What are the Different Types of Glass and How are They Different?


The choice of the raw materials is one of the most important steps in creating a stunning decanter.

We opt for borosilicate glass, a strong and durable glass that is lead-free and able to be formed into intricate designs. Before we get too far into our reasons for choosing borosilicate glass, we’d like to quickly outline some of the other glass types.


A. Soda-Lime Glass

This is certainly the most common type of commercial glass. It’s also the cheapest, so many companies choose soda-lime glass to turn profits. This kind of glass consists of silica, soda, and lime. Exposure to heat and shifts in temperature can and often does lead to unwanted issues in this type of glass. Soda-lime glass definitely isn’t the most durable. In this case, you get what you pay for.


B. Lead Glass/Crystal

Crystal is another name for leaded glass. This type of glass boasts a high percentage of lead, as the name suggests. While it’s more expensive than soda-lime, crystal is still lacking when it comes to strength and durability. It also isn’t the best choice for a decanter that holds precious liquor and wine, because the lead can seep out into your spirit of choice. Therefore, we at Prestige Decanters believe in using only lead-free glass.


C. Borosilicate Glass (Lead-Free)

Now that we’ve covered two different types of glass, you can see that not all glass is the same. Borosilicate glass is a special kind of glass that incorporates boron trioxide and silicon dioxide. It contains approximately 80% silicon dioxide and 10%+ of boron trioxide, compared to 70% silicon dioxide and 1% boron trioxide for soda lime glass.


Using more of these elements means borosilicate glass is more difficult to make, and it’s certainly more expensive. But this makes the glass stronger and more resilient; and because it’s a harder form of glass, it’s possible to create complex and intricate shapes.


Your libations will be elegantly protected, and you will, too.



What are the Benefits of Borosilicate Glass?

Here at Prestige Decanters, we use this type of glass because we care about the safety of our customers and the quality of our glassware. It’s the premium pick. But what do we love about it specifically? We’ll tell you—and we’re convinced you’ll like these benefits as well.


1. Stay Healthy. Lead-Free

No chemicals, like lead, will seep into your alcohol. You can feel safe drinking from glassware made of borosilicate. With lesser grades of materials, you have cause to worry about toxins potentially releasing into your liquor or wine. We want our customers to stay happy and healthy.

Another concern that should be considered is BPA: a toxic industrial chemical sometimes found in plastics. Borosilicate glass itself is BPA-free. However, some decanters which use borosilicate may have other components made from BPA plastic. When choosing borosilicate products, check to see the chemical composition of any plastic products.


2. Durability.

Because it’s a harder form of glass, borosilicate is the most durable form of glass. This is the number one aspect of borosilicate that has made it so sought after. Manufacturing it requires a higher temperature than soda lime glass does, which leads to more strength.


3. Trust the Quality.

Glass tends to “look” the same across the board. But not all glass is created equal; not even close. Borosilicate is an upgrade, without a doubt. It may interest you to know that chemistry and industrial labs use borosilicate glass. It’s durable, and it resists chemical changes. Borosilicate is even used to store nuclear waste so that leaching doesn’t occur.


4. Craftsmanship.

Our decanters are meticulously handcrafted. Our glass of choice is borosilicate glass because of its health benefits, strength, and hardness.


When it comes to creating complex intricate designs, we need a glass that is going to perform well.


We don’t want our imagination to be limited by the material we use. So, we choose to work with borosilicate glass so we can create the intricate, complex, eye-catching designs that customers want.


Glass, light, and whiskey are brilliant in their own respects but bringing them together is breathtaking. That’s our goal: when you get a product from us, you (or the receiver of the gift) will be speechless and awe inspired.


Skill and craftsmanship, along with an eye for details, are just a few of the elements that go into making one of our decanters. Our dedication to the craft, our expertise, and the form and function of our products is what separates us from the rest.



We Believe in Borosilicate

Because it’s the best. We’ve left no stone unturned in our production process. We’ve done our research. We brought together the finest materials and artisans so that we could bring our dream of exciting, luxurious, unforgettable decanters to life. We’re proud to extend our stunning lineup of beautiful borosilicate decanters and barware to you.

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