Pride in Work & High Quality

We Have Pride in Our Work vs. Taking the Fast or Easy Way


We believe in crafting long-lasting high-quality products for those who care.


Quality is in our DNA and materials matter.


In our experience, the finest materials make the finest products. We scour the country for the best materials and never skip steps to cut costs. 


We take pride in utilizing high-quality materials and craftsmanship to create the best products for our customers. 


With the goal of eliminating the stress of hassling with a sub-par product, we create products we are proud of & proud to sell to you.


You can instantly recognize the skill and labor that goes into creating our premium decanters. Every piece we make is executed with a passion for craft, a reverence for details, and a labor of love.


Unique & Remarkable 

We Are One-Of-A-Kind vs. A Dime-a-Dozen


We believe in offering a truly unique selection of products to our customers.


When you shop with us, you won’t have to worry about having the same dime-a-dozen designs available at large corporations.


We pride ourselves on creating products that are unique, timeless and distinctive.


Our goal is to make conversation pieces that our customers will cherish and want to show off to their friends. Statement pieces that will help tell part of your story.


Whether part of that story is being a pilot, serving in the Marine Corps or a love of dogs, we have timeless gifts sure to impress.


When you shop with us, you can expect eye-catching interesting designs that will spark a discussion.

Unique Decanters


We Embrace Sustainability vs. Just Taking From Our Natural Resources


We believe in being good stewards of nature at PrestigeHaus. From the start, forest conservation has been at the core of our business.


We responsbily source the best quality wood for our decanters right here in U.S. forests.


In addition to that we also take proactive steps to restore forests in the United States and not just taking from these special natural resources.


The losses our lands have suffered from natural disasters and human clearing is staggering and we aim to be a part of the solution.


To offset our wood usage, and ensure growth of our forests, we plant a tree for every decanter purchased.


Our goal beyond bringing you long-lasting products is that each future generation is able to enjoy & appreciate the purity, tranquility, and strength of our trees and marvel at our biodiversity.

Made in the USA

We Take Pride in American Craftsmanship vs. Outsourcing Jobs Overseas


We believe in American-made quality, craftsmanship, and contribution to our economy wherever possible within our organization.


All of our oak wooden bases are made in Kentucky, where we are happy to create jobs & employ fellow Americans to make our handcrafted products.


When you purchase our handcrafted oak decanters, you can trust you’re getting a product that is American-grown and American-made.


We give attention to detail and design to produce products that are handcrafted and unique. From start to finish, the skilled craftsmen at Prestige put their skills and passion into the pieces they create.


Local production also aids in our sustainability initiatives by reducing transportation emissions & unnecessary waste.


If you aim to support American craftsmanship and promote your economy, then our products are right for you.

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