will be an absolute hit with your groomsmen. The detailing on the glass decanter is breathtaking, even more so when you find out that it is meticulously hand made by expert craftsmen. The wooden base comes in several shades of oak, so you’ll be able to customize the style to best fit your groomsmen’s aesthetics.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts - Cullinan Diamond Decanter

Picking your groomsmen is one of the easier parts of wedding planning. We hope that this list of Unique Groomsmen Gifts can make picking out gifts for them simple and stress-free as well. Which gifts will you be picking for your groomsmen?