Whiskey Barrel Bar: See These 3 Rocky Steps

Ready for that
whiskey barrel bar you’ve been dreaming about? Yeah, we knew it. Prepping for
your wedding, transforming a nook of your living room, or thinking of a major addition
to the man-cave or she-shed? We’ve got your backs, ladies and gents!

Today, we’ll share some inspiring DIY whiskey barrel bar photos with you. And we’ll give you a few tips along the way as well. We hope to help you get your creative, DIY juices flowing. We’re already drooling over these ideas. We’re dreaming about building them ourselves.

The 3 Whiskey Barrel Bar Ideas You Have to See

Cheers! Here’s hoping these speak to your whiskey-loving soul as much as they did to ours.

1. Keep it simple but awesome

Two Whiskey Barrels Bar Idea

Two whiskey barrels. A whole lot of magic. [Photo cred: @vintiquerental]

We’re not
kidding. If you’re looking for whiskey barrel bar inspiration, head over to @vintiquerental. Scroll through the feed. You’ll see a ton of wedding ideas. But aside
from that, you’ll be blown away by their timeless, classy, whiskey-central

Here, you see a
simple but impressive whiskey barrel setup. A live-edge, chunky cedar plank
would also be lovely atop these barrels. 
If the bar will be a permanent structure in your home or on the patio,
it would be ideal to fasten the countertop to the barrel using bolts and a
strong adhesive (especially if it will see a lot of day-to-day use).

We believe in the wedding day open bar, by the way. So while we’re on the subject, check out our article 5 Sweet Tips For A Classy Open Bar Wedding.

2) Get ready to work and be very awesome

Whiskey Barrel Bar Idea

Thanks for the inspiration. This is fantastic. [Photo cred: @wagonec36]

This barrel bar idea is a beauty. What a perfect choice if your office or apartment is tight on space. Heck, it’s pretty perfect even if you have plenty of room! You can see more of the project @wagonec36. What a cozy and fitting way to showcase and store your booze and barware. We kinda can’t deal with the greatness.

We will offer
up this tip. The only thing this masterpiece is missing is a Prestige Decanter as the cherry on top. Check out our online store for unique decanters, whiskey glasses, and more. We’ve got a sweet lineup. Perfect
for gifts. Handcrafted, quality, customized. What more could you want?

Oh yeah, you might want us to plant a tree if you buy a decanter. Guess what? We will. We need trees for our business. But we insist on replenishing what we use. Buy One Plant One!

3) Make yourself an awesome top-shelf whiskey barrel bar

Whiskey barrel bar shelf material

Wow. Just wow. [Photo cred: @kaufmansconstructionanddesign]

Put your
big-girl or big-boy DIY pants on, folks. This one was produced by @kaufmansconstructionanddesign. And we just can’t stop staring. You’d be
one hell of a home bartender standing right here. Can't you imagine? Yeah,
we’ve been fantasizing. No lie. Pouring it all neat or stirring up some classic
whiskey cocktails behind this stunner... You’ll look like a pro, for sure.

Once again, add some Prestige barware, and this is pure perfection. If you’ve got space to hold a whiskey barrel bar monument of sorts, then we say opt for something similar. Put in the time, effort, and energy. If this is the final product, you can’t go wrong.

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