Quality Wooden Gifts for Everyone on Your List

There is nothing quite as traditionally beautiful and reliable as a gift made from wood. Its natural grain and exquisite quality make both gorgeous to look at, and easy to create with, use, and enjoy. We’ve compiled a list of 17 Wooden Gifts to give to a friend or family member who truly appreciates the simpler, more old-fashioned, things in life. 

1. Kayak Mom Wooden Coaster Set 

Our first pick on the list is amazing for the individual (not just a mom) who appreciates spending time in nature kayaking on the open water, whether with friends or solo. These coasters are made with stunning acacia wood, which is naturally liquid resistant, making them the perfect material for coasters. The coasters also feature a super fun kayak design that is carved onto the face of the set of 4 coasters. 

 Wooden Gifts - Engraved Kayak Mom Wooden Coaster Set

2.  Acacia Wood Muddler 

If you’re shopping for a gift for the cocktail-making enthusiast in your life, then you will definitely want to check out our second gift. Our Acacia Wood Muddler is truly a work of art that showcases the craftsmanship of the workers who created it. This beautiful muddler is made from acacia wood and is sturdy and efficient. This muddler is ideal for adding fresh ingredients and unique flavors to your favorite cocktail. 

Wooden Gifts - Unique Acacia Wood Muddler

3. Dog Breed Personalized Wood Bar Tray 

As the old adage goes, Dogs are a man’s (or woman’s) best friend, and we think that that is worth celebrating. Commemorate the love we all have for our furry companions with our Dog Breed Personalized Wood Bar Tray. This acacia wood bar tray is smoothed and sealed for style and comfort and features the carved silhouette of your dog breed of choice. This tray is ideal for any loved one who enjoys serving and entertaining at parties or get-togethers! 

Wooden Gifts - Personalized Dog Breed Wood Bar Tray

4. Philadelphia Engraved Wooden Flask

Does your friend or family member live in Philadelphia, or simply have an affinity for the city of brotherly love? Then they’ll go crazy over this Philadelphia Engraved Wooden Flask. This beautiful flask is made using stainless steel and then wrapped in light-grained hardwood. The wood wrap around the flask has been accurately etched with a design that shows details of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Wooden Gifts - Engraved Philadelphia Flask

5. Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

If your loved one is a huge fan of cigars, elevate their smoking experience with our Bubinga Cigar Ashtray. This stunning ashtray is made out of premium, exotic, Bubinga wood, and features a cabochon stone at its center for contrast and for stubbing out the cigar. The ashtray has two slots to either place their two favorite cigars or to share a cigar with a friend!

Wooden Gifts - Handmade Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

6. Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder

Give your loved one the gift of luxury and the gift of unbridled indulgence with our Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder. This holder has space for a classic Glencairn Glass as well as a notch to hold a cigar. This holder is truly one of a kind and is made from wood from reclaimed and recycled barrel staves. The barrel staves used to make this holder were once used to age whiskey and wine!

Wooden Gifts – One-of-a-Kind Barrel Stave Cigar Holder

7. Round Bar Cart

Our industrial rolling Round Bar Cart is the perfect solution to a large bar collection, with minimal space to store it. This bar cart is made using 100% acacia wood, which is extremely durable, and can withstand the test of time, as well as spills and scratches! The cart comes fully welded and pre-assembled, so you don’t need to bother with complicated instructions or tools to get your storage space started!

Wooden Gifts - Stunning Industrial Round Bar Cart

8. Teak Interlocking Bangle Bracelets

Incorporate the beauty of wood into your everyday style with these gorgeous Teak Interlocking Bangle Bracelets. These elegant bracelets are made with Mixed gold-plated brass and natural teak wood for a stylish, modern look and feel. Both the brass and the wood used to make the bracelets are handcrafted, and the wood is sustainably sourced wood by artisans in Kenya using traditional techniques.

Wooden Gifts - Wooden Teak Interlocking Bangle Bracelets

9. Nautical Star Bar Sign

Does your loved one have an at-home bar where they love to spend the majority of their downtime? If so, then they absolutely need our Nautical Star Bar Sign. This lovely sign is handcrafted using acacia wood, and carved with your loved one’s name perfectly flanked by two nautical stars. The wood used to make these signs is extremely quickly growing, helping us commit to our belief in only using sustainable products.

Wooden Gifts - Unique Nautical Star Bar Sign

10. Cullinan M Diamond Decanter

Treat your loved one like the king or queen they are to you with our 10th gift on our list. Our Cullinan M Diamond Decanter is an opulent, luxurious way to keep their favorite spirits or wine fresh. This gorgeous decanter can hold up to a fifth of their favorite wine or spirit, and keep it at its best quality with an airtight seal and ground glass stopper. The decanter comes placed gently on a red oak wood base to compliment the diamond itself.

Wooden Gifts – Best-Selling Cullinan Diamond Decanter

11. My House My Rules Bar Tray

Our 11th gift on our list is perfect for the sassy, no frills, friend, or family member in your life. The My House My Rules Bar Tray is the perfect gift for the strong-willed man or woman who loves to host parties and entertain guests. This tray is made using sealed and smoothed acacia wood that has been masterfully carved by our in-house craftsmen for a fun and personal touch.

Wooden Gifts - Engraved My House My Rules Bar Tray

12. Bar Spoon Acacia Wood

If you are searching for a gift that stays on the lower end of the price range, look no further than our masterfully crafted Acacia Wood Bar Spoon. This bar spoon is perfect for the man or woman in your life who loves to mix up some fun concoctions at the bar. This long-necked spoon is perfect for highball glasses or any sized glasses where drinks are served!

Wooden Gifts - Beautiful Bar Spoon Acacia Wood

13. Custom 3D City Street Map

Is there a special city that is near and dear to the heart of your loved one? Perhaps it is where they grew up, fell in love, bought their first home, etc. or maybe even their favorite vacation spot. No matter what it is, our Custom 3D City Street Map is a beautiful and original way to commemorate it. This map comes in a wooden frame and showcases include all of the streets in your area and have a 3D layered effect. The base layer has cutouts for major bodies of water and parks. The second layer has all of the minor streets accurately engraved into the wood. The final layer includes all of the major roads and highways.

Wooden Gifts - Customized 3D City Street Map

14. Custom Cat Coaster Set

We included dogs on our list of gifts so far, but we certainly did not want to forget our favorite feline friends. If your loved one is cat crazy, you need to get your hands on our Custom Cat Coaster Set. These acacia wood coasters are carved with the likeness of your cat as well as their little bud’s name, for the perfect, most heartwarming set of coasters.

Wooden Gifts - Customized Wooden Cat Coasters

15. Octopus Bar Tray

Are you shopping for a man or woman who already has everything? Then our Octopus bar tray may be the perfect solution to your problem. This one-of-a-kind bar tray features a unique and eclectic Octopus design that elegantly stretches its tentacles out of the corner of the tray. This acacia wood tray is highly durable, as well as liquid and scratch-resistant. It is a perfect gift for the person who always says that they don’t “need anything”.

Wooden Gift - Elegant Octopus Bar Tray

16. Teak Cheese Board with Cheese Knives

Is your loved one a charcuterie fanatic, or simply a fan of eating cheese in general? Then the 16th gift on our list has got you covered. This beautiful Teak Cheese Board with Cheese Knives features a Handcrafted board fashioned from solid teak as well as a fork for serving, a pointed knife for hard cheeses, a curved spreader for soft cheeses, and a wide-blade knife for semi-hard cheeses.

Wooden Gift - Live Edge Teak Cheese Board with Cheese Knives

17. Halloween Ghost Coaster Set

Halloween is right around the corner! Make sure that your loved ones are always decked out to the nines for the spooky season with our Halloween Ghost Coaster Set. This adorable set includes four acacia wood coasters, each coaster featuring three devilishly cute ghosts haunting away! The coasters are made to last, sealed, and smooth to prevent scratches and liquid damage. They will bring them out every Halloween (and maybe keep them out all year long!)

Wooden Gift - Adorable Ghost Halloween Coasters

Quality wooden gifts may seem like a dime a dozen, which is why we curated a list of wooden gifts that will be sure to not disappoint. From cheese boards to bar trays, there is something for everyone on our list. Who are you buying a present for?