Woodworking is the art of creating items out of different types of wood. Along with stone and clay, wood is one of the first materials that was used by humans thousands of years ago.


Woodworking is one of the world’s oldest crafts and continues to be a primary method of making both decorative and functional objects. Throughout history, the development of civilization has been closely tied with people’s ability to manipulate wood into tools.


Today, a combination of traditional, long-established woodworking methods and cutting-edge technology are used to create works of art limited only by the imagination.


We use wood in our decanter bases to highlight and accentuate the glass decanters. Our primary goal is to create well-designed, well-made barware that is affordable for everyone. We deliver on that promise through a marriage of sound craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and modern technology. We offer our customers beautiful decanters that are made in the U.S. and can be handed down for generations.


But before our craftsmen can work their magic, we must first start the process by selecting the right material for the job.




All great woodworking starts with selecting the best materials.


There are two types of natural wood: hardwoods and softwoods. Hardwoods are more durable because they are harder and denser. They are also generally more expensive than softwoods. We use hardwoods because the finished look and durability are well worth the additional costs, and we want to ensure the best for our customers.


We source the wood for our bases from right across the river in southern Indiana. We choose oak for our wooden bases because it has striking grain patterns and is stronger than most wood species. It is one of the most widely-used hardwoods in fine furniture making and is even the wood used to craft bourbon barrels.


Because of its strength and durability, oak is an excellent choice for pieces that will last a lifetime.


The distinct beauty of our wooden bases lies in the color, pattern, and quality of the wood. These natural characteristics make each piece unique. Selecting quality lumber is our priority and we work directly with the sawmill to select the best oak for our bases. Trees are the foundation of our prized decanters, so we opt for Mother Nature’s top quality.




Every decanter we make is handcrafted with attention to detail and an eye for meticulous quality. Ensuring customers get the perfect piece to complement their home or business is what sets us apart.  


A century ago, craftsmanship was highly valued. Craftsman homes were filled with intricate trim and handmade furniture that doubled as works of art. Over time, our society has become a throwaway culture where furniture is cheaply made from particle board with faux veneer and not expected to last.


Our products aren’t made for those who embrace the throwaway culture.


In fact, our intention is the exact opposite. We design our pieces to last for generations — which means our products won’t end up in a landfill anytime soon.


We are passionate about providing high-quality handcrafted products, with an emphasis on both form and function. We build products to last and stand behind our products and craft.


We believe in American-made quality, craftsmanship, and longevity. We also believe in creating and providing as many American jobs as possible. That's why, when possible, we make our products and parts right here in America and we take pride in employing local craftsmen. When you purchase our handcrafted oak decanters, you can trust you’re getting a product that is American-grown and American-made. We give attention to detail and design to produce products that are handcrafted and unique. If you believe in American quality and supporting the creation of American jobs, this is the product for you.


Our decanter bases are made in Louisville, Kentucky with top-quality sustainably sourced natural wood. From start to finish, the skilled craftsmen at Prestige put their skills and passion into the pieces they create. We combine the latest technology with traditional, long-established woodworking methods to craft pieces of the utmost quality.


If you appreciate craftsmanship, unique aesthetics, and quality, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are looking for a unique piece for your home bar or a gift for someone special, we’re confident that our decanters won’t disappoint.




Forest conservation has been at the core of our business since we were founded. We appreciate the trees we use in our pieces, and we want to make a positive impact on the environment as we contribute to your home bar experience. That’s why in addition to sourcing all our products responsibly, we are also taking proactive steps to restore forests right here in America. For every decanter we sell, we plant a tree within the United States.


Much of the furniture sold in the U.S. today is manufactured overseas, oftentimes with illegally harvested woods from vulnerable forests. On top of that, most of the pieces are low-quality and destined to end up in a landfill in a short time.


Customers of Prestige Decanters can be proud that their purchase is creating new American jobs while preserving our forests for future generations.




For too long, decanters have been boring and lifeless. But our handcrafted decanters are full of personality and enduring charm. We’re committed to our process because we know that it’s a major factor that sets us apart from the competition. The care taken with each and every piece is one of the main reasons why we’re the best in our industry.

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