Cleaning Your Decanter

Sooner or later your decanter will be down to the last drop and you’ll have an important choice to make… What bottle should I break out next? If you decide to pour something different, you should do a quick cleaning first. You don’t want residuals mixing in with your new selection and cleaning your decanter is an important step in the process.

We’ve tested all the different decanter cleaning methods. And these three home cleaning methods are the quickest and easiest ways to make sure your decanter is always ready for the next round:

1. The Common Household Cleaning Solution

We put this one first since you should already have the required ingredients. So this makes it the most economic option for cleaning your decanter. The only down side, it takes a little time. So you’ll have to wait a few hours before pouring the next round.

All you need to do is take a little vinegar (3-4 tablespoons) OR baking soda (1 tablespoon) and mix it with enough warm water to fill your decanter. Pour it in then swirl it around for about a minute. Now, just let it sit for a few hours. It all depends on how dirty the decanter is but we usually let it sit for around 2-3 hours. To improve this method, you can add something slightly abrasive such as rice or crushed ice then give it another swirl.

2. The Natural Decanter Cleaning Solution

Our natural cleaning method uses another item you may already have… a lemon (or two). Lemon juice is one of the best natural cleaners due to its low pH and antibacterial properties.

So if you want to go the natural route then mix lemon juice (fresh squeezed or concentrate) with warm water at about a 50/50 ratio. Pour it in then swirl it around for about a minute. Now, just let it sit and do its work. We recommend letting it sit for about 2-3 hours and whenever you walk by, give it another quick swirl.

3. Prestige Decanter Quick Cleaning Solution

Cleaning your decanter doesn’t have to be a pain… If you just don’t feel like blending up a home-brew cleaning concoction… Or maybe you want a solution that can QUICKLY clean your decanter without requiring such a long wait…

We’ve developed the perfect solution. Our Decanter Cleaning Kit comes with a high-power custom blended cleaning powder that will make your decanter shine and sparkle within minutes.

So if you’re sick of waiting hours between rounds then click here to check out Our Decanter Cleaning Kit. Our kit can ship tomorrow (M-F) and includes our custom formulated quick and easy cleaning powder, a scooper, and a stainless steel funnel to make cleaning a breeze!

And that’s all there is to know about cleaning! Now you can make sure your decanter is always clean, always ready, and always Prestige.