Plant Trees To Give Back To Earth

You may be asking: Why are trees important at Prestige Decanters? You might wonder about our “Buy One Plant One” promise. The simple answer is: We believe in giving back. We have a rather grand mission of planting at least 100,000 trees. The next generation is counting on us.

Every year, the U.S. see millions of trees destroyed in natural disasters, in addition to the trees harvested by humans.  So, while we’re all about making your drinking experience better at Prestige, we’re also all about making the planet better.

Why Are Trees Important? Why Do We Need More Trees?

We’re raising our suh-weet Prestige Decanters whiskey glasses to one of Mother Nature’s finest achievements: the majestic and essential trees. Read on for some reasons why trees are important to Prestige and important to the planet.

1. Trees give our artists something to work with

First of all, trees are helping Prestige Decanters do what we do. All of our handmade decanters come complete with a sturdy, solid oak base. They’re handcrafted in Kentucky by some of the country’s finest artisans. We use trees in our quality, practical art. So we’re certainly aware of their beauty and timeless function. They help us, and we want to help replenish forests all over the nation.

2. Ever tried to exist without trees?

 We literally could not breathe without the oxygen produced by trees.  They produce fruits, nuts, and spices that we eat. They’ve served as tools and shelter since the dawn of time. Many hold medicinal properties as well. We truly depend on trees.

3. Trees make life better across ecosystems

Besides giving us oxygen, trees help improve air quality.  They also support animal life, preserve the soil and prevent erosion. Fallen leaves are one of the best soil enrichments available. And that’s just scratching the surface! Trees have got to be some of the most selfless living things on the planet. We could take a lesson from them.

4. Trees make life beautiful

You can’t deny it. A park isn’t quite a park without trees. Neighborhoods that don’t boast those mature beauties and wooded patches, well, they’re just not as welcoming and warm. All those trees provide us with a sense of peace. They remind us that we can withstand the elements of life. We say: trees are our heroes!

5. Trees cool our minds, bodies, and planet

What is life without relaxing in the shade of a tree sometimes? You might eat lunch under them every day. It may hold a child’s swing from a sturdy branch. You may have even climbed a tree at some point to gain a new perspective. Big cities do well to incorporate more trees because they deflect sunlight, offsetting the heat from buildings and pavement during the summer months. Trees are protectors.

6. Trees embody our history

Trees are definitely pieces of living and breathing history. Ever kicked back and imagined what a tree has actually seen, heard, and felt in its lifetime? If that’s too poetic and weird for you, consider the fact that trees grow with you. Some families plant trees when their children are born, and by the time they’re in college, the yard has blossomed, same as the kids. Though trees may be simply flora to some, we feel that they reflect our stories, memories, and growth.

For some cool numbers and stats, check out this short tree article with Sciencing.

Why Are Trees Important - beautiful trees We’re nothing without beautiful trees. [Photo cred: Flickr]

More Ways You Can Support Trees

Want to learn about more companies like us? Read our article Tree Planting Companies: The 7 Other Brands We Love. To boot, enjoy this short video by Madera Outdoor. They’re going global, and we love their mission to “plant two” for every purchase. After all, it takes two trees to hang a hammock.  Go buy one of their hammocks after you shop our stellar collection.  Then kick back with a drink in the shade!

Buy One Plant One

The term “tree-huggers” doesn’t even come close to describing the love we feel for our leafy friends. Join us! For every decanter sold at Prestige, we’re planting a tree, and you can think about that each time you marvel at your handcrafted, practical masterpiece.

Why are trees important to you? We couldn’t include everything here. Share a story about your favorite tree, another interesting fact, what trees mean to you, or another great company that plants trees in the comments below.