Cannon Wine Bottle Holder

Cannon Wine Bottle Holder - Unique Wine Bottle Holder 750ml
Cannon Wine Bottle Holder
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Some would look at this and ask, “who mixes artillery and wine?”

We agree, it takes a certain caliber of person to fuze 18th century weaponry with a drink of class.

But when you think about it, wine and war have always gone together.

Sergeants and their soldiers used to fill their bellies..

..celebrate victory before a battle.

It was the drink of choice for stoic Officers too.

Historians the world over are well-versed in the art of liquid courage.

The armchair historian in your life is bound to “get it.”.

And that makes the Cannon Wine Bottle Holder a gift given by those who really know the receiver.

Forged by the greatest craftsmen of the modern world.

A bronze, handcrafted, polyresin base creates the framework for your cannon.

You won’t fire round shots from this..

..but you’ll light a fire in the soul with a hearty drink that pulls you back to a different time.

  • Formed of a handcrafted, durable, bronze polyresin
  • Holds most standard 750ml wine bottles easily
  • A gift for history buffs who value memorabilia

This is for those who indulge in stories of yesterday’s heroes. Great for history teachers too!


Hand-crafted by Skilled Artisans -
Our Cannon wine bottle holder is handcrafted by skilled artisans. You feel a sense of history and quality as you display your wine.

Cannon Design -
The cannon design is inspired by cannons of the American Revolution.

Wine Bottle Holder -
Will hold most 750ml wine bottles



Product Dimensions:13x6x10 inches

Product Weight: 3lbs

Material: Resin

Use: Wine Bottle Holder


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